Thursday, 12 September 2013

12TH AUGUST 2013

Whaddup family. Hope the week was crazy great!! It sounds like you all are having a great time! Ah. I'll be honest, today I was feeling a slight bit homesick knowing that Pete gets home soon. But it's cool. I'd rather be out here! It honestly feels like I've been doing this my whole life, but at the same time it's going by too fast already! Like I swear it was yesterday I was emailing you. Flippin heck!

So Charly. No boys. I just need to address this. You're not 16. Therefore you cannot look at them. When you're 16 you can hug them. Maybe. But seriously. I have become quite good at shanking things (you kind of have to be when you're in So Cal). So if you choose to pursue this, I will just have to end it. OH! I can just phone both boys on my cell phone and tell them you're playing them. That'll end it. Anyways. Besides that, have fun with your braces off! I remember that day. Best day ever! I kept running my finger over my teeth for like a week, and I couldn't stop flashing my dazzling smile. ANYWAYS. Love you Char, have a great week!!!

Jakey! Nice job with the COW brother. You're some spicy stuff then eh? Although I will be honest, Troy is a pretty awkward name for a girl. All I keep picturing is Troy off of Highschool Musical. So like maybe call her by her middle name? But I'm glad you had a fun time at EFY! I loved it man! It was the best, and where I really knew for the first time that the church was true! I'm glad you liked the lesson on the Atonement. That kind of stuff is my favourite stuff about the gospel. \

ELDER! Petey. Ha. You're home. That's insane! I'm kinda sad I missed you man! BUT. I have the priviledge of being out here. Hahaha. So my number one rule for you as you get home is not to get married. Like I will be so mad. UNLESS, like I have said before, you name you first born child (Hijo o Hija) after me. That's my only exception. And You have to send me pictures so I can approve all girls if they are acceptable. Love you mate!!! You're Spanish is super dirty by the way. Mine is like Spanglish mix here because everyone is Americanized. And I'll be honest, it's kind of hard to get the hang of it, because most of the day is spent speaking English because I'm not in a Spanish speaking country. But it'll come! Love you mate! Have fun back home, don't be too awkward!

Mother. 43. sorry. Hahahah. How's your week? I'm glad you looked like you had a hoot on your birthday! What'd they get you? What have you been doing in preparation for Peter coming back? I like what you said about it not going completely to waste, your efforts of being a missionary. I learned a cool thing in the MTC. The Lord's not just gonna give someone one shot or one opportunity with the gospel. And it kind of brings comfort to me that even if the people I teach don't get baptized, they will hopefully have a good experience with missionaries for a later point in their life when they are more ready to receive it. It's so cool I love it! It's kinda cool like right now being a missionary because for some reason it's like I'm not afraid to do anything like missionary wise. Like I get to do this with CHRIST. It's super sweet! It's cool because a lot of people like cuss me out and stuff and like yell and hahaha. It like has no ability to phase me because I know why I'm out here and like ah. I love it. Anyways. Love you to death Mum! Have a great week! Make Peter some good food and such! Oh and about the emails? Yeah! Send it to whoever!

Father. Papa. What's up? Hope your week has been great! Love the picture of you napping by the way. Very attractive. So my bike? OH YEAH. It was well worth the money! I've been in a car and haven't used it once! ;). So there are only two parts Spanish speaking in the mission that use bikes, so I most likely won't be using it! So I have a proposition. After my mission, I'm taking my un-used bike and biking home. So I can give it the love and riding it deserves. Haha. I actually love being in a car. It's kind of cool. It makes me feel important. I like what you said about focusing on what God gives you. Out here he gives me so much. I have miracles everyday. And I know that God is blessing me in the mission to be led to these miracles and stuff. I love being a missionary. BUT like I said before, it's already going way to fast! SO how's the priest quorum?? Austin planning to serve a mission? What about TANNER? what's his deal? And Benny? How's he doing? Love you Dad! Hope things are great for you this week! Have fun getting up even earlier for church!

KENNA AND IZAAC. Love you guys. Hope you're doing great! Have fun with Peter and at the cabin! And be good!

OKAY. so before I tell you about my week, I want to start off with some funny/scary experience. The other day while driving in the car Elder Harris and I were fiddling with the GPS and look up and this kid is in the air in front of us with his bike just lightly floating somewhere above him. I guess what happened is the guy in the car in front of us just like nailed the kid on his bike and he went shooting up into the sky and then slapped to the pavement. So we pulled over and got out to make sure he was alright! The guy who hit him was like gonna take him to the hospital or call the police or something, but his bike was destroyed. AND the only reason it was funny was just because I was so shocked to see a kid just flying through air. It was a weird sight.

Anyways. I want to tell you my favourite miracle. So we tried to visit this one referral, but alas they were not home. And on the way back to the car, I OYM'd this one lady, and then she let us in and give her family a blessing. She had a 17 year old son who joined us and then we challenged them to baptism and they accepted. It was sweet! Two problems though. She lives with her boyfriend, and he (the 17 year old) has a girlfriend who is pregnant. Weird. But we went back for a return appointment and when we got their the mum, Rosalinda, was making us like a three course meal and yeah. It was delicious! And like their super cool people and stuff and then she got called into work on Sunday and we were so depressed!! This Sunday we had 5 people lined up to come to church. And only 1 showed. So depressing. It kind of put us in a bad mood. But this week we put five people on date. It's sweet. And this next week we hope to put four more. I think the problem is the people feel the Spirit when we come over and want to change or start going to church or whatever, but I don't think they fully understand the importance of going to church, or even baptism for that matter. But we have some super solid people that we're working with. We taught this one family yesterday who are super cool and sweet. And they are like young and have a son and a sister who lives with them. And they're really tight with Mormon people and stuff and just really chill people. SO. We're hoping to put them on date this week and really bring the Spirit into their house.

My favourite part about missionary work thus far is just seeing these amazing sweet little miracles everyday! Like it's just amazing. Like for example the other day a member took us out to McDonalds for lunch. And when we got up some lady looked like she had a question. Apparently she is a less active member. She was sealed to her family when she was 9 and now has a family of her own. She wants to start coming back to church and her boys are having questions about God. Her husband isn't a member and stuff and yeah. So we have a lesson with her husband tonight! Hopefully that goes well! Pray for us because even though God gives us so much, we're still gonna need more miracles if we want to change these peoples lives permanently.

Another miracle. We get a referral from this 16 year old kid who is the only member in his family. He lives in another city but came down for the weekend and we taught his dad and his uncle. The kid's name is Geo and he just straight up bears testimony to his dad and uncle about this story of Joseph Smith. He's super cool and him and his uncle came to church on Sunday with us. And after the lesson they made us the most amazing tacos my body has ever had the pleasure of devouring. It was delicious. But yeah. Please pray for us! We really need miracles if we want people to seriously change their lives and keep commitments!!

Anways. I'm gonna go! It's my comps birthday today and we're going to go and have some P-day, mission appropriate fun! Love you guys so much! You all really are truly my best friends! Thanks for being such an awesome family and stuff. Keep up being super awesome member missionaries and whatever. Again. Charly. No boys. And have fun with Petey coming home! Love you all!!!! I know this church is true! And I know that I'm on the God's errand and that with Him walking with me, I can do anything He needs me too!!!


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