Thursday, 12 September 2013

3 JULY 2013

Hola Familia! Okay so I would totally write something in Spanish but I totally don't know how to work this computers language bar. So I've decided that I will just not.

Okay so before I begin, I know there has been a lot of destruction and flooding and what not, but Charly, no boys. I know you went to the dance and stuff, but no boys. Not till I get home AT LEAST. That's so cool to hear from everyone! I'm kind of annoyed because it seems as soon as I left all the cool stuff started happening! Like floods and almost explosions of trains and what not. It makes me super jealous. Like I know there's a lot of destruction and what not, which really does suck, but at the same time it's kind of cool! I like how you guys have all pitched in with the relief efforts and everything. Has it given the church a lot of publicity because all the Mormon's have come? I like what Mum talked about when she spoke of the lady who was like "I knew you would come". It's super cool to see how quick the members are to act when people are in distress.

Charly I totally agree that it sucks when school ends! I'm right by my school, and I always have to walk over to the campus for devotionals and stuff and all the memories and what not come flooding back and I totally miss it! But I love it in the MTC. or in Spanish the CCM! Love YA.

Jake I wish we would've played airsoft more before I left!! Haha, it sounds like you had a hoot out in Glenwood. I understand what you said about being hot. I think it's reaching record temperature's here in UTAH, and I have to walk around in my church clothes! I come home smelling pretty bad at the end of the night. It's awesome. It's just prepping me for California. LOVE YA. <3

Dad! Glad to here from you and stuff. That's gross what you said about the hoarders. I can just imagine how gross that is haha. So what exactly happened with the train? Did it end up just like dying or what? I kinda like hearing all this stuff. It's weird. I hate hearing that people are dying and stuff or that there homes and what not are being destroyed. But it gets me kind of excited because I think like maybe it's the signs you know? How cool would that be. We had a sweet devotional last night and he spoke of the scripture in Isaiah about how we are the "swift messengers" of the Lord because of how many people are swiftly coming into the mission field. And I think that's so cool. Love ya! When do you leave for MQ??

Mother. Dear Mother. I'm assuming that care package was from you? You're so kind! Thank you for all my healthy food! I'm so happy! Everything out here is so unhealthy and I feel gross inside. What would I do without you? Also my district loves you for sending "me" food. Which is great. How long, and how often do you help out in the devastation zones? That's so crazy that there is so much destruction! But you're awesome for still going out and helping. We spoke of this thing yesterday in devotional about acting well our part. And when we act our part as Mormons, or missionaries, or members of the community, everything else falls into place. That's so sweet and I love you!!

Peter. Elder Blomfield. Glad to hear from you!! I understood some of it! Sadly I don't have enough time to respond. But I love you and your Spanish is dirty Chilean Spanish! Anyways, that's a cool story about the storm and stuff. I hope you get on well with your comp and that things get better for you mate <3 love yaa!!!

Okay so this week was sweet!!! The language is coming along pretty well. It's still a struggle to teach when you have no idea what to say. But I think I had my favorite experience ever yesterday. We taught at the TRC which basically for us was members coming in who were return missionaries and who knew Spanish, and our job was to teach them a lesson as themselves. So we didn't know who we were teaching or anything like that and we didn't have time to prepare a lesson. So I decided to wake up early and figure one out. I said a prayer and asked Heavenly Father to kinda guide me in knowing what to say. And I opened my scriptures and read Helaman 12. In verses 3-5 it basically is the Lord talking to Samuel saying "prophesy unto the people whatsoever things should come into [your] heart". It kind of just hit me that the Lord will put into my heart what I need to "prophesy" as soon as I get there. And when we got there it was the best teaching experience ever. We understood most of what was being said, the language for the most part wasn't a challenge to speak, and scriptures and personal stories were like flowing into my mind. It was so amazing. We felt prompted to challenge him to attend the temple at least once a week throughout the month and stuff and it was great. The word was truly given to us in the very minute that we needed it.

Other things this week? I've essentially just been study like crazy. Studying to know how to get the Spirit in my life, and how to teach in the Spirit. The thing that keeps coming up is to have charity. When we learn that, and when I put the purpose of my mission (which is essentially to invite others to come unto Christ) before anything else, the language comes, and the Spirit is there! And I love it to death!

I'll be honest. Some days are super hard. It's like a roller coaster. Some days are up, but that next days are down and then next your on a spiritual high and yeah. I feel like a teenage girl or something because it seems like your moods are changing so much! But keeping a good attitude is what it's all about. And relying on the Lord. It's weird, because when I get closer to the Lord, it seems as though I see more weaknesses and problems in myself. But it's awesome! I love it here. I love my zone and my district. I'm gonna miss them all so much! And I love serving the Lord! I know it's what I'm supposed to be doing, and that if I put my faith in Him, I can assist Him in changing lives!

Anyways! Gotta run! Love you all!!!

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