Tuesday, 17 September 2013


Dear Family. I hope all is going well with you. I mean, it's going super well with me. I just had my first fetching baptism last night! I was so excited!!! It was such a cool experience. And I got to baptize her, it was great! She's super solid. Teresa's sweet. She had me and my companion over this week to feed us and she was so so stoked. And so it was great and really spiritual and yeah. I love it. Even if I spend two years working just for that, it would've totally been worth it! And it was amazing how many more miracles we're seeing!

Antonia and her daughter came to church again this week. Antonia is going to be baptized this week which is sweet! Hopefully everything goes through! Hopefully we can put her daughter on date too. We had a sweet lesson with them both though. And Antonia is reading the LDM all the time at work and all that. It's kind of lame because her husband's totally against us and is anti-ing us. But I don't care because he's a mentiroso.

Also we found this super sweet kid the other day named George. He's super solid too. He's 19, and we found him on friday and put him on date for the 29th. And he came to church for all three hours with us and said he loved it. He's pretty awesome, hopefully Satan won't get in the way that git.

As well we had this sweet idea. To do a car wash and stuff and while that was going on the missionaries would give tours of the church to the people who showed up. It was super sweet. The last guy that came named Martin came through with us. And he asked us for a special blessing. So we took him into the chapel and gave him a blessing and then after he confessed his whole life to us. It was super spiritual. We found out he was a member and was inactive because he's messed up in his life and he feels judged going to church. Anyways, we had a nice chat. And guess who showed up on Sunday? He did! It was super sweet. I was so so happy! Like ah. God's really blessing us here.

There are like a million other sweet miracles I see each day, it's awesome. That one guy, Jorge, that we're teaching is leaving to Mexico today. SO SAD. He told us he wants to be baptized, but wants it with his family. And so he said when he gets back from Mexico in a month with his family, he's gonna have us teach him and them and baptize them and all that. The only sad thing is that he's moving to san fernando. So I'm depressed about that because he back one of my best friends here. But, as long as he's baptized it really doesn't matter. He lives with his brother who's really cool and feeds us all the time. He's moving to Georgia because he's in the movie business (he's a cook) and is helping with the new movie dumb and dumber two. He's like this huge gruff mammoth man but has a super cool heart and gave us a big hug when we said goodbye to them that night.

Anyways. I love the miracles and the blessings and the people and everything! I love it all! It really is amazing to be doing this.

Anyways! Dad. That's awesome about that car. I am eternally grateful you didn't make the mistake of buying the VW. You better send me a photo of the car! That's sweet! And don't worry, I already have my vehicle when I get back. I'm riding my untouched bike that I bought before I left. It's gonna be sweet. And I know exactly what you mean. I hardly listened yesterday. I spent the whole sacrament thanking God for helping these people come to church and praying that the members wouldn't say something stupid and mess everything up hahaha. I like what you said as well, sometimes we just gotta figure it out on our own. It's kind of lame sometimes thoAnd as well it sounds like you're having a hoot with everything. Concerts, games. Gosh. Just kidding. Flames do suck still hey? What's the new team looking like now? Love you Pops!

Dear Mother. That is a birlliant idea with Izaac haha. I remember in elementary I hated talking in fron of people too. I still do. Gosh, like when I had to give my fairwell talk. But that's is a sweet idea haha. I guess but the time #6 rolls around, you've perfected all your methods hahaha. Also that sounds like super fun, the campout in the back! I remember playing with them and stuff. They're super fun! You're probably the best Mum ever by the way. And by probably I mean you are. It sounds like you're jam packed though! That's coool that you're still having a blast though. You probably feel so free being the only one at home in the mornings! And that name is perfect for my blog hahaha thank you! Feel free to go to town on it! Thanks so much mum! You rock Love ya!

Peter you git, all you do is talk about girls now you better just fetching kiss one! I'm glad you spirituality is coming though! I wish I paid more attention to that stuff before I left. You always told me, and I wish I listened a bit more! It's super important and I never realized how quickly it can decrease if you're not focusing on it. I almost finished the Book of Mormon again. I love it to death! it's probably the coolest book ever. Anyways, that sounds like a hoot at school. Salsa dancing seems pretty sweet, I definitely want to learn, it would be a riot haha. I hope you and your Roommates are living the dream.  And that's sweet about your calling. That was mine too! I remember we did a fear factor thing. and I went out and bought pigs feet for sam to eat. it was gross. Anyways, love you mate!!! Oh and sorry pete, I think I've been sending this to your missionary account. hahaha.

Charly. You didn't write me. Friends off.

Naw I'm just kidding. Hopefully all goes well with you and stuff at school! I hope you're owning up grade 10, and are having fun! And I hope seminary goes well! YOu planning on joining any teams or whatever? Let me know, love ya! and remember, no boys!
Jakey! You sound like you're pretty banged up! But it sounds super fun! What are you learning about in seminary! And where'd you go to watch this longboarding competition? Oh and congrats about making the basketball and volleyball team. Oh and nice job walking into a locker. Love you mate!!!

Kenna! Hope you're doing great! You're amazing and have fun at school! Do you and Izaac ever hang out together? Love ya!!

Izaac, that's super awesome about your me-bag!! I hope you're having a blast at school. And good job standing up infront of everyone to talk! That'll be a cool toy you get. Love you buddy!!

Anyways family. I gotta rock! Ps. I didn't sing a solo at church, I sang with the other missionaries! Anyways, love you all, thanks for being the best family in the world!!

con todo mi amor, ELDER BLOMFIELD

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