Thursday, 12 September 2013


Que tal familia?? How's it going? So that's super crazy about the flooding! It's kinda cool though. I'm just happy you guys are doing all fine and stuff. But I'm super annoyed at Charly and Jake. I h8 the fact that you guys don't have final exams! jajaja just kidding that's sups cool. What's the flooding look like now? Are there any more dead and has the Helping hands crew stepped in? Ps. Keep sending letters. It makes all the hermanas and elders in my district jealous that I get so much mail. I just have so much love I guess.

Charly and Jake, congrats on your awards! Flippin heck. You guys will be just like Peter now, with all your awards filling up the shelves, and me with my one Suma cum lade. Hahaha. And mother. I have been receiving mail. However my P-Days are on Wednesday, therefore I cannot reply until then. But hey! Thank you for the birthday gifts! That was a nice little surprise! I was super excited to get that and my companions shared in my spoils.  

So obviously you guys watched that leadership training broadcast? It was so cool! It was super cool to see Braden Lyons up in there. I sadly was not in the choir because I showed up a week late for that privilege. I wish I could've been. It was so powerful. But it was so sweet to see all that stuff. The spirit was so strong there. It's weird that we can use the internet and stuff now hey? It's kinda cool because it's gonna be way easy to keep in contact with investigators and follow up and stuff. I just started thinking about all my non member friends back home throughout that whole time. It was crazy. It was so sweet being in the room with all those apostles. It got me more stoked for missionary work!

Okay. So this week was super tough. It was amazing and awesome, but super hard. They say make it to Sunday and it just gets better after that. And it's so true. I get along well with my district great! My district has four hermanas (sisters) and four elders. The elders are me, Elder Farias (my comp), Elder Osborne, and Elder Arnold. They're all way cool. Elder Farias is like a short Mexican looking boy who's fresh out of high school. He's actually half Navaho and half Hispanic and he's from New Mexico. He's super cool. Elder Arnold is from Alaska. I probably get along with him the best, he's super chill. And Elder Osborne is from California. He's kinda crazy sometimes, like he'll never cease to remind us that he's been out with the missionaries quite often before he came, and therefore he's teaching abilities and knowledge of the gospel are far more advanced. I just laugh it off. He's got a sweet heart though, and he's a really nice guy. And no Dad, Elder Romanovitch was not my district leader. He's not in my district. He wasn't even in my zone, but he was in the same MTC as me and he was a Zone Leader. He just left. Oh, and BTW, all the Elders in my district are headed to SLICK/ SL,UT ( Salt Lake, Utah) They're all speaking Spanish too. So that's cool. And yeah. Our District is pretty close, we have a lot of fun. The hardest part is learning the language!

Me and Elder Farias taught out first lesson to an "investigator" who is just actually a hermana who teaches here. She gave us no leeway. Total Spanish. Hahahaha. There was a lot of awkward silences, and silent prayers. Dang. I felt like such an idiot. When we walked out after what seemed like being in the hottest room ever created, we just got super motivated to work harder. And then we found out all the other companionships had the same problem. Elder Arnold and Osborne wanted to give her a book of mormon so they just put it on her desk. And she just stood up and gave it back to them haha. We all felt like idiots and had a huge giggle fit after that. But the second lesson was better. We talked about the first vision, and I bore my testimony of that and stuff and we committed her to read el libro de mormon and pray about it. Of course, it's all fake, but it was still great.

The language is coming. It's a lot better than before, and I can understand a lot more now. Still, it's sometimes hard to remember the words and how to conjugate and everything. But whateva!!! I've had to focus a lot on trying to get the spirit in my life, because that's the only way I'm going to be teaching this stuff, in the language of the Spirit. I've never felt closer to God. I love learning and I love reading the scriptures. It used to be sometimes kind of a hassle, but now I try and read them as often as I can. They're so cool. I'm also allowed to use the computer so I read a lot of talks and stuff.

We had another little fireside last night which was great! I got to be in the choir for that which was awesome! I can't sing very well, but I love doing it! I still sing Les Mis in the shower. My district can just deal. The fireside was essentially just singing and the Spirit was so powerful. I'm so psyched to get out there! It's gonna be so amazing. The MTC is kind of like a prison. Maybe spirit prison because we're being taught the gospel and stuff in it. But we can't really go anywhere but between class and church and our residence halls. And the food at this MTC, because it's new, has like 0 selection. So I just eat a whole bunch of everything. I'm just waiting for my metabolism to fail and for me to get fat.

Anyways, I know I'm super scatterbrained right now. I'm kind of all over the place. I was going to upload pictures, but I forgot my camera. Plus it takes like fifteen minutes to upload like three pictures and I only have an hour to get all my emailing and stuff done. So I'll maybe upload some next week, or when I leave. I donno.

I've learned so much this week though. About the church, about the Spirit, about the language, and about myself. I've learned that if I want to teach, I have to have the Spirit, or else nothing is going to go right. As well, I've learned that it is only through charity, unity and faith that I'll ever be able to teach well, and that in order to get the Spirit I have to study, ponder, and pray. It's basically all the stuff I've ever learned growing up in primary, and it's so true. Living those basics will definitely get you to where you need to go.

So before I sign out, just have a few questions. First. Peter. Or Elder Blomfield # 1. How are things with you? You excited to head home soon? Second. Father, how is work? How is Danielle and stuff? Thirdly. Mother, you're amazing. Fourthly. Charly you'll do great on your piano exam! Super proud of you and Jakey for how great you guys did in school! Have a fun summer you lucky gits! And to Kenna and Izaac I say a Big HELLO.

Also before I leave, let me get on my rameumpton and be super preachy for a minute: invite your friends to church. I wish I was better at that. SO. do it. anyways. I'll try and get off now.

Love you guys so so so much! Thanks for being the best family in the world!! I'm so glad I've had the blessing of having you guys in my life! I hope things are going well for you! I'm glad you're all safe. I'm sure this disaster is like what dad said, a sign of the times. Hopefully it will give the church some lime light.


con todos mi amor,


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