Thursday, 12 September 2013


ALRIGHT FAMILY. So let me just tell you of my fantastic amazing week. First of all, Teresa did not get baptized. So sad I know. But it's only because their was a new rule instituted where she has to attend three weeks of church instead of two. And she missed last week because of a family emergency last second, but we've moved it to next week and she came to church yesterday and she is super super excited! As am I. So hopefully all goes well!

Also, I want to tell you of the great miracles my companion and I have been seeing. So we left a priesthood blessing on our area this week. And, well, after that we saw about a million miracles. For example, we met with a woman named Antonia, put her on date for the 22nd, and she came to church yesterday with her 18 year old daughter which was an amazing miracle.

As well another miracle. One of the men we've been meeting with, Jorge, has told us he wants to be baptized, but he's leaving to Mexico this week apparently (hopefully it doesn't happen). But he told us he couldn't come to church because it was his sister-in-law's birthday and they were all leaving and having a party. But his 16-year old Nephew, who is the only member in his family, realized he needs to come to church to get baptized so he brought him along. It was a sweet miracle to see him walking through the doors of the church.

As well, a less active/ part member family we've been working with called us up and told us they wanted to come to church. So they did. It was awesome!! Her name's Perla, and she's awesome. She was the woman we met at McDonalds and finally she came to church. And she also gave us a referral. Her neighbour wants to learn more about the gospel and so we're going over to visit them tonight.

Another miracle is that as we walked down the halls we got two more referrals. One from an English lady who has a Spanish neighbour, and another lady in our ward who's son wants to learn more about the gospel.

So as you can see, this priesthood blessing has really done wonders. It's really amazing to know that I've been blessed to hold the power of God, and that I've been trusted with it, it's even cooler when it works!

I also gave two blessings in Spanish today which was awesome, and my zone went to the temple on Friday. I LOVE THE TEMPLE. It was so Spiritual and so Peaceful and ah. I Love it love it! It's such a special place. It's super cool to be able to stand in the house of the Lord, and that experience with grandma is super cool.! That's so special and spiritual! AH. Man, I can't believe people don't except this as the true church. It's so rad! I love it!
Anyways, needless to say, my joy was full yesterday. I was just brimming over with happiness to the point of dancing! Oh also I had to sing in sacrament! So that was awkward, but I mean, oh well hahaha.

Okay dad:

1) On a scale of 1 - 10 with 10 being the highest, where is your Spanish fluency so far?

5? I don't know. I pretty much understand most things, and I can teach and stuff. It'll come though! I'm not really worried though, as long as I get the point across when I teach and it touches the people I speak with. All else isn't really important, and I know that other stuff will come.

2) Tell us about the qualification process missionaries have to go through and where you are on that.

I don't know what this means.

3) What sort of automobile do you drive in your mission?

I drive a toyota corolla

4) how many missionaries are in your district? Zone?

District: 8. Two Elders, And elderly couple, and 4 Hermanas. In my zone theirs like 17 missionaries.

5) mum said you didn't answer her question about the Eragon book?

Oh yes, and I know not where this book is sorry!!!

6) what is the average temperature you have down there everyday?

Average temperature. Hm. lately it's like in the high 90's, 100's. It's super hot sometimes.

Okay cool. I hope I answered all these questions to your satisfaction. Like I said before, that story with grandma is amazing. It's super cool to see the hand of the Lord everywhere. Man I love the temple. It's so cool. SO COOL. Also that sounds pretty cool about work! How's the business coming? Is it expanding a lot? Also any news on the oil in texas and stuff yet? And that concert is gonna be sweet! That's awesome! I bet you guys are pumped to get going out their! And the reason I hate VW is because I worked in a car wash for like 3ish years. I HATED vaccuming the carpet of a VW. The stuff just doesn't come out. I know that's a lame excuse but I would honestly cringe seeing one pull up on the pad, and know every time i see one it brings back those lovely memories of my days spend with my bosses Daryll and Will. So that, my dear father, is why. Get a chevy cruze or like a ford fusion or something!!! Anyways, love you dad! Hope things are well for you!

Mother!! I hope all is well with you! I like what you said about commandments. It's so true! When we keep the commandments, it may seem hard and lame and all that. But really like I meet with people everyday who've used their agency to disobey the commandments of God, and felt free for a time. And now their life absolutely sucks. Like it's really sad to see. And It doesn't make sense. I mean these things we are taught to do as well are commandments from God. I mean, it's kind of a big deal because He's kind of a big deal. Anyways. What do you usually do at home all by yourself now? I bet it feels super strange. DO you miss cabin life, salolem skiing and all that? haha. That's funny about what Izaac said. I bet he's such a stud. And I'm sure Kenna's the same! Also, thank you so much for sending me those pictures! I'm super excited! i need to send you guys some pictures, but I don't know how really. These computers are kind of weird. I'm sure I'll figure it out though. I'll definitely send some next week of the baptism. And about the blog? I honestly have no idea!!! I mean like. Hm. I have a suggestion. You can let Kenna and Izaac name it or something haha. I honestly can't think of anything. Thanks though mum! You're awesome! love you lots!

Peter. You little git. All you ever talk about now is girls. haha I'm just kidding. yeah! I mean good luck? I'm sure you'll need it. But I need to approve every girl you date. Deal? deal. I like what you said about how we need to make time for the God, and that takes priority above everything else. He's our God and Creator and he gives us everything. Even if our job, school, etc suffers, we kind of owe him. And he's gonna bless us more in the long run if we choose to make time for him. That's why I hate it when people won't come to church because of a job. Like who the heck do you think gave you that job and everything you have you know? haha. Me and my comp were planning. And we decided we were too nice to people. And that night we decided we're going to be more bold with people. And it worked, and it was awesome hahaha. That's sweet though. I love the temple too. Just being able to sit and reflect and pray. It's super amazing! Oh yeah, transfers is today. It's weird to think I've already been out 6 weeks in the field. It's gone by so quick. But I'm staying in the same spot. I still have a work to do in this area. That kind of sucks about you're NEW Testament class. I loved religion classes they were the best. Anyways, sorry that the classes deal is all messed up, but I'm sure you'll figure it out. Love you man, keep it up !!!

Charly!!! That's cool! How'd you like high school? What's your favourite part? how's seminary? I have an Idea for this. I know, and you know that this whole no boys thing is a rule. But you can still flirt to convert. So use that and bring people to seminary. But still, No Boys. Cool? Cool. I hope all else goes well. You planning on going out for any sports team this year? let me know what's up! I'm sure you're gonna make like a million more new friends! Oh also, what's it like having like Elizabeth with you. I remember when me and Ben got to the same school it was a hoot. Love ya!!!

Jake! How's it going dude! Hope grade 9 is cool. So awesome you get to sit in that cubby man, I remember those days of being able to do that. So sweet. Let me know how seminary goes! It'll be cool their! Brother Mattews is super cool you'll love him! Tell him I say hi. Also that's sweet about your reffing. You excited to start up soccer again? Keep me posted and keep reading your scriptures! <3 Love you BRO.

Kenna and Izaac! I hope all is going well! Love you guys like crazy too!! you guys rock!!!

Anyways. That's all for this week! Love you guys, and I'll talk to you again in a week!

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