Sunday, 15 December 2013


Alright. Hi family! How's it going? I hope everyone's doing great! My week was fantastic! We really had some sweet miracle experiences and some funny crazy stuff! First of all, Elder Romero is my Mexican companion. He can speak English just great. He's super super funny. And he's a super good missionary. We get a long great. But we get in every night just beat! Riding bike is tiring. But it's a lot funner to do than riding car. You meet so many interesting people!!
We had a sweet week! We met the boyfriend of a less active we were visiting. He was super cool but has a super super rough life. He told us he's spent more time in jail than out of it and he's 28. And he's Atheist. We sat down and had one of the most Spiritual lessons I can think of. The Spirit just smacked him in the face. And he showed up to church on Sunday. It was super great. Especially because this was his first time every stepping foot into any church building. He's super nice and funny, and I know we can help change his life.
We have a lot of people lined up this month, and we're gonna baptize a lot! It's gonna be great! And My Spanish is getting better. Love it. I hope one day to make this my native language.
We spent a lot of time this week working with members. Because I feel like that's the only way that we're gonna baptize a lot. I swear though, Our teaching pool just consists of girls. I feel like they're way more humble and receptive to the gospel.
Dad. No! I didn't loose it from the crash. Just being changed out of areas. This areas for bike. It's super great. It's called Moreno valley because their are a lot of Morenitos here. It sounds like the missionaries are really stepping it up back home! Before I never remember our ward having a baptism. That's aweseome! Do they ever call on you to go out with them? That's something I definitely want to do when I get home is go out with the missionaries a lot. Because without the support of the ward, they won't get baptized or stay active. Yeah the other missionaries are doing great! They're rocking it out there! But it sucks because they're not here and this is the best mission. How's the work going? Is business growing a lot? How's the oil going in texas? Love you papa!
MOTHER. I heard you did a fantastic talk at church, so congratulations. That's amazing. I wish I could have heard it, maybe you could send it. That's so true though. About the Book of Mormon. I feel like that's a key to successful family is reading it together. Because like was said, as you read those feelings of contentions are gone. There's such a sweet power in that book that just eliminates all bad feelings we have. I love the book of Mormon. It's cool how that book has the power to change lives. That sucks that the weather so lame bad up their! Yeah it sucks because occassionally it rains here.. ;) hahaha. Kidding! Yeah I miss those chats too! Those are some of the best memories I have of back home! Anyways! I love you Mum! Hope your week was great!! Love you!
Charly! No boys! Love you tons! Hope your week goes well. Love you tons! I hope working at the bay goes well.
Jake! Congrats with sports guys! Love you so much! Super proud to have a brother that growing so big. 5.4's pretty good. But I'm still better! hahaha. I will be th ebiggest. anyways congrats man. Love you tons. You're a great example!!
KENNA AND IZAAC. Have a great Week and be safe. So proud of you guys and can't wait to talk to you at Christmas!!! Be good so you can get lots of presents for Christmas! What do I want? All I want is to baptize someone Christmas day. That would make my year. Love you!
Okay family. Something came up. So I must race. Love you tons! Hope you know all is well here! Merry Christmas! And remember that Christ is our King, and we're are joint heirs with Him in God's Kingdom. Love you all!!!!

Sunday, 8 December 2013


Hey family! Hope everyone had a great week!! Mine was amazing. But I have some terribly exciting news. It's terrible because transfers came...and I'm leaving. So sad. My companion got called to be a zone leader. I'm going to his old area to be with a mexican man named Elder Romero. Who I know who's super cool. So I'm super excited to go. And guess what. I get to ride bike. So that should be great. It'll be sad to leave this area because I've made so many friends here, but God has another job for me somewhere else. Super excited!

So this week was great! It was kind of a scare because we almost didn't get all the lessons in for the week to hit standard because of thanksgiving. But we did it! It was great. And we were so happy because we confirmed Christina and Maria members of the church this week which was a great experience. And as well we were super excited because these two girls who we are teaching showed up! (I feel like all we ever teach is females.) We were so happy because we didn't think they could come because of a wedding. But they came so that was great! So sad I'm leaving though, Elder Moss will just have to baptize them for me. But it was such a great week.

On Thanksgiving we had the "day off" essentially. We took a well needed nap and played risk, football, and basketball with other missionaries. Then we had a great night at the Navarrettes home, a family in my ward. It was super cool. It was really weird though! Oh mum, I also got the packages you sent! Thanks so much by the way!

Anyways. It's been a great week! I don't have a lot of time today because we have to get going! But I'll contest you all quick!!

Father! I didn't hear anything from you today. I hope all is well. HOpefully work is going good and the holiday season is good. Oh by the way, a man in the english ward walked up to my and told me the flames are like in last place or something. That's lame. Do you guys still have season tickets? Hope all goes well. Did you bring Jojo and Aries to the Christmas concert thing? Hope they're doing great. HAve any work Christmas party plans? Love ya dad!!

Mother. I'm glad you corrected yourself. I am a man. I'm glad all goes well with you. That's super nice about Kenna's friend and Christmas. I'm glad grandma's feeling better as well. Tell her I love her a lot. She's amazing. So what do you usually get to do during work? That's awesome about family history. That's something that I definitely need to get in to when I get home, becasue this work needs to be done on both sides of the vail! Hey! Do you know what would be cool. maybe you could send a couple names to me that I could go and get done while I'm here on my mission. That was be super cool. Because I get to go every 3 months! Anyways love you mum!! You're awesome.

Charly! Hopefulyl you're doing great! Love you lots. That's awesome that you have a job! How often do you work? You got any big plans for Christmas? Oh Charly, also. Invite one of your friends to church so they can be baptized. That would be cool. Hope things are going well for you love you tons!

Jake! Glad you're doing so great in soccer buddy! How has the sports seasons been? How's being the head of the school still? That's awesome you sung at the Christmas carrol concert! You have any big plans for Christmas? HOpe all is well buddy love you lots!

Kenna I hope you're doing great! And That's awesome that you get to do twelve days of Christmas to your friends. Hope you're doing awesome ! Love ya~
Izaac! I hope you get your 100 dollars so you can get all the candy you're heart desires. I also hope you get insulin because you'll need it after the diabetes kicks in! Love you buddy your amazing! See you soon!

Well sorry this was super short. However I have to go. Because I need to pack. Ps. I get to be on bike so I'll get skinny again! But I want you guys to know that I love you all so so much and that I know this church is 100% verdadero. I know it with all my heart. It's awesome. I know Christ is our Saviour and Joseph Smith saw Him. And His church is back.

les quiero mucho

Elder Blomfield


Hey family! Hope everyone's week was great! I had a fantastic week! So many weird experience and miracles it was great! So, two of my investigators were baptized yesterday! Maria and Christina! It was great, they asked Elder Moss and I to do the baptizing which was great. HUGE miracle. So happy. Such a great feeling last night. They're totally crazy, but it finally happened after months of teaching them. We're super happy. It was such a great feeling to hit the pillow at the end of the night last night, although I was dead. But it was sweet!

So It was kind of a battle to get them baptized. There were tons of obstacles to jump. But God is a God of miracles and this was a huge one! It's so great! Elder Moss is a great companion! Super good guy, we have a lot of fun together. The sad thing is that transfers are next week ALREADY. Hopefully we get one more together.

Another great thing that happened this week was that we had the opportunity to go to the temple on Friday. I LOVED it. I love sitting their and just thinking. It's super super spiritual. It was great. It's such a special blessing to know what we know and experience the temple. It's so amazing. I love it to death. Oh, and I got to do part of it in Spanish which was super awesome/weird!

But this week's going to be great! It's thanksgiving on Thursday so we have the day "off" to go and spend it with the Navarette family in our ward and feast with them. That should be fun. I love food so that's always great! We got our car back as well this week! That was a huge blessing, although I had so much fun on bike!

Dad! How was the trip? You essentially told me nothing! Hopefully it was well and you got a lot of work done, and had tons of fun. Lame about the airports though! Yeah he seemed like a nice enough guy now! He's working for the church which is cool because they have like their own insurance policy thing going on. But hopefully everyone safe and hopefully you guys have a great thanksgiving break with Peter! It'll be nice to see him again I'm sure! How's the ward doing do you know? What's the missionary work like there? Like is there a lot of baptisms and member support? HOPE all is well. Love you lots DAd!

Mum! Hope your week was fun! Was it cool going to the sites? You guys should send me pictures! And thanks for the packages! I can't beleive it's already almost Christmas. SO weird. I guess that means I'll be talking to you guys via skype. SUPER weird that's already here. Time goes by way too fast sometimes haha. I had some ideas for your talk. 1. having an active priesthood holder at the home (whether it be Dad, Son, Bishop, Hteacher) 2. Coming to church and taking the sacrament as a family. Those are things that really make a big difference for me. I'm sure you'll give a great talk Mum! You better record it or something so I can hear/read it. And I'll send a separate paragraph for grandma and grandad! Their awesome! Love you mum thanks for everything!

Charly! Hope all is going well for you! you didn't write to me so friends off. Just kidding. How's school, sports, seminary, friends, scripture study, boys? No boys by the way. Hope your week is great! Love you lots char keep up the great work!!!

Jake! Hope you're doing great pal! How are you're sports coming. You on track to get athlete of the year three times running? Do you guys get a break this week as it's american thanksgiving? Got any cool plans for the week?

Kenna and Izaac! Hope you guys are having fun! Love you guys so much! Be good and safe and have fun at school!

Okay really quick I just want to talk about the sacrament. Before my mission I didn't really see the importance of it. But out here as I've studied it, I think I've come to better realize the importance of it. I LOVE taking the sacrament now. It cleans me from my sins and allows me to be more sensitive to the spirit. It's definitely something we all need to be aware of and set aside time for. In Juan in the Bible it talks about how Christ commanded His disciples to take of his body and blood. ANd by doing this they have two very important promises: 1. Eternal life, 2. He promises we will dwell in him and Him in us. And this is something we desperately need, especially in this world if we want to find peace within ourselves, and our families. And I've learned that we need to try to make ourselves more worthy of the the love of God so that as we take the sacrament (or the Holy Dinner in Spanish) we can have the Spirit of God with us always.

Les amo mucho. Que tengan una muy buena semana.

Con todo mi amor, Elder Blomfield


Alright family. How is everyone?? Hope everyone had a fantastic week! Mine was great! So. I guess I'll answer dad's question about the accident. We had a little crash the other week and currently our car is in the shop. No one was injured though. So it's all good. And I finally get a chance to use my bike! I'm getting skinny again! It's great. I love it, but when I get home at the end of the day, I'm dead. But hey, Dad, you might find this interesting. But the guy who called me to talk about the accident from the insurance company is a guy named Dennis Willy. I don't know if that rings any bells. But you guys served missions together. So that's cool. We had a nice chat about that hahaha. He seemed pretty nice. But it's a small world as a Mormon hey?

So we had a great week with lessons. Some pretty amazing miracles actually. So, miracle number 1. These two sisters we've been teaching were being super stubborn about baptism. And We were like on the verge of dropping them. But a miracle happened! And guess what, they're getting baptized next week!!! They're so excited about it! And we're so excited. The girl Christina asked me to baptize her, and Maria wants Elder Moss to baptize her. So we're so so excited. Last night was kind of weird. We went over to review baptismal questions, and the girl Christina gave me her Hookah pipe to break. Which was great. She also gave me her burret. I don't know why and I'm still extremely confused. But we just learned to roll with it. They get interviewed by President for baptism this week and we're so excited!

Another miracle that happened was with a former investigator that me and Elder Harris taught. Her and her daughter were so close to being baptized. They were so close but her husband was a drunk and wouldn't let her. Super lame. But me and Elder moss felt like we should go over to see them this week. We set up an appointment with the woman (Antonia) at the church for Saturday morning (we saw her on tuesday). Well we lost her phone number and couldn't reach her. So didn't expect anything. But we rode over to the church anyways. And she Showed up! And we put her on date for the 30th of this month. Praying this will go through! We need miracles!

I love missionary work, it's amazing! This week I think the greatest lesson I learned is diligence. To do everything you possibly can to get your friends baptized. I really love everything. And I'm depressed that I hit my five month mark tomorrow already. Super sad. But it's okay because I still have a long way to go! And this work is so great!

So Dad! That sounds like a crazy week. Hopefully this new guy won't be so crazy! Cool that you didn't have to fire her, that sounds super un fun. So you did't catch anything this week? You guys still planning to go out and go hunting anymore this year? So guess what, there's no snow here. It's great. I walk around in a short sleave t-shirt all day. Haha. It's great. I really like going hunting. It was always super fun! But yeah like I said, I got to talk to Dennis Willy this week! hopefully you remember him. If not I'm sure he'd be a little offended. But it was kid weird/cool. Hope you have fun in texas. It'll be nice to get out of that cold, dreary weather hey? Love ya, have fun!

Mum! Your week sounded great. And busy too. That's awesome that Izaac could go to shakers that little punk. I can't beleive he's almost six. That's so crazy. He's so cute. That's super cool that Jane went through the temple though! I miss the temple. I can't wait to go back! I actually get to go on Friday so I'm EXTREMELY excited. I love it to death. I like how it get's so much more spiritual over time. And last week I spent a lot of time studying the temple in the BOM, and Bible. It's kind of cool to see what's actually there. I know it's all true. It's amazing! How's work by the way? Hope you have fun in Texas! Love ya! Oh question, did you video peter's homecoming? If you did, you should totally send it to me. Love yeah!

Pete! I totally understand what you mean. That is my biggest pet peve. "Oh disculpe, no tenia tiempo para leer u orar a mi Dios porque estaba muy ocupado." Es Bien LAME. Y no quiero ser grosero, pero muchos de los Mexicanos de quien hablamos, no tiene sentido. No quieren cambiar su religion o cambiar sus vidas porque ya son catolicos. O se sienten bien en la religion de sus padres. Bien Lame. Y me pongo frustrado cuando digan eso. Pero esta bien. Porque en el otro lado, tenemos las personas que son eligidos y dispuestos a cambiar su vida y todo por Dios. Pero si, entiendo. Muchas de las persons son...differentes. Ten diversion en Vegas! Me encanta esta cuidad. Oh, tambien. Tengo una pregunta. Coma esta el idioma? Oh pues, mi espanol. Es bien differente que chilean? Las personas aqui hablan muy feo. Pero si, que tenga un buena semana, te quiero mucho amigo!

Charly! A BOY? Goodness gracious. Estoy bien enojado. Was his name Mitchell? Oh well. Hope you have a great week char. High school just gets better and better. Ps. How's seminary? That's cool about the MTC thing. The first person I talked to when I got here shut his car door on me. The next yelled at me. It was so scary. And now I love it because I get to meet so many interesting people! It's so fun! Love you char! Be good, no boys. Porque voy a pegarles. Te quiero mucho!

Jake! Hope you're doing great jake! Sounds like you had a lot of fun this week! How's school? And sports. I have the pleasure of speaking to dear mother right now and says you were just dropped off to wrestling. Hopefully that goes great dude! Love you a lot. Get a deer for me this year so I can boast to my investigators and companions that my brothers a crack shot. Have fun you fetcher! Keep reading your scriptures and being awesome! Love you tons bud!!

Kenna! Have a great week! Hope schools going great for you! Love you tons!!

Izaac! Have a great day bud! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Love you lots!!

Okay well adios familia! Hope your week goes great! Love you all and have fun/ be good!!

I know this church is true, it's the best thing in the world!

Oh. Ps. Izzy got confirmed this week it was great! Love you all.