Saturday, 5 October 2013


Alright! How's it going family! So just quickly about my sweet week. George ended up getting baptized! Which was awesome! He's super sweet! We had the baptism last night, it was really awesome. Ramon, the guy who's like our second companion baptized him which was super cool. George was so ready he started trying to baptize himself. It was pretty hilarious. But it was such a sweet feeling to see him take those steps in his life! He was so excited and nervous to do it! Now we're going to try and push that guy to a mission and hopefully work on his family now.

So Antonia and Kenya didn't get baptized, and they didn't come to church either. We had a lesson with them once this week, and during the opening prayer the drunk husband kicked us out, yelling at us that we're causing too much problems in his house. Git. And then Kenya texted us and said I don't think we will come to church because my Dad won't let us. So essentially I'm super mad about that, but I don't really know what else to do.

Oh also we taught this one family this week. The parents are called Claudia and Edward.
Also we had a General Authourity come last week. It was so spiritual. His name was Elder Richards. I learned so much from his and the Spirit was so strong. You could tell that he was a man of God. I can't really explain it but it was a great feeling.

Anyways. It was a slower week as far as lessons go. We put another guy on date but then he didn't show up to church. But we're going to see some sweet miracles this week! And I wasn't too bummed out because we had a baptism which just overrides everything! It was amazing! I love it.

But hey. I don't have too much time. So I'll try and be quick!
Dad! You sounded like you had a pretty hectic week! Our bishop dropped the bomb on the members yesterday. Telling them essentially that they need to pick up the pace with the missionary work. The challenge they have is to talk to 10 people about the gospel every week and invite one person to church each week. That'll be a sweet miracle if that happens. And I believe it'll greatly increase the work when it comes through the members. So hopefully everyone will come through. Thanks for the addresses and stuff by the way.
Mum! How's it going! I hope you had a great week this week. That sounds sweet, going to the temple! I totally agree. I LOVE the temple. It's so spiritual. That's sweet that you made so much flipping food! You must feel so free all the time. How long did that take? And you're right about that. I definitely didn't tell you guys everything hahaha. But the PPI's really did help a lot. But that's cool about family history work. I wanna get into that when I'm back, but I mean it's like the easiest form of missionary work ever! You don't even have to teach any lessons to baptize them hahaha. And I know that people are up their probably getting frustrated just waiting to come. So our stake president got to sit in a video conference with Elder Ballard and President Perry. And apparently they said. "I know the Lord pretty well, and I think He wants to come, but He can't come because the works not finished yet". Pretty crazy hey? I hope I can help the Lord come faster with my efforts. Love you Mum!

Peter! that sounds crazy hey! I remember those nights. Just chillin until whatever time. It was great, but I would always wake up with a headache from the 2 hours of sleep I got. That's sweet about your exam! Nice job! All A's I'm assuming? I remember during exams week just knuckling down and studying in the library like all day. It was disgusting. So I feel your pain. What else are you up to? How's the college life treating ya? Oh also I heard BYU sucks at football this year which is lame. But yeah in answer to your question I follow the white handbook. My schedule's the exact same. It's sweet. Ah. Do you know what I love? At night on Saturdays every Mexican and their dog is having a party. So wherever you go the sweet Mexican music is just blasting. It's great. Sorry that just popped into my head. Was it like that for you in Chile? Anyways. Love ya!!!

Charly! I didn't hear from you you punk! Hope high school is great. No boys. Hope friends are great. Hope grades are great. Hope seminary is great. Hope life is great. Love ya.

Jake! I didn't hear from you either you git! Hope grade 9 is great. etc. Hope sports, grades, seminary and whatever is great! Love you bud.

Kenna and Izaac. You sound like you're having a hoot. Kenna school sounds super fun! Do you like being a buddy? I remember when I was a big buddy. It was really fun! That awesome about the Terry Fox run Izaac! I bet you were a speed demon out there weren't you? That's awesome! I miss you guys! Love you so much!

Okay family! I have to go! Sorry it was short. And I wish I could send pictures but I don't have a camera cord! So yeah. I'll try and figure something out though! Hope you all are doing well. Thanks for all the love and prayers!

Elder Blomfield

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