Thursday, 12 September 2013


FAMILY. It's so good to hear from you!!! I hope all is going well!!! This week has been pretty sweet! I'll tell you about it in a sec.

But First. Mother: HAPPY 42nd Birthday!!! I hope you feel old. But I hope that everyone is treating you right. That looks like a tastey breakfast. It just reminds me how much I love food. I'm gonna be so fat when I get home. I've already gained like 6 pounds. My companion came out here 165 and he weighs 208 now. So expect the same from me. Hahaha. Is it fun to be back from the cabin? I'm sure you had a smashing time! What was your favorite part? Te amo mama. I hope your birthday goes well!!

Papa. Whats up. First of all, your a whiner. About your elbow. Although I do hope it gets better. I'm glad your not a loner all at home and what not. I hope you're treating your wife right on her birthday. Haha. It's funny though cuz they all come back and then they all go off to EFY. Have fun at Calaway today! Love you dad! Hope your week goes swell.

Pedro. Or Elder Blomfield. For 1 more week. Hahaha you trunky yet? Nervous, excited, scared? I hope you have a solid last week, and as well I swear if you get married before I get hope I will shank you. I'll be so ticked. And we will have an official friends off for about 1 year. But hey, have fun at BYU and stuff!!! Oh. Also I need you to back me up, so if Charly has any boy toys, I need you to kind of take care of that. Just go get jacked and scare them off or something. and grow a beard and they won't wanna mess any more.

Charly. First of all NO BOYS, NO COWS, NO HUGS, NO "ESCORTING". nada. None of this. O yo prometo que yo tendre sangre. Aight? Cool. Go have fun at EFY, just hanging out with your girls. Hopefully your braces will do the trick and scare the boys off for the week ;) hahaha. Love you char!!

Jake! You my little brother go and COW your little heart out. However keep it real until your 16. Hope you have fun at EFY mate, love ya!!!

Kenna! You better be treating Mummy right on her birthday! Hope you had fun at the cabin, good luck with your baptism!! Love ya!

Izaac! I saw that picture of you surfing!! That's awesome! Hope you have a great week little man! Love you to death!

Okie doke. So first of all, language. So I very rapidly found out I'm not fluent. I went to my first all Spanish ward yesterday. Man that was fun! I bore my testimony in Spanish! But a lot of the meeting went right over my head. The teacher in Elders quorum asked me a question, and my companion just left me out to dry because he thought it would be funny, and my response was: lo siento, no se porque no entiendo mucho. Which means sorry, I don't know because I don't understand much. Haha. Oh well. It will come.

So my Companion's name is Elder Harris. He's from St. George Utah. He's pretty cool. He's really funny and stuff. And he's been out ten months. So it's pretty sweet. I also have a second companion. Pretty much. His name is Ramon, he's a kid in the ward who just turned 19 and he's essentially with us like 24/7 because he leaves on his actual mission October  9th. And he's way cool too.

So the area is the La Sierra area, in the Da Anza ward in the Jurupa Zone I think. It's pretty cool. All the people are really sweet. This week was sweet. My companion and his previous companion like cleaned up everything before I came. They either baptized everyone or dropped the investigators that weren't progressing. But it's really fun because we are starting to build up again. Our investigator pool. And we have some really solid investigators. Our goal as a companionship is to have 3 baptisms this month. And we are gonna reach it it's gonna be awesome. All three of us: Elder Harris, Ramon, and I all have a goal it "get in white" by the end of the month. So ya. I love it!

So to find we do a lot of OYMS. Which essentially is an Open your Mouth. We have to talk to 10 people we haven't every spoken to before a day, at least. WE do a lot of tracting as well. And we've met some really interesting people. One thing we do, which has been something set by a mission president, is we do something called a harvest blessing. We ask the people if we can leave a blessing on their family and their home (like Alma did to Amulek and his family). We go in there and right the names, needs, etc. down and essentially give them a priesthood blessing. And then right after, when the Spirit is super strong, we challenge them to baptism. It's super cool. It's kind of bold but my mission president's approach is that like we need to find the elect. And if they're not elect we need to move on, not waste our time because our work has to be speedy and quick and yeah. It's amazing.

Another thing we do is leave blessings on the homes of members and ask for referrals. Which is pretty cool. But My favourite thing is to see the small miracles that happen each day. For example the other day my dad, trainer, whatever, gave me the ward list and said pray over it for who we go an visit today. So I did. The guy I felt impressed to pick turns out that he is less active. So it was cool but as soon as we got to his house he stepped outside and said, "what do I have to do to get you to come teach my girlfriend?". It was just a sweet little miracle. And so we have an appointment with them on tuesday. And then guess who came to church this Sunday? Him and his girlfriend. Super cool. And there's been so many little miracles like that that we see every day. And I love it. I'll be honest though, when I get home at the end of the night, I get shattered! It's crazy how much it drains you. Oh yeah. And yesterday this family just shows up to church, who aren't members and sat next to us. Turns out they had had missionaries before but his work schedule conflicted and stuff and yeah, but hey, we have a lesson with them this week too. It's just been great to see these awesome things going on.

Anyways family. Continue being awesome! I hope Petey comes home safe and sound. I can't believe he already comes home. Hope all is well, love you all! Happy birthday otra vez mama!!!

Hasta luego!

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