Saturday, 5 October 2013


Hola familia. Whats up! So I have some bad news. Antonia didn't get baptized this week :( Super sad. I guess she's been reading the LDM but hasn't received a witness yet and didn't feel ready. It's super lame. I think the only reason is because her husband hates us, and so when we leave he just anti's her. (lame) It's annoying too because her 18 year old daughter Kenya who we're teaching said she knows it's true. So lame. So we're going to push it back to next week. PLEASE PRAY. we need a miracle.

But. My good friend George is ready to be baptized. He's so legit. He's 19 and all tatted up which is awesome. And he just eats up everything we tell him. And he loves coming to church and reading the LDM and all that. He's super cool. It was a huge miracle that we found him, and hopefully we can work on his family as well after. But he's ready to be dunked.

It's so weird. Like I have this like indescribable love I guess for the people I teach. Like that might sound creepy so I'll try and explain. But I just like fall in love with the people I teach. It's so awesome. Like people before at home that I never would have even thought to talk to and now it's like these people are my best friends and I'd do anything for them. Even the ones that don't accept the gospel. And like when they don't keep their commitments like it kills me. It's just weird to feel that for these random strangers. I can only imagine how Christ feels for everyone. It must be an amazing feeling.

Anyways, this week was hard, but good. Hard because something came up with all of our investigators except for George. And so he was the only one that came to church. But it was really good because we saw a lot of miracles. This one guy we've been teaching for a while named Edward, who wasn't progressing, introduced us to his wife. (FINALLY). We were on the verge of dropping him, but then she asked us to come back and teach her kids one day and the next come back and teach them. Like a routine thing. So we're praying that this is going to work out for us. We also found this other cool investigator the other day that seems pretty legit. So things are happening. Our goal is to have hopefully 6 baptism this transfer. It's a huge push, pero con Dios todo es possible.

It's weird as well. like I think this is the happiest I've ever been, and yet every night I come home and just crash. Like I have no energy when the days done hahaha.

Anyways, I don't have much time.

Oh ps. Funny story for the week. We have a General Authority coming on Wednesday. So as a result we wanted to look fresh for the meeting. My hair was getting semi long, so we called the lady who usually does it, and she's out of town this week. So I decided that it was time to harvest the talent of cutting my own hair. So that went totally wrong, Hahahaha. I guess I'll never be able to pursue my dream of professional hair stylist.

Anyways. DAD. LDM - Libro de Mormon. Which means Book of Mormon in Spanish. Also thats sweet about the permanent residency! How's Carlos language coming? What about Aries? Is he planning on doing it? How are those guys anyways? Jojo and Aries and stuff? Also I have a huge favour! Can you get me Tanner's, and Sean's home addresses? Would that be okay? I want to write them a letter. Also that's a sweet car! How fast can you get it? Hope all is well, it sounds like a busy but fun week, especially with Kenna and Izaac! I wish I could've been there to do that with them haha! Love ya!

Mother! What's up. I hope your week has been great! It sounds like your keeping yourself busy hahaha. That's good. So you call tennis visiting teaching? Nice. I like it. Also that sounds like a hoot on the campout!!! Like i told dad, I wish I could've been there for that hahaha. So you guys had the missionaries over? That's cool. Make sure you guys are one of the sweet families that everyone loves to have dinners at! Hahaha. That's awesome that Kenna and Izaac are doing great in school! how's Izaac's confidence coming? And I'm sure  your a great teacher! Well i know you are. You taught me and peter so be good. So i mean, ya! Anyways hope those words of encouragement were inspiring. Love you!!

Peter! You're life sounds hectic! I guess it doesn't really slow down after mission life eh? I remember taking that test! You cheeky git. I was so ticked off when I took it hahaha. That was super funny though. I loved it. Sounds like your jobs pretty sweet! And that sounds like a lot of dates! You better not be spending money on these girls, you'll be broke! My companions sweet! We get a long for the most part! The language comes! I mean, it's far from perfect, but I mean, it's fine! It's getting easier. my mission president it super awesome too! He's really cool! And I'm not really stressed. I only got really stressed out the other night and yesterday morning when Antonia said she's not ready to be baptized, and when she didn't come to church. (She just called like 8 seconds ago to say she didn't come because she was having troubles with her esposo)  Anyways, have a blast mate!! Love ya!
Char! Go out for swimming, it's the best! I loved it! I hope all is going well for you at school! Tell Bro Matt I say hi! Also have fun! Have you joined choir or are you planning on it? What's your favourite part about high school? Love ya char! That was a sick pic of you driving by the way. I'm jealous! Love ya! And remember, no boys!

Jakey! So first of all don't kill yourself over that test! I failed it my first time too! It was great! It just made me study harder. It doesn't really matter just as long as you pass it eventually right? I had friends who took it like 5 times and they can drive fine (for the most part). Just study hard and take it again! It'll be fine! Hope things go well for you in grade nine! Love you mate!!!!

Kenna and Izaac! Great job at school and what not! Hope you punks are doing great! That campout looked like fun! Keep up the good work you guys! Love you SO much!

Also MUm. I did get those pictures and I have been showing people! Thanks so much, you rock! I felt so popular I got so much mail this week! Tell the Erasmuses thanks by the way!!!

LOVE YOU ALL, talk to you next week!!!

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