Thursday, 12 September 2013

24TH JULY 2013

Familia!!! How's it going?? How is everyone? That's cool to hear about everyone's week! I'm jealous you guys are living it up;) but not really because I'm a missionary. So I win. It's weird to think this is my last P-Day at the MTC. Holy smokes. I am itching to get out into el campo so bad. I can't wait! But at the same time I'm kind of nervous. But I bought 4 book of mormons and I'm planning to give them away before I get there. And I got my travel info this week which is pretty AMAZING. I'll be heading out around 4:30 in the morning on Tuesday the 30th. So six days!! My flight leaves around 8:30 and I get their at 9:30 California time so that's like 10:30 Calgary time. I don't know when I get to call, but keep the lines open if you want to hear from me! If not I'll just call like Ben or something haha. But I can't wait to talk to everyone! That's so amazing about Keaton!!!! That's like the best news ever and I'm so glad he's chosen to serve! How's Tanner coming? Has he put his papers in yet? How are his eyes? OH. Also. Can you send me uncle Neils address? That'd be cool.

Papa. I hope things at work are going great with you! You mentioned like speaking with Thomas about the gospel or having him for dinner or something? How's that going? What to you spend most of your nights doing? Hopefully your not getting too lonely up all by yourself. SO. I heard of this sweet book yesterday and I thought you and Mum would love to read it because both of you are like amazing member missionaries but it's called "Power of Everyday Missionaries" by Clay Christiansen or something. Anyways. Get it. (este es un mandamiento) But seriously. Also yeah its creepy. Girls are weird. But out on the mission their are solely Hermanas (sisters) Hermanos (brothers) and Elderes. Solamente. Nada mas. But anyways. I hope your week is great! Let me know how things are at work with the guys and how everything else is! Hope you're having fun nights out with friends and what not. And your weekly trips to the cabin are keeping you sane. Love ya!

Mama. Hope things are well with you at the cabin! I'm glad you can beat people at ladder ball. I hope you feel accomplished! ;) Pero, lo siento sobre your leg. That must suck! I hope it gets better!! How is the rest of it? Is it stressful at all? That's so cute to hear about Izaac surfing. What a man. Thanks so much for sending me a package though! I feel so loved!! And don't worry about the pictures or anything. I ESPECIALLY just want one of Kenna in her baptismal clothes that I cant show to my investigators and a picture of the family too and if possible the one of pete and I. I'm not missing home or anything, but my family's the  best so I want to show people and boast. I feel so popular now though. This will be the sixth package. What. I feel so loved. Thanks mum! I hope you have a great time out at the cabin with everyone! Keep me posted! Are you still running and stuff? Thanks for being an amazing Mum! Love you tons!!!

Elder Blomfield numero uno. Hope your doing well. I'll email you sepArate <3

Charly. No boys. First thing. Second. I'm glad you have friends coming up soon! That's gonna be so much fun for you! I hope you realize how blessed we are to have a cabin. I hope your excited for EFY! Don't let Mitchell know though, he might get a little jealous when you find a new COW ;). Which I don't approve of by the way. So no COWs. that's cool that your surfing and stuff!!! I'm super stoked for you. I have an idea. It's a great one too. You should learn to wakeboard. And don't wear a helmet either. It'll be cooler. Anyways, keep me posted!! Love Ya!!!

JAKEY! So for you, you can have all the COWS you like!! I'm okay with that! Hope your week is going great. I'm glad your neck didn't break and stuff but I do hope your head gets better. Tambien, I hope that you get out on the boat more you slacker! It's the best thing in the world! And I hope you have fun with Eric this week! Good luck getting ordained a teacher too! I wish I could be there for you!!!
 Love ya!

Kenna! I hope you're doing okay! Love you tons! Have fun with Hallie!
Izaac! Hope your having fun!! I'm glad to hear you're out their surfing and stuff!! Love you bro!

So this week was great! I saw one of my BF's from BYU who was supposed to go to the Brazillian MTC but didn't get his visa. That was a neat experience!  As well, and again I got my travel plans, and I'm dying to leave!!

I taught a lesson this week and was definitely one of my favorite lessons. we were just joking around the whole time. I told them that en mi corazon, soy negro. Which means in my heart I'm black. And then basically they started talking about Les Mis and I was like yes!! It was all I could do not to burst out into song right there. But then we related it back to the Atonement and stuff. And the "investigator" is a recovering drug addict who's actually a less active member so it was way cool. Then my other investigator, Carlos, we committed to baptism this week. Although we still haven't given him the whole palabra de sabiduria (word of wisdom) or the ley de castidad (law of chastity) lessons. So this should be a sweet experience! estoy animado! But yeah. So that was amazing. On the other hand though we had a couple lessons that just tanked. Or not tanked but just weren't as awesome as I would have liked. But it's okay. All is coming and I'm still learning. Hopefully one day soon I can teach like Ammon. He's kind of become my new hero now.

I can't really remember what else happened this week. I feel like it was one day it's going by so dang fast!! Yesterday we had a devotional and I just got super stoked to be a missionary! It's so awesome because I get to wear my name right next to the Savior! And I know that if I'm worthy, He'll always be right next to me! I actually had one of my favourite experiences ever. I'll say it and then I gotta go. So I was having a bad day the other day (yes this happens to missionaries). I was just frustrated with myself and with those I work with a bit and the lessons and the language and blah. It just felt like I didn't have the Spirit. But me and my companion sat down to talk outside on a bench by all these trees and stuff. And as we were talking I just had this overwhelming feeling that Christ was standing right there next to me. Like I felt like if I turned my head He would've been right there smiling back. It was such a sweet experience. And this voice just came into my head just like, "Michael, I've been here all along". I donno, it was a really amazing experience. I loved it. And I can't wait to get out and serve!!! Anyways! Love you all tons! Hope the week goes well!!! Keep being awesome and I'll talk to you on Tuesday!!!!!

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