Thursday, 12 September 2013


Dearest family. I truly would like to apologize as yesterday was labour day! A holiday, and therefore I was unable to email my beloved family. Pero, I am returning the emails today. I hope all is well!

papa. Thank you for the address of Tanner, I don't know if that one will work but I can try! I just want that sucker to get his papers in. And in regards to your car, I submit with todo mi corazon that you should get a chevy cruze or a ford fusion. I have a personal vendetta against VW. The language is coming. I'm actually on exchanges right now with a greeny teaching him the Spanish ways. It's kind of cool to be able to teach all by myself because this greeny is english! So yeah. It definitely needs a lot more work, but it's coming and I can definitely see the Lord's hand in helping me hear and speak it. Hope work goes well! Love ya!

Mother. I'm glad you look like a model with your glamorous eyelashes. Also I totally understand. Like for me an experience was when that kid got hit by a bike. I felt really bad because like it probably hurt quite extensively, but it did look quite hilarious! Anyways that visiting teaching this sounds sweet too! And that's super sweet you got up on one. I'm extremely proud hahhaa I hope your rubbing it in Jake and Charly's face!!! How was the rest of the holiday? What's it like being home and not having little izaac with you? How does he like school? I remember my grade 1 teacher. Ms. Papas. I think. Or something like that. Haha And I'd like tho think I was the best missionary ever. But that's definitely far from the truth. But I'm trying! Hopefully I can someday be like Ammon. He's my favourite book of mormon heroe. Anways love you mum!

Peter! That's awesome that you saw a girl that was cute!!! good job! haha yeah I remember Mio. He was pretty cool. He was Sam's teacher too. Also way to TA my most dreaded class hahhaa. I was so lucky in that class because a lot of the students were like from south america or asia. And couldn't speak English haha. SO i had a huge advantage. I like your weekly planning sesh  too haha. When I get home I'm definitely using the planners again. These things are so handy! I know exactly what I'm doing all the time it's amazing! I hoope you have fun with your friends Pete! Have you been to the temple since you've been home? Keep me posted with all your mission experiences and stuff! Love you mate!
Charly! Well, I can't say I didn't warn you. I heard what happened to your eyebrows, and let's just say that's what happens when you try to impress boys. Haha no I'm just kidding! I'm sure you look stunning. Yeah I cant really remember! I think I was a bit nervous beginning grade 10? I can't really remember. High school was sweet though! You'll have a hoot! Just don't join choir though! haha love you char! No boys!
Jakey! Yeah dude that's sweet your making bracelets. You should make a business of it at school. How was that fugitive game in the dark? I loved playing those kind of games with you. And BB guns and stuff. You excited for grade 9? You're the big man of the school now haha! Be good, keep reading scriptures and have fun at seminary jakey! Seminary really is a huge blessing that we have. Love ya!

Kenna and Izaac keep being awesome!!
SO this week was pretty sweet. It went by in like 3 seconds. It was super super fast! I don't even know how! And I am super super excited because next week I'm going to have a huge miracle! Teresa is going to be baptized! We did the interview this morning and she passed so that's amazing! She's really progressed a lot. The only problem was she couldn't come to church on Sunday. She was going to but her brother who has alzeimers was having problems and she had to leave last second. But she's progressing super super fast and wants to be baptized and they passed her. So all is well! And I think that I am the one to get to baptize her. And I am just itching for Sunday to come! So that was probably the highlight of my week.

The couple who came to church last week couldn't come this week. They again were planning to and again, the husband's (jonas') brother is in the hospital, so they spent the week at the hospital. It was super sad. It's super annoying to see that Satan does like everything he can to distract people from the message we bring. For example I taught a lesson this morning to a lady who really is trying to learn. But her kids are extremely loud and crazy - this is Ivan's wife. And she asked me why she couldn't focus as she read and I told her that as she tries to come closer to God, el diablo o el enemigo is going to do all he can to distract her from the message because the message we bring is the true message of God and through this message and it's teachings she can live with God again. So yeah. Hopefully all will be well with her.

Another miracle I've seen though this week is my spanish. Like today I'm on exchanges with another greeny who speaks english. And I had to teach today all by myself completely in spanish. And it's awesome to see the Lord blessing me, helping me remember the words I need to and all that to communicate. I love it. I love serving a mission.

But anyways, I should probably race! I got a lot to do today and not much time! I hope all is well back home! Love you guys so much! I know you guys are the best! Please pray for my investigators now because we need to see miracles if we want them to progress and come to Christ.

Con todo mi amor, ELDER BLOMFIELD

Oh also I want to just say I had the most amazing scripture study this week. I love reading in the book of Mormon and I can testify without a doubt that that book is the word of God. i know it's true and I know it can help change lives!!!


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