Thursday, 12 September 2013

10TH JULY 2013

Hola familia! Hope things are going well for you!! Hey so I spent all my time trying to figure out that photo thing. So sorry haha this letter will probably be short. Today's just been super weird haha but hey! I saw Elder Asian Josh today, and also I saw Elder Simpson because a bunch of the Elders in the zone went up to the main MTC for lunch. So that was cool.

I'm glad to hear about grandad. That had me a little concerned, but it's nice to know that everything is alright. I hope he continues to do well. Keep me updated on that. And it sounds like despite the cold mucky weather Moroni's Quest was alright. I hope that it was fun for all of you even though it was mucky the whole time. That's super awesome about president Craig acting as the Savior. It sounds like it was a super spiritual experience, and I totally can't wait until it happens for real. Can you imagine how cool that will be? I've decided I just want to run up and give Him a big hug. It's gonna be so sweet! What else did you do at Moroni's Quest??

That's awesome as well that you've all decided to keep up the helping hands. That sucks about High River though! Like that's so sad. Do they know the death total yet? I'm proud of allyou guys going out and spending your time helping others. I really wish I could be there to help out too. I bet the church has a whole bunch of volunteers out there hey? And I bet the missionaries are loving it! Haha speaking of which, how are the missionaries in our ward? Are they doing okay?

Elder Blomfield #1. In response to your question the CCM is great! We eat salad every day for lunch which is amazing. I'm losing so much weight;) haha I love it here though! It's so sweet. And I can't wait to actually get out into the real world and feel the joy of seeing actual people come to the church!!! Because even in here that joy is amazing even with the fake investigators! God Speed!!!

So Kenna and Jakey, I just wanna wish you guys a Happy Birthday!!! I'm super excited for you guys, that's so sweet. Is everyone gonna be down at the cabin for their birthdays or what's the plan? I hope that all is well with you all. Let me know how things go!

Mother, dear mother. When are you planning on heading down to the cabin? And do you plan on staying there the whole summer again or what's the plan there?

Father, how's work and stuff? Did your work get destroyed and what not in the floods or is it fine? How about your workers? Are they all doing okay as well? When are you planning to go down to the cabin?

I hope your guys summer goes well!! Say hi to Charly and lil Izaac as well. Tell everyone I love them! And tell them to write me!

SO. This week was cool. I had to give a blessing to one of the Elders in my district because he was feeling pretty sick. It was such a sweet spiritual experience. It was so weird to know that I was acting in the name of Jesus Christ and that the power that I was using is the same power by which God operates. And it was awesome because as I was speaking I knew those words weren't mine. But it was so amazing. Also my investigator's this week in answer to mother's question are fine. We have two named Carlos and Ryleigh. And my companion and I committed Ryleigh to baptism this week on our second lesson which was great. We really let the Spirit teach which was amazing. We just shared a bunch of scriptures with her, and bore our testimony and stuff. And she was crying, and what not. It was amazing to see what happens when you let the Spirit teach. And as well sometimes we have to be comfortable with silences as we let the Spirit teach and let the investigator think. So yeah. We're really excited to teach her again. Our other investigator is a little more difficult. He seems to have no desire to want to know of the church or anything like that, and we're struggling to understand what his needs are and how to answer them and what we need to study and teach to really reach him. So yeah. But it's great. It's a learning experience.

We learned a lot this week that we need to teach in unity. It's really easy to go two completely different ways in a lesson. And we need to stay focused on the same pathway. As well I do a lot of the talking, and I need to give my other companion a chance to speak as well. So that's something we're trying to work on this week.

Yesterday we had this sweet devotional on like prayer and stuff from a retired General Authority. It was a really great devotional, and at the end he said he felt impressed to leave us with a blessing. And so right there, in the Mariott center, he gave a priesthood blessing to all the thousands of missionaries. It was a pretty spiritual experience. He blessed us with whatever language we were speaking and he blessed us to be able to teach and stuff. I didn't write any of it down because I was so like mezmorized by the whole experience and I'm kind of mad because now I've forgotten exactly what he said. But needless to say, it was very spiritual. It sent shivers down my spine. It was crazy. Anyways. Family. My time has come to depart. I hope to speak with you soon. Dear Elder me if you can, it makes me feel popular ;).

Happy Birthday to you all (Elder Blomfield, Kenna, and Jakey.) And have great weeks!! Love ya!!!!

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