Thursday, 12 September 2013

26TH AUGUST 2013

Dear family:

What is up. I hope everyone is having a great week!!!! That's so awesome that everyone is having such a hoot down at the cabin! And it sounds like all of you guys are training for a triathalon or something. You're all gonna be jacked. It's so different to what I'm doing. I mean I just seem to eat and eat and eat. Spanish people won't take no for an answer. I always say estoy bien, and every time I will still get more and more food. It's truly delicious. I bought a jump rope to make myself feel better about my 10ish pounds. And I've already lost 3 so that's good. I guess? Hahahaha. Anyways. This week has been amazing. And I will explain in a moment but first....

Dad, I hope you had a hoot at the cabin. I'm sure it sucks that it all comes to an end. It's so weird to think the summer is done already. Holy smokes. To answer your question about technology, no. At least not yet. I think, from what the other missionaries have told me is that president is planning on implementing this like at the end of the year or something. So It'll be cool to have this, it's gonna be super helpful during out lessons and for finding people. But I'm sure there will be a lot of jake's too. hahaha. Anyways, keep up the running and swimming and stuff Michael Phelps. Hope work is okay!  OH. And so now you gave your car away right? You planning on getting a new one? Maybe a Ford Fusion? Let me know and send pictures! Love you Papa!

Mother. I hope that you're doing okay, seeing Peter for a week and then sending him off to school again. It must be a weird feeling to finally have all of your kids out of the house for the day. What are you gonna do with all this new found free time?? Haha THAT"S SO AWESOME YOU GOT UP! I hope you perfect it by the time you finish. I do miss skiing. It's like the most peaceful feeling in the world. Mmm.But haha. To answer your question no, I didn't go do that hair thing. I ain't got no time for that!! I have more important things to do. Okay do I need anything? Well, kinda. I mean The only thing I desperately want is like pictures, of Kenna's baptism and like the family and stuff, and like if possible the MP3 that Peter used with as much church related music on it as possible (not just MoTab) in English and Spanish. But I know that's a big task. So just if you could? But don't worry too much, it's just stuff to listen to in the car as we go to appointments. Love you Mother so dearly, you're the best !! Keep up the skiing!!!

PETER! I swear, if I here you're engaged as fast as Braedon and Esther (congrats to them by the way) I swear I will murder you. Voy a matarte. Te prometo. Like. I called dibse on best man. And this is something I will not give up to Kai or scott or any other BYU friend. Anyways that's cool you bought a laptop! I hope you snagged some of my money to help pay for it, because that's why I left it!! How's BYU life going? TA? I'm gonna need your help with that whole process because I want to TA chemistry when I get back. Oh and congrats on the car, accent, phone, etc. Now all you need is a goodlooking face and body. So goodluck ;). The onlyadvice I can take is how can I learn the language faster? I mean, I know I shouldn't worry I guess, but I do! Because I have so much I wanna say but I can't. It's quite lame. How was wakeboarding and skiing and stuff at the cabin? I boycott wakeboarding. Last time I went I bled everywhere. It was lame. That's awesome that you're making scripture reading a priority. I love waking up and just having an hour to myself to study the scriptures. I never knew how awesome or how much gold was in them until I came out here. It's amazing, and it's amazing how powerful a testimony that book can be (LDM) in changing the lives of our investigators. Anyways, keep me posted with girls, school, etc. Love you mate <3

Charly. What did I say. No boys right? And then what do I hear? you went to a party (with boys and your cow) and you were flirting  And I'm super excited you're off to highschool, but if you date I swear. I'll be 8 mad. So be good, don't have friends that are male. But hey. I'm proud of you for growing up and stuff! Highschool was the best time of my life. Until BYU. And BYU was the best time of my life... until my mission. So as you see life just gets better and better. Be good char! Learn how to ski!!! I hope your loving life and staying strong in the church!!! Because that's number one! Love ya!!!

Jakey lake. That's cool you got to go to a party! Was Troy there? ;) you dog. I hope you're aving fun out at the cabin. That bike ride that you're going on sounds super sweet! And that's pretty sweet about the paracord. How much do you sell them for? I love my bracelet. It's sweet. Thanks for it by the way. I hope your spending a lot of time out on the water too you cheeky git;) Love you buddy, keeping rocking and staying solid in the gospel! Remember to read every day! It's the best!!

Kenna, and Izaac! I hope everything is going well with you guys and that you're excited to start up school again! Keep being awesome and have fun!!

OKAY family. Now I can write about my week. So this week was jefe (boss). I had a lot of sweet miracles. I'll run through them quick. And RM from Mexico, named Joseph came out with us a bunch this week. I went on splits. Him and I went to teach a lesson and Elder Harris and another member Ramon tried to conquer some other stuff. The lesson was awesome, and we put them on date! So excited. Then on Wednesday the same thing happened. Ramon and I went together and Elder Harris and Joseph taught a super spiritual lesson on the word of wisdom and law of chastity. She like broke down and all that. It was awesome that the spirit was working on her! Only problem - Satan. She has a husband in Mexico she hasn't seen for 17 years and can't come up here to sign divorce papers because he is in jail (punk). And she's living with her boyfriend, who she wants to marry and yeah. It's a mess. And I know this gospel can help out so much. So we are praying for a miracle because with the courts so that this will turn out because she is honestly the nicest lady I've ever met and she's super elect.

Another miracle. The Rogers (elderly missionaries in our ward) are doing English classes. They met a woman there named Tereca who wanted to learn the lessons. We taught her one lesson and she came to church on Sunday. After church Elder Harris and I went over to teach another lesson. She's super solid, she's being reading what we've assigned her and is praying. She wants to say both prayers in the lesson with us, and all this. And she accepted baptism for the 8th of September. She is also super elect. So miracle #2.

Miracle #3. So I guess the English missionaries gave a pass along card to a Spanish couple and wrote the church address on it. Anyways. the couple showed up yesterday. And want to learn more so we have a lesson with them this week. SO that was random and amazing and I hope all goes well their.

Miracle #4. So there was a man named Ivan that the English missionaries have been teaching. But they dropped him because he has a lot of deep doctrinal question and I guess was fed anti stuff. Anyways, his wife wants to learn more and she is Spanish. So I went over their with and English Elder and taught her the restoration in Spanish. She was sick though and wanted to come to church but didn't because satan is stupid and makes people sick. But her husband came, so that was cool. I think he went to English though. But anyways, needless to say. They want us to come back this week sometime and both of them said they would read and stuff. SO yeah. I basically love this work to death.

Their were so many more miracles this week. For example when I was the only Spanish speaker teaching a Spanish lesson. All the words just came to me. I mean I was still probably butchering the language, but the Spirit definitely guided me. And I was able to teach the lesson and hopefully get the Spirit across. But, like I said their are a lot more miracles that we had, but I can't name them all, I'd be here all day. It is true what the Lord said in Jacob though. That he really has come down to labour with us (his servants and representatives) in the vineyard. I love this work so much. I'm so honoured to be able to put on my nametag every day and where my name next to Christ's (sorry Pete). He's the reason why we're all here. he's the reason we can live again with our families forever. He suffered everything for me. And I hope I can pay him back in some small way by what i'm doing now. En el nombre de Jesucristo, mi Salvador, Amen.

Con todo el amor de su mejor hijo y hermano, Elder Michael Paul Blomfield.

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