Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Dear Family. I hope all is going well with you. I mean, it's going super well with me. I just had my first fetching baptism last night! I was so excited!!! It was such a cool experience. And I got to baptize her, it was great! She's super solid. Teresa's sweet. She had me and my companion over this week to feed us and she was so so stoked. And so it was great and really spiritual and yeah. I love it. Even if I spend two years working just for that, it would've totally been worth it! And it was amazing how many more miracles we're seeing!

Antonia and her daughter came to church again this week. Antonia is going to be baptized this week which is sweet! Hopefully everything goes through! Hopefully we can put her daughter on date too. We had a sweet lesson with them both though. And Antonia is reading the LDM all the time at work and all that. It's kind of lame because her husband's totally against us and is anti-ing us. But I don't care because he's a mentiroso.

Also we found this super sweet kid the other day named George. He's super solid too. He's 19, and we found him on friday and put him on date for the 29th. And he came to church for all three hours with us and said he loved it. He's pretty awesome, hopefully Satan won't get in the way that git.

As well we had this sweet idea. To do a car wash and stuff and while that was going on the missionaries would give tours of the church to the people who showed up. It was super sweet. The last guy that came named Martin came through with us. And he asked us for a special blessing. So we took him into the chapel and gave him a blessing and then after he confessed his whole life to us. It was super spiritual. We found out he was a member and was inactive because he's messed up in his life and he feels judged going to church. Anyways, we had a nice chat. And guess who showed up on Sunday? He did! It was super sweet. I was so so happy! Like ah. God's really blessing us here.

There are like a million other sweet miracles I see each day, it's awesome. That one guy, Jorge, that we're teaching is leaving to Mexico today. SO SAD. He told us he wants to be baptized, but wants it with his family. And so he said when he gets back from Mexico in a month with his family, he's gonna have us teach him and them and baptize them and all that. The only sad thing is that he's moving to san fernando. So I'm depressed about that because he back one of my best friends here. But, as long as he's baptized it really doesn't matter. He lives with his brother who's really cool and feeds us all the time. He's moving to Georgia because he's in the movie business (he's a cook) and is helping with the new movie dumb and dumber two. He's like this huge gruff mammoth man but has a super cool heart and gave us a big hug when we said goodbye to them that night.

Anyways. I love the miracles and the blessings and the people and everything! I love it all! It really is amazing to be doing this.

Anyways! Dad. That's awesome about that car. I am eternally grateful you didn't make the mistake of buying the VW. You better send me a photo of the car! That's sweet! And don't worry, I already have my vehicle when I get back. I'm riding my untouched bike that I bought before I left. It's gonna be sweet. And I know exactly what you mean. I hardly listened yesterday. I spent the whole sacrament thanking God for helping these people come to church and praying that the members wouldn't say something stupid and mess everything up hahaha. I like what you said as well, sometimes we just gotta figure it out on our own. It's kind of lame sometimes thoAnd as well it sounds like you're having a hoot with everything. Concerts, games. Gosh. Just kidding. Flames do suck still hey? What's the new team looking like now? Love you Pops!

Dear Mother. That is a birlliant idea with Izaac haha. I remember in elementary I hated talking in fron of people too. I still do. Gosh, like when I had to give my fairwell talk. But that's is a sweet idea haha. I guess but the time #6 rolls around, you've perfected all your methods hahaha. Also that sounds like super fun, the campout in the back! I remember playing with them and stuff. They're super fun! You're probably the best Mum ever by the way. And by probably I mean you are. It sounds like you're jam packed though! That's coool that you're still having a blast though. You probably feel so free being the only one at home in the mornings! And that name is perfect for my blog hahaha thank you! Feel free to go to town on it! Thanks so much mum! You rock Love ya!

Peter you git, all you do is talk about girls now you better just fetching kiss one! I'm glad you spirituality is coming though! I wish I paid more attention to that stuff before I left. You always told me, and I wish I listened a bit more! It's super important and I never realized how quickly it can decrease if you're not focusing on it. I almost finished the Book of Mormon again. I love it to death! it's probably the coolest book ever. Anyways, that sounds like a hoot at school. Salsa dancing seems pretty sweet, I definitely want to learn, it would be a riot haha. I hope you and your Roommates are living the dream.  And that's sweet about your calling. That was mine too! I remember we did a fear factor thing. and I went out and bought pigs feet for sam to eat. it was gross. Anyways, love you mate!!! Oh and sorry pete, I think I've been sending this to your missionary account. hahaha.

Charly. You didn't write me. Friends off.

Naw I'm just kidding. Hopefully all goes well with you and stuff at school! I hope you're owning up grade 10, and are having fun! And I hope seminary goes well! YOu planning on joining any teams or whatever? Let me know, love ya! and remember, no boys!
Jakey! You sound like you're pretty banged up! But it sounds super fun! What are you learning about in seminary! And where'd you go to watch this longboarding competition? Oh and congrats about making the basketball and volleyball team. Oh and nice job walking into a locker. Love you mate!!!

Kenna! Hope you're doing great! You're amazing and have fun at school! Do you and Izaac ever hang out together? Love ya!!

Izaac, that's super awesome about your me-bag!! I hope you're having a blast at school. And good job standing up infront of everyone to talk! That'll be a cool toy you get. Love you buddy!!

Anyways family. I gotta rock! Ps. I didn't sing a solo at church, I sang with the other missionaries! Anyways, love you all, thanks for being the best family in the world!!

con todo mi amor, ELDER BLOMFIELD

Thursday, 12 September 2013


ALRIGHT FAMILY. So let me just tell you of my fantastic amazing week. First of all, Teresa did not get baptized. So sad I know. But it's only because their was a new rule instituted where she has to attend three weeks of church instead of two. And she missed last week because of a family emergency last second, but we've moved it to next week and she came to church yesterday and she is super super excited! As am I. So hopefully all goes well!

Also, I want to tell you of the great miracles my companion and I have been seeing. So we left a priesthood blessing on our area this week. And, well, after that we saw about a million miracles. For example, we met with a woman named Antonia, put her on date for the 22nd, and she came to church yesterday with her 18 year old daughter which was an amazing miracle.

As well another miracle. One of the men we've been meeting with, Jorge, has told us he wants to be baptized, but he's leaving to Mexico this week apparently (hopefully it doesn't happen). But he told us he couldn't come to church because it was his sister-in-law's birthday and they were all leaving and having a party. But his 16-year old Nephew, who is the only member in his family, realized he needs to come to church to get baptized so he brought him along. It was a sweet miracle to see him walking through the doors of the church.

As well, a less active/ part member family we've been working with called us up and told us they wanted to come to church. So they did. It was awesome!! Her name's Perla, and she's awesome. She was the woman we met at McDonalds and finally she came to church. And she also gave us a referral. Her neighbour wants to learn more about the gospel and so we're going over to visit them tonight.

Another miracle is that as we walked down the halls we got two more referrals. One from an English lady who has a Spanish neighbour, and another lady in our ward who's son wants to learn more about the gospel.

So as you can see, this priesthood blessing has really done wonders. It's really amazing to know that I've been blessed to hold the power of God, and that I've been trusted with it, it's even cooler when it works!

I also gave two blessings in Spanish today which was awesome, and my zone went to the temple on Friday. I LOVE THE TEMPLE. It was so Spiritual and so Peaceful and ah. I Love it love it! It's such a special place. It's super cool to be able to stand in the house of the Lord, and that experience with grandma is super cool.! That's so special and spiritual! AH. Man, I can't believe people don't except this as the true church. It's so rad! I love it!
Anyways, needless to say, my joy was full yesterday. I was just brimming over with happiness to the point of dancing! Oh also I had to sing in sacrament! So that was awkward, but I mean, oh well hahaha.

Okay dad:

1) On a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest, where is your Spanish fluency so far?

5? I don't know. I pretty much understand most things, and I can teach and stuff. It'll come though! I'm not really worried though, as long as I get the point across when I teach and it touches the people I speak with. All else isn't really important, and I know that other stuff will come.

2) Tell us about the qualification process missionaries have to go through and where you are on that.

I don't know what this means.

3) What sort of automobile do you drive in your mission?

I drive a toyota corolla

4) how many missionaries are in your district? Zone?

District: 8. Two Elders, And elderly couple, and 4 Hermanas. In my zone theirs like 17 missionaries.

5) mum said you didn't answer her question about the Eragon book?

Oh yes, and I know not where this book is sorry!!!

6) what is the average temperature you have down there everyday?

Average temperature. Hm. lately it's like in the high 90's, 100's. It's super hot sometimes.

Okay cool. I hope I answered all these questions to your satisfaction. Like I said before, that story with grandma is amazing. It's super cool to see the hand of the Lord everywhere. Man I love the temple. It's so cool. SO COOL. Also that sounds pretty cool about work! How's the business coming? Is it expanding a lot? Also any news on the oil in texas and stuff yet? And that concert is gonna be sweet! That's awesome! I bet you guys are pumped to get going out their! And the reason I hate VW is because I worked in a car wash for like 3ish years. I HATED vaccuming the carpet of a VW. The stuff just doesn't come out. I know that's a lame excuse but I would honestly cringe seeing one pull up on the pad, and know every time i see one it brings back those lovely memories of my days spend with my bosses Daryll and Will. So that, my dear father, is why. Get a chevy cruze or like a ford fusion or something!!! Anyways, love you dad! Hope things are well for you!

Mother!! I hope all is well with you! I like what you said about commandments. It's so true! When we keep the commandments, it may seem hard and lame and all that. But really like I meet with people everyday who've used their agency to disobey the commandments of God, and felt free for a time. And now their life absolutely sucks. Like it's really sad to see. And It doesn't make sense. I mean these things we are taught to do as well are commandments from God. I mean, it's kind of a big deal because He's kind of a big deal. Anyways. What do you usually do at home all by yourself now? I bet it feels super strange. DO you miss cabin life, salolem skiing and all that? haha. That's funny about what Izaac said. I bet he's such a stud. And I'm sure Kenna's the same! Also, thank you so much for sending me those pictures! I'm super excited! i need to send you guys some pictures, but I don't know how really. These computers are kind of weird. I'm sure I'll figure it out though. I'll definitely send some next week of the baptism. And about the blog? I honestly have no idea!!! I mean like. Hm. I have a suggestion. You can let Kenna and Izaac name it or something haha. I honestly can't think of anything. Thanks though mum! You're awesome! love you lots!

Peter. You little git. All you ever talk about now is girls. haha I'm just kidding. yeah! I mean good luck? I'm sure you'll need it. But I need to approve every girl you date. Deal? deal. I like what you said about how we need to make time for the God, and that takes priority above everything else. He's our God and Creator and he gives us everything. Even if our job, school, etc suffers, we kind of owe him. And he's gonna bless us more in the long run if we choose to make time for him. That's why I hate it when people won't come to church because of a job. Like who the heck do you think gave you that job and everything you have you know? haha. Me and my comp were planning. And we decided we were too nice to people. And that night we decided we're going to be more bold with people. And it worked, and it was awesome hahaha. That's sweet though. I love the temple too. Just being able to sit and reflect and pray. It's super amazing! Oh yeah, transfers is today. It's weird to think I've already been out 6 weeks in the field. It's gone by so quick. But I'm staying in the same spot. I still have a work to do in this area. That kind of sucks about you're NEW Testament class. I loved religion classes they were the best. Anyways, sorry that the classes deal is all messed up, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. Love you man, keep it up !!!

Charly!!! That's cool! How'd you like high school? What's your favourite part? how's seminary? I have an Idea for this. I know, and you know that this whole no boys thing is a rule. But you can still flirt to convert. So use that and bring people to seminary. But still, No Boys. Cool? Cool. I hope all else goes well. You planning on going out for any sports team this year? let me know what's up! I'm sure you're gonna make like a million more new friends! Oh also, what's it like having like Elizabeth with you. I remember when me and Ben got to the same school it was a hoot. Love ya!!!

Jake! How's it going dude! Hope grade 9 is cool. So awesome you get to sit in that cubby man, I remember those days of being able to do that. So sweet. Let me know how seminary goes! It'll be cool their! Brother Mattews is super cool you'll love him! Tell him I say hi. Also that's sweet about your reffing. You excited to start up soccer again? Keep me posted and keep reading your scriptures! <3 Love you BRO.

Kenna and Izaac! I hope all is going well! Love you guys like crazy too!! you guys rock!!!

Anyways. That's all for this week! Love you guys, and I'll talk to you again in a week!


Dearest family. I truly would like to apologize as yesterday was labour day! A holiday, and therefore I was unable to email my beloved family. Pero, I am returning the emails today. I hope all is well!

papa. Thank you for the address of Tanner, I don't know if that one will work but I can try! I just want that sucker to get his papers in. And in regards to your car, I submit with todo mi corazon that you should get a chevy cruze or a ford fusion. I have a personal vendetta against VW. The language is coming. I'm actually on exchanges right now with a greeny teaching him the Spanish ways. It's kind of cool to be able to teach all by myself because this greeny is english! So yeah. It definitely needs a lot more work, but it's coming and I can definitely see the Lord's hand in helping me hear and speak it. Hope work goes well! Love ya!

Mother. I'm glad you look like a model with your glamorous eyelashes. Also I totally understand. Like for me an experience was when that kid got hit by a bike. I felt really bad because like it probably hurt quite extensively, but it did look quite hilarious! Anyways that visiting teaching this sounds sweet too! And that's super sweet you got up on one. I'm extremely proud hahhaa I hope your rubbing it in Jake and Charly's face!!! How was the rest of the holiday? What's it like being home and not having little izaac with you? How does he like school? I remember my grade 1 teacher. Ms. Papas. I think. Or something like that. Haha And I'd like tho think I was the best missionary ever. But that's definitely far from the truth. But I'm trying! Hopefully I can someday be like Ammon. He's my favourite book of mormon heroe. Anways love you mum!

Peter! That's awesome that you saw a girl that was cute!!! good job! haha yeah I remember Mio. He was pretty cool. He was Sam's teacher too. Also way to TA my most dreaded class hahhaa. I was so lucky in that class because a lot of the students were like from south america or asia. And couldn't speak English haha. SO i had a huge advantage. I like your weekly planning sesh  too haha. When I get home I'm definitely using the planners again. These things are so handy! I know exactly what I'm doing all the time it's amazing! I hoope you have fun with your friends Pete! Have you been to the temple since you've been home? Keep me posted with all your mission experiences and stuff! Love you mate!
Charly! Well, I can't say I didn't warn you. I heard what happened to your eyebrows, and let's just say that's what happens when you try to impress boys. Haha no I'm just kidding! I'm sure you look stunning. Yeah I cant really remember! I think I was a bit nervous beginning grade 10? I can't really remember. High school was sweet though! You'll have a hoot! Just don't join choir though! haha love you char! No boys!
Jakey! Yeah dude that's sweet your making bracelets. You should make a business of it at school. How was that fugitive game in the dark? I loved playing those kind of games with you. And BB guns and stuff. You excited for grade 9? You're the big man of the school now haha! Be good, keep reading scriptures and have fun at seminary jakey! Seminary really is a huge blessing that we have. Love ya!

Kenna and Izaac keep being awesome!!
SO this week was pretty sweet. It went by in like 3 seconds. It was super super fast! I don't even know how! And I am super super excited because next week I'm going to have a huge miracle! Teresa is going to be baptized! We did the interview this morning and she passed so that's amazing! She's really progressed a lot. The only problem was she couldn't come to church on Sunday. She was going to but her brother who has alzeimers was having problems and she had to leave last second. But she's progressing super super fast and wants to be baptized and they passed her. So all is well! And I think that I am the one to get to baptize her. And I am just itching for Sunday to come! So that was probably the highlight of my week.

The couple who came to church last week couldn't come this week. They again were planning to and again, the husband's (jonas') brother is in the hospital, so they spent the week at the hospital. It was super sad. It's super annoying to see that Satan does like everything he can to distract people from the message we bring. For example I taught a lesson this morning to a lady who really is trying to learn. But her kids are extremely loud and crazy - this is Ivan's wife. And she asked me why she couldn't focus as she read and I told her that as she tries to come closer to God, el diablo o el enemigo is going to do all he can to distract her from the message because the message we bring is the true message of God and through this message and it's teachings she can live with God again. So yeah. Hopefully all will be well with her.

Another miracle I've seen though this week is my spanish. Like today I'm on exchanges with another greeny who speaks english. And I had to teach today all by myself completely in spanish. And it's awesome to see the Lord blessing me, helping me remember the words I need to and all that to communicate. I love it. I love serving a mission.

But anyways, I should probably race! I got a lot to do today and not much time! I hope all is well back home! Love you guys so much! I know you guys are the best! Please pray for my investigators now because we need to see miracles if we want them to progress and come to Christ.

Con todo mi amor, ELDER BLOMFIELD

Oh also I want to just say I had the most amazing scripture study this week. I love reading in the book of Mormon and I can testify without a doubt that that book is the word of God. i know it's true and I know it can help change lives!!!


26TH AUGUST 2013

Dear family:

What is up. I hope everyone is having a great week!!!! That's so awesome that everyone is having such a hoot down at the cabin! And it sounds like all of you guys are training for a triathalon or something. You're all gonna be jacked. It's so different to what I'm doing. I mean I just seem to eat and eat and eat. Spanish people won't take no for an answer. I always say estoy bien, and every time I will still get more and more food. It's truly delicious. I bought a jump rope to make myself feel better about my 10ish pounds. And I've already lost 3 so that's good. I guess? Hahahaha. Anyways. This week has been amazing. And I will explain in a moment but first....

Dad, I hope you had a hoot at the cabin. I'm sure it sucks that it all comes to an end. It's so weird to think the summer is done already. Holy smokes. To answer your question about technology, no. At least not yet. I think, from what the other missionaries have told me is that president is planning on implementing this like at the end of the year or something. So It'll be cool to have this, it's gonna be super helpful during out lessons and for finding people. But I'm sure there will be a lot of jake's too. hahaha. Anyways, keep up the running and swimming and stuff Michael Phelps. Hope work is okay!  OH. And so now you gave your car away right? You planning on getting a new one? Maybe a Ford Fusion? Let me know and send pictures! Love you Papa!

Mother. I hope that you're doing okay, seeing Peter for a week and then sending him off to school again. It must be a weird feeling to finally have all of your kids out of the house for the day. What are you gonna do with all this new found free time?? Haha THAT"S SO AWESOME YOU GOT UP! I hope you perfect it by the time you finish. I do miss skiing. It's like the most peaceful feeling in the world. Mmm.But haha. To answer your question no, I didn't go do that hair thing. I ain't got no time for that!! I have more important things to do. Okay do I need anything? Well, kinda. I mean The only thing I desperately want is like pictures, of Kenna's baptism and like the family and stuff, and like if possible the MP3 that Peter used with as much church related music on it as possible (not just MoTab) in English and Spanish. But I know that's a big task. So just if you could? But don't worry too much, it's just stuff to listen to in the car as we go to appointments. Love you Mother so dearly, you're the best !! Keep up the skiing!!!

PETER! I swear, if I here you're engaged as fast as Braedon and Esther (congrats to them by the way) I swear I will murder you. Voy a matarte. Te prometo. Like. I called dibse on best man. And this is something I will not give up to Kai or scott or any other BYU friend. Anyways that's cool you bought a laptop! I hope you snagged some of my money to help pay for it, because that's why I left it!! How's BYU life going? TA? I'm gonna need your help with that whole process because I want to TA chemistry when I get back. Oh and congrats on the car, accent, phone, etc. Now all you need is a goodlooking face and body. So goodluck ;). The onlyadvice I can take is how can I learn the language faster? I mean, I know I shouldn't worry I guess, but I do! Because I have so much I wanna say but I can't. It's quite lame. How was wakeboarding and skiing and stuff at the cabin? I boycott wakeboarding. Last time I went I bled everywhere. It was lame. That's awesome that you're making scripture reading a priority. I love waking up and just having an hour to myself to study the scriptures. I never knew how awesome or how much gold was in them until I came out here. It's amazing, and it's amazing how powerful a testimony that book can be (LDM) in changing the lives of our investigators. Anyways, keep me posted with girls, school, etc. Love you mate <3

Charly. What did I say. No boys right? And then what do I hear? you went to a party (with boys and your cow) and you were flirting  And I'm super excited you're off to highschool, but if you date I swear. I'll be 8 mad. So be good, don't have friends that are male. But hey. I'm proud of you for growing up and stuff! Highschool was the best time of my life. Until BYU. And BYU was the best time of my life... until my mission. So as you see life just gets better and better. Be good char! Learn how to ski!!! I hope your loving life and staying strong in the church!!! Because that's number one! Love ya!!!

Jakey lake. That's cool you got to go to a party! Was Troy there? ;) you dog. I hope you're aving fun out at the cabin. That bike ride that you're going on sounds super sweet! And that's pretty sweet about the paracord. How much do you sell them for? I love my bracelet. It's sweet. Thanks for it by the way. I hope your spending a lot of time out on the water too you cheeky git;) Love you buddy, keeping rocking and staying solid in the gospel! Remember to read every day! It's the best!!

Kenna, and Izaac! I hope everything is going well with you guys and that you're excited to start up school again! Keep being awesome and have fun!!

OKAY family. Now I can write about my week. So this week was jefe (boss). I had a lot of sweet miracles. I'll run through them quick. And RM from Mexico, named Joseph came out with us a bunch this week. I went on splits. Him and I went to teach a lesson and Elder Harris and another member Ramon tried to conquer some other stuff. The lesson was awesome, and we put them on date! So excited. Then on Wednesday the same thing happened. Ramon and I went together and Elder Harris and Joseph taught a super spiritual lesson on the word of wisdom and law of chastity. She like broke down and all that. It was awesome that the spirit was working on her! Only problem - Satan. She has a husband in Mexico she hasn't seen for 17 years and can't come up here to sign divorce papers because he is in jail (punk). And she's living with her boyfriend, who she wants to marry and yeah. It's a mess. And I know this gospel can help out so much. So we are praying for a miracle because with the courts so that this will turn out because she is honestly the nicest lady I've ever met and she's super elect.

Another miracle. The Rogers (elderly missionaries in our ward) are doing English classes. They met a woman there named Tereca who wanted to learn the lessons. We taught her one lesson and she came to church on Sunday. After church Elder Harris and I went over to teach another lesson. She's super solid, she's being reading what we've assigned her and is praying. She wants to say both prayers in the lesson with us, and all this. And she accepted baptism for the 8th of September. She is also super elect. So miracle #2.

Miracle #3. So I guess the English missionaries gave a pass along card to a Spanish couple and wrote the church address on it. Anyways. the couple showed up yesterday. And want to learn more so we have a lesson with them this week. SO that was random and amazing and I hope all goes well their.

Miracle #4. So there was a man named Ivan that the English missionaries have been teaching. But they dropped him because he has a lot of deep doctrinal question and I guess was fed anti stuff. Anyways, his wife wants to learn more and she is Spanish. So I went over their with and English Elder and taught her the restoration in Spanish. She was sick though and wanted to come to church but didn't because satan is stupid and makes people sick. But her husband came, so that was cool. I think he went to English though. But anyways, needless to say. They want us to come back this week sometime and both of them said they would read and stuff. SO yeah. I basically love this work to death.

Their were so many more miracles this week. For example when I was the only Spanish speaker teaching a Spanish lesson. All the words just came to me. I mean I was still probably butchering the language, but the Spirit definitely guided me. And I was able to teach the lesson and hopefully get the Spirit across. But, like I said their are a lot more miracles that we had, but I can't name them all, I'd be here all day. It is true what the Lord said in Jacob though. That he really has come down to labour with us (his servants and representatives) in the vineyard. I love this work so much. I'm so honoured to be able to put on my nametag every day and where my name next to Christ's (sorry Pete). He's the reason why we're all here. he's the reason we can live again with our families forever. He suffered everything for me. And I hope I can pay him back in some small way by what i'm doing now. En el nombre de Jesucristo, mi Salvador, Amen.

Con todo el amor de su mejor hijo y hermano, Elder Michael Paul Blomfield.