Thursday, 12 September 2013


Dearest Familia. How is everyone?? It sounds like everyone's doing great! I'm super jealous that you guys get to be at the cabin! But you should be even more jealous of me, because I get to learn the best language in the world and teach the Lord's gospel. So ya. Deal.

Dear Father. That's awesome that you went biking! I can't wait bike with you when I'm older. It'll be awesome! Going on bike trips and stuff! That'll be so cool! I'm glad Trevor isn't dead or in a wheel chair. That would've been pretty bad, but I am sorry his bike is cracked. Glad everyone's okay though. So reading between the lines of your letter I'm sure you miss me. Being all lonely at home and stuff. I remember doing that with you and if I'm being honest those are probably some of my favorite memories. Just hanging out and cooking burgers and watching Donald Trumps whatever show and then driving down to Idaho on the weekends and just chatting. It was just nice to hang out! Thanks for being an awesome dad! PS. would you be able to transfer some of my money from my presidents choice bank into my Well's Fargo? Like 250$ or something, just for the flight and in case I need to purchase some things?> Thanks! You rock!!

Mother dear. How are you? Thank you for the letter! Hahah yeah being down out the cabin probably makes you feel lazy, but it is a well earned break I'm sure. That's so awesome to hear about Jarin!  Tell him I say hi and that he needs to get out here quick! And tell him to write me too! But I love 2 Nephi 2 too. I think it's in verse eleven that says there must needs be an opposition in all things. That really helped me out the first couple days when I was struggling really hard with the language and the first few days felt like months. It's so true. There can't be joy, growth, righteousness, heaven, an Atonement, anything without opposition. And I'm glad for the problems I have, because it just motivates me to work harder to be better. And I love it! Love you mummy!!! Oho and for the packages? Could you send me beef jerkey if you could? Any any pictures too??/ I love pictures!! If at some point in my mission you could send me a picture of me and Pete, like the one in my room on the ladder, that would be amazing!!

Dear Peter. I already wrote you separately. But Happy birthday otra vez.

Dear Charly. First of all. No boys. Secondly. I'm glad to hear your having a ball down at the cabin. In response to your question, my favourite year was #1, and #2. They were the best. And I remember Jane bought me goodies so I could make friends. But hey, dont be a me and Peter. Get out there and learn how to ski and stuff! It's the best. Oh and also go on runs with Mum! Those are some of the best talks and favorite memories I ever had with her. You'll be glad you did!! Love you so much Char!!! Keep being amazing!

Dear Jakey! HAPPY BIRTHDAY HERMANO!!! That's so cool you can go to dances now! That's sweeet. and When will you be ordained a teacher?? I wrote you a card and it should be coming in the mail soon! Hopefully you get it. As well. That's sweet you got some bb gun stuff! And a whackload of money! That's tons. Hope you had fun at outback celebrating! do me a favour and learn how to wakeboard and slolemn ski this year. We are blessed to have a boat and a jet ski! Make use of it! Love ya Jakey!! Keep it up brother!

DEAREST Kenna. TO you I say as well Happy Birthday!! I have also written you a letter. Hopefully it makes it! But I just want to say congratulations on getting your ears pierced! That's so amazing and cool, I bet you look so pretty!! When you get baptized I need you to send me some pictures that I can carry around with me and show to the people I teach! I'm sad I have to miss that because it's so important. But I love you tons Kenna and I hope your birthday went great! Write to me when you can! Have fun at the Cabin! Love you Ken.

Little Izaac. You still fat? I hope so. I'm planning on getting fat here on my mission. It's gonna be awesome. Mum told me that you scored some goals in soccer! I'm so proud of you! You're gonna be a soccer star when you grow up! Hey, love you so much little man! Keep being awesome!

Okay Family. So before I get into some spiritual things I would like to tell you the weird things. Essentially I found out my companion snores. Loud. So I've lost mass amounts of sleep. But I discovered a secret way around it. I just shove wet tissue paper into my ears to block out the noise! It's fantastic! And today at main MTC I bought some actual ear plugs! I'm so excited to try them tonight!!! As well, we don't have microwaves anywhere. And we went to the creamery last night because we were hungry after class at like 10. And we bought burritos. But like I said we didn't have a microwave, and the oven doesn't work. SO we discovered a way around it. Cook them on the iron. So that was cool. I have a couple pictures I'll send maybe next week. But yeah. And then so in my district, (which I am the district leader of? Weird.) decided make a musical. We were just having a laugh, but then one of the Hermanas (sisters) took to writing a song about me, and then proceeded to sing said song in the cafeteria standing up to me. Umm. Weirdest thing ever. I felt so strange inside. So that was weird.

But this week has been great! I've learned a lot about myself. It's funny because the closer I get to God, the more things I see in myself that I need to change. And I know I still have a long way to go. But I've been focusing this week on trying to have charity, because without Charity, we are nothing. And I feel like if I am going to be that missionary that I want to be, to be that Ammon I want to be, I'm going to have to have charity. And so that is what I'm really focusing on, as well as trying to teach by the Spirit. This week wasn't as good as the other week in regards to our lessons. We weren't as united as we should be, and we were too focused on the lesson instead of the investigator. So this week we're trying to do better. I really hope that I can do this. I know with God I can, but sometimes I need to be more worthy of his Spirit. I love teaching though, and I love learning this language. The language is coming great! It's still hard, but I feel like I'm progressing a lot. My language is slow, and my head still translates everything into English and then to Spanish before I speak. But it's okay. I understand most of what's being said, but I know that I just need to be patient!!

I absolutely love being out here though! I'm even more excited because I'm almost done at the MTC! I should get my flight plan this week, which is wild! It's something I'm super excited for! I can't wait to actually get out there and teach real people! And ah. It's gonna be so awesome!! I think my favourite spiritual experience this week was when we watched the testaments.! I love that movie, and when Jesus shows himself to the Nephites, it is so so spiritual. I can't wait till he comes again. Me and this one Elder in my zone, Elder Northcott, were talking about awesome it's gonna be when He comes again. I hope I'll be around to see these amazing things take place. And I hope that one day I'll be worthy to say to Him that I've done the best that I can, and to have Him and the Father accept me into the Kingdom.

I love this church so much! Keep up the amazing work of being the best family in the world. Remember who you are ;) and what you stand for. Each morning the best part of the day is when I get to put on that tag because my name is right next to my Saviour's, and for the next two years that's what all be doing, standing right next to my Saviour and teaching in His name. I love this gospel tons!!! I love you guys like crazy and I miss you too!!!

Have a great week working, at the cabin, or serving the Lord In Chile !!

Con todo mi amor, Elder Blomfield #2

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