Thursday, 12 September 2013

19TH AUGUST 2013

So I guess to start off I just wanna say welcome home PETEY! That must have been so crazy! I hope that all is well back home. Question: Are Braedon and Esther engaged yet? And Congrats to Jakey and Kenna too!!! That's so awesome! What has been going on all week?? You guys at the cabin yet? I loved the pictures everyone sent! It's cool to see all you guys! Kenna looks so pretty in her dress!

Okay so I have so much to say, so little time and I have no idea where to start. So I'll just answer Dad's questions I guess. So demanding.

1. Yes.

2. The kid Just like tumbled about on his head and stuff and I think he's fine. The guy who hit him was gonna like call the cops and take him to the hospital i think.

3. Rosalinda and Omar did not come to church! They both work Sundays! But the thing is they want too. So we are gonna figure this out this week. But we started teaching her boyfriend too, and they're reading it together. And we are gonna go visit them again tonight.

4. Geo is a sweet kid. He's got a solid testimony and is the only member of his family. Unfortunately his uncle won't come unless he's with Geo because I think he's shy. But We are gonna work on that.

5. The less active lady we met at McDonald's is cool. We got to teach her husband and her father in law so we're hoping on some progress there!

Papa. I answered your questions. I have some things to say to you now. Anyways. It's true. I do get my anger from you. I can be kind of a spaz. But it's also true that I'm good looking ;) no I'm messing. But the lady who cuts my hair in our ward asked me and my companion to be her models for her hair dressing salon thing... awkard. But yeah! Sound like you had a great week Dad! Love you and sorry I can't write lots!! Thanks for being such a solid example to me! Love ya!

Mama. I bet you were all wound up in tears when Peter came home! But that's so awesome that he's back! I like your testimony, and that's awesome you got to say it in front of everyone. I'm so proud to have such a solid mum who could raise me in the church. Like the stripling warriors say: I cannot doubt for my mother knew it. It sounds like you really had a busy week! Probably went super mum? Haha. Yes please do send me pictures! So I can show them to my investigators. The scripture is actually 2 Nephi 25:26. But I wanna change if it it's cool? To Alma 5:33. I love that scripture. Also the members are great to me! They feed me so much ! Guess how much I weigh? 180 pounds hahaha. I'm huge! Anyways love you Mum!!! You're amazing!!

Peter! Congratulations my friend on not being awkward! I'm so proud!!! Honestly though I'm so proud your home! You've always been the solid example for me that I've needed and you've gone and done that again my serving an honorable full time mission. I hope to do the same, and I hope to be able to be half the missionary I know you were. And I can't wait to see you again one day. I know four years is kind of a long time, but it'll be one heck of a reunion! Thanks for the advice you sent. Although only half of it came up. But I do need to rely on the Spirit more. That's something I've always struggled with. But I need to seek it out more. let me reiterate what i've already said. You can't get married or I'll kill you! I'll be fuming! And we will officially have a friends off. Also, you're a very lucky git. A Car and a phone! Don't we have the best family ever? Have a fun week before school Pete! keep being a spiritual giant and thanks again for being the best brother ever!
Charly and Jakob and Kenna And Izaac. I didn't hear from any of you this week. So friends off! Just kidding. I hope your guys summer is going great! It's weird to think I've already been out for 2 months today. Time is going by too quick already. Kenna Congrats with your baptism. That's amazing and you have not idea how proud of you I am! You looked so pretty in your dress! Izaac, nice tree climbing skills! Your a monkey!! Jakey, nice job being ordained a teacher man! The priesthood really is special. We have the same power God has. To a lesser extent of course , but it's the same power by which he operates. And it's super sacred and special and powerful and amazing. So treasure itwell. let me know when you get your patriarchal blessing too! And Charly. You look like you 17. No boys. Serious. Pete told me your always talking about them. No boys okay? Haha. Love you guys so much!

Okay so I'm really needing to go! But really super quick. My miracle, my favorite miracle this week was a man we met named victor. He was cussing at us and whatever when we came to his house. But eventually we chatted. He told us to come back tomorrow. And we had the most spiritual experience ever. It was awesome. We sat back and listened to his life story for 45 minutes. He told us of how he used to deal drugs, be addicted, do all this bad stuff. He went to jail and all this. His ex wife is a heroine addict and he's just had a messed up life. And he told us he just wants to be the son to his mum that she never had, and after 50 years of laughing at missionaries he was finally ready to talk. We do the harvest blessing thing, and I was able to give it. He asked before if we could ask God to have mercy on his ex wife, let her know he forgives her, asked to be delivered from evil, asked to have a relationship with his kids and stuff. And Then I got to give the blessing and it was super super spiritual. He turned to me after in his sobs and said I know you're a representative of Jesus Christ. It was awesome. Unfortunately. We had to turn them over to the English elders. And It sucks! It's so sad that I can't teach him the rest. But at the very least I was able to share a really spiritual experience with him. I hope I can help bring this joy to every person I teach. Anyways.

I have to go! Pray for me tonight because we're gonna put two people on date hopefully and we need a miracle!!

Love you all you guys are all so amazing. Sorry for the lame letter!!!!

Les Quiero!!!

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