Monday, 4 November 2013


Hey family!!! So. This week was great! As always. I just love it out here so much! It was weird. We had a day off this week. Well like a half day. On halloween we just watched a movie as a zone called Ephraim's landing. It was great! I don't know if you've ever heard of it. It's about the same hand cart company from 17 miracles, and has some of the same people and stuff. Really good and really spiritual. It was nice to just kind of relax for a night!

My companion is super great. We get along great. He's a really smart guy and really good a Spanish. And he really knows how to get into lessons. We had a lot of lessons this week which was amazing. And put some new people on date. That sad thing however was that 0 people came to church. We were so sad. We have 8 people on date. And half of them were sick, or at the hospital Sunday morning. Super lame that Satan uses sickness to get people to not come hey? But we have a lot of potential this week because. The Lord expects a lot from us and it's gonna happen as long as we keep working hard. I know he'll bless us.

Our one investigator who was supposed to get baptized this week was super sick the morning of, as well as her daughter. So she couldn't come to church. So next week will be great when we baptize her. She's feeding us dinner tonight as well. It's great! So that will be exciting! I love baptisms. It really is the best feeling ever.

Our one recent convert George who's 19, loves coming out with us. He comes out with us probably every day. He just got the priesthood and is anxious to baptize someone which is great. It's super funny because he's got all these roudy tattoos all over his body, but he knows the gospels true and more than anything wants to live with his family forever. He's been through some really hard stuff like gangs, drugs, alcohol, homelessness, jail, etc. Pretty much was a crazy kid. But he's 19 and he's trying to prepare himself for the temple this month and in a year he wants to serve a mission. He's super nice. He has a super strong testimony. When we met him he was doing drugs and all that, smoking whatever. But as soon as we told him he needed to stop, he just quit. And it's super powerful to have him with us to testify about baptism or the Word of Wisdom or anything. He's such a great guy. I love him to death.

But Father. That's sweet that you got to go out hunting with Jakey! I loved hunting! Definitely one of my favourite things to do with you! Hopefully you guys have another crazy experience doing that! And also, have fun in vegas! I remember going there. Deifinitely a super memorable trip for me. I loved it tons. Hope you guys are doing great! Love you Dad! Oh ps. How are the Jamaicans? are they here to work now? If so, for how long? Also how are the Flames doing?

Mother. That sounds like a crazy week! That's awesome that you're doing great missionary work! It's so important for the members to get involved. Thanks for being such a great example to moe in that area! That sounds crazy about Kenna. Hopefully she's okay. I remember when I went to the ER for my eye. Hahaha. And as well thank you for my shrine! I feel so honoured. I've been waiting years for my own hahah. Love you Mum. Hope things are great this week! Have fun in Vegas!!!

Peter! That would be cool. If you came for lunch! But im 92% sure it couldn't happen. Plus I know I would be super distracted! How's school going for you mate? You sound super exhausted! That's sweet that you make time for the temple! That was definitely one of the best things I did at school. Every Thursday My roommate and I would get up and go to the temple together. It was super great! And I can't wait to go again soon. I get to go on the 22nd! It's so great. You're right, the temple is the best place to go and just relax and think. It's so peaceful. Do you know what as well. I love studying the scriptures. Especially the Bible. They're so much cool and symbolic stuff their. It's amazing. Love you mate, keep up being awesome!

 Charly. You didn't email again. So I'll assume your hands have been removed. Becuase that seems to be the only logical reason as to why you have not written. Hope you're doing well. Hope your hands are fine. Love you char! No boys! Be good hope schools going great! Ps. What's your favourite part of high school? Maybe you could dictate to mum what you would like to say and she can type it. Or use your tongue. Whatever's more comfortable. Can't wait to hear from you next week ;). Love ya!
Jakey! Hope school is going well. You sound super busy as well. It's super weird to think that you and charly are old enough to go to parties now. Crazy. That's sweet about school. How are your grades doing? How's your scripture study/ seminary doing? Hope all is well with you dude! Good luck on your wrestling meet and with badminton as well! I'm glad Halloween was so great for you! Love you mate!!!

Kenna I hope you ear is doing fine! You're awesome. Love you and I thought your costume was SWEET, dorothy!.

Izaac I liked your costume! I thought you looked like a sweet vampire. Love you Bud!!!'

Okay Family! I gotta go! Please pray for me super hard this week because we need some HUGE miracles if we wanna hit our goals of baptisms this Month. Love you guys so much!


28 OCTOBER 2013

Hey Family!!! Hope you guys are doing great!!! I've had a fantastic week! My new companion and I worked super hard. Elder Moss is super sweet! We have five people on date right now! Unfortunately, only 1 came to church. But that's okay because she's getting baptized next week! Funny story. One of my best friends at college, Jake Crockett, is my comps best friend back home! It's super exciting! We're gonna have so much fun together!

This week was great. I can't even remember what happened. It's goes by WAY too quick! We did this sweet church tour thing where the members of the ward would give a free carwash, and as they got their car washed we would give tours through the church. It was great! Elder Moss and I put three people on date during that tour! It was super spiritual. We would walk them through the church and then take them to the baptismal font and just challenge them right there. It was GREAT. The only sad and depressing thing is those people were in the sisters area! So we had to hand them over! And then Elder Moss made me eat one of the spiciest peppers ever in front of the ward, and I just about cried it was so hot!

But ah! I love this work! I've learned so much this week about how to be a better missionary and the importance of my calling. I've also seen so many miracles and felt the Spirit working within me and my investigators. It's great! One of our investigators who's gonna get baptized, moved this Sunday. And it was super sad that we have to pass her off to some other Elders. BUT at least she's following Christ's path for her. I just love this work so much!

Sorry again I have to be quick! So much to do! OH. Also it's getting "chilly" down here, so I'm going to use the credit card to by myself a sweater over my shirt. And also I had to use it last week because of card problems! Sorry guys!!

Dad! I'm glad work is going great! I really hope that Carlos can get in! And as well about Jojo, that's amazing! That's cool that the missionaries are cool too. I hope I'm not one of those weird awkward one's hahaha. How's the work in the ward coming? Are we having a lot of baptisms? Hopefully Patrick's doing okay. I hate anti. It's so lame. I spent a lot of the week studying about points of people trying to prove us wrong. (Stuff people use for Bible bashing). And the Bible/Gospel just crushes everything. But besides all that, the most important thing in that situation is testimony. And if we have that, nothing else matters. I love when my companion talks to people. Whenever someone replies with "it's great that you feel that way" Elder Moss just shoots back that it's not something we feel, it's something we know because we've had a witness of the Spirit, and that's not something we can deny. And it's so true. We can't deny the conversion we've had. I hope you're doing great, love you lots!!!

Mum! That's a crazy experience!! Just drops dead right there? That's crazy! What a sweet story though! I love life. It's just filled with so many weird things like that. I mean, that's super sad still, but it's crazy! Hahaha. On Saturday me and my companion had an appointment in the ghetto of our area. And it was kinda late and there was a huge party going on in the street. So we wen't and OYM'd everyone. It was hilarious! But pretty stupid. I won't go into details as to why ;). But I just love this work! So how is work going for you? What's it like working with Dad? I hope he gives you special priveleges and stuff! That's awesome by the way. The Experience you had with Kenna and Izaac. I always LOVED having those chats with you. They're so special!Love you Mum, you're the best!

Pete! You sound like you're having a busy life! I hope things are going great! Yeah I thought about my mission the other day. It's already gone WAY too fast. WAY too fast. It's scaring me. And this Elder I knew just went home last week, and my dinner appointment last night showed me the video. And man. It just got me wanting to work so much harder, because I know this is going to end so quickly! I hope when it does I can truly say that I did all I could to serve my God. It's such a depressing thought this has to end. And I feel so bad for you that it's already done! Sorry. You probably hate me now. But keep p the great work at school Pete! Love you mate!!!

Charly! I didn't get an email from you. I assume it's because you hate me. But I love you lots! hope school was great this week and I hope you have a great Halloween! Is your school doing anything for it? Or maybe seminary? Let me know! No boys by the way! Love you lots!

Jake! That's sweet that you get to play so much sports! We play this one game on P-day called wildfire. it's like a mixture between ffotball and soccer! Hope halloween is great. You're costume looks awesome! Love you mate!
Kenna! you're writing is sooooo good! I hope you're doing great! Love you and Izaac lots! Keep having great chats with mummy! That's awesome that you felt the Holy Ghost! Love you so much!!!

By family! I gotta rock! Love you guys so much! Thanks for all your prayers!


Family! hope all is great with you! Everything over here is SWEET. Well. It's transfer days! And guess where I'm going?? No where! I'm staying here so I'm super happy! I get to take over the area and my new companion coming in is named Elder Moss. Everything I hear about him is that he's super nice and a hard worker. We're gonna do great! I'm super excited!

We had so many miracles this week! Again, it's hard to write them all because of time! But Elder Harris and I had a sweet week. We had a lot of lessons, and some super funny experiences. And we put four people on date this week. We're so excited for this! It's just lame because Elder Harris is leaving, but our investigators asked him to come back for the baptism.

I think my favourite miracle was a man named Ignacio that we ran into watering his lawn. He's a less active member and hasn't gone to church in about 20 ish years. We went over to his house to have a service project. After a few hours of helping clean up his lawn and make it look all pretty and stuff, he took us inside to show us a picture of Jesus he kept all throughout his years.  And then told us his story of how he started drinking again, a few years after he was baptized. He was too ashamed to come back, and eventually fell away and became homeless for a time. But he told us that everywhere he went he always kept his picture with Christ with him, hoping and praying that he could find some way to come back to the church. It was a super spiritual experience, and I can't do it justice by just typing it. But I know there are people out there who need rescuing, members and non members. But I know that it doesn't matter who they are or what they look like, they're worth it because everyone is a child of God.

That sucks a lot about Patrick. It's super super sad. It happened with my investigator Teresa. She got baptized and then didn't want to talk to us. SUPER random but like brother Erickson said, Satan just unleashes his power. And it sucks. I hate anti, I think it's sick that people do that. Because I know this church is true. It can't not be. I know it is, and I know how greatly it can bless the lives of others.

Anyways. Family I can't reply individually because, like I said, I gotta go! Super busy day. I hope you guys know I love you so so so much. I'm mad that you're watching walking dead with out me - you better save it. But I have an even better thing so you guys should all be jealous of me. Dad, love you tons! You're great! Mum, you too you're so amazing! Peter, keep up the great work you stud! Jake - congrats on you license!!! That's crazy!!! I'm so proud. And Chary. Now I know you love me. So thank you. No boys. No dating. NADA. KENNA AND IZAAC I LOVE YOU GUYS TOO.

Alright. I know this is true. And I love it to death. Everything in life is great. And I'm so happy to be here. I don't ever wanna leave. Because I get to serve ALL my time to a God. And that's kind of a big deal. And I know I'm His son.

Also I know I'm all over the place!

Love you all, until next week !!


Dear family! Hope everythings going well! Sorry I didn't write yesterday, the library was closed because of columbus day. Anyways. I can't write much, because we have a super busy day today! But we had a great week which was awesome!

We had I think the most lessons we've ever had in a week together this past week, it was great. We've started working more with less actives or recent converts to find referals or part member families and stuff and we've had a  lot of success. We're praying that these people will come to church and be baptized. We had a great Sunday. George was confirmed which was amazing to be apart of, and the sisters in our ward had a baptism with a man named Uriel. I think that was the most spiritual thing of the week. Because it completed their family. And after he was baptized his nine year old son stood up to bear his testimony, and just broke down crying. It was super spiritual, I know that this work is God's and that families can be together forever.

As well i had many funny/weird experiences this week. One of them was that as we were driving, we saw some lady just like collapse by the side of the road. It was super dark but yeah. So we pulled over and ran out to this lady who I guess was smashed completely with like 8 vodka bottles around her hahaha. But me and this other lady kind of dragged her off the side of the road and got her head out of the road and covered her with her blanket. The whole time she was cussing us out. It was great! Hahahha. It was super weird/hilarious.

But yeah, it's gonne be great! We're gonna have two baptism i think at the end of this month. It's pretty amazing! And I've had so many small and huge miracles this past week but I just don't have time to explain them all right now! Transfers is next week! I'm pretty sure Elder Harris is outta here! Which is kind sad because he's been a sweet trainer! but we will see what happens!

Dad! That's super awesome about those guys! I'm so happy for them! I really hope I can meet jojo's family! That would be sweet! Hopefully Carlos will pass! I'm sure with the Lord's help everything will be great! Hopefully work was great for you this week dad! Love you lots! Oh Ps. If you see Ben again tell him to send me that letter.

Mum! That's sweet that you started work! How is it working for dad? Hahaha. That's sweet that you get to go on ANOTHER holiday. Cheeky gits. I feel bad for your poor children left behind. Hahaha. That's awesome about family history work! I know that that missionary work is sooo important, and futhers the work in God's Kingdom! Anyways Love ya!!!!

Pete! Hope this week was rockin. Hahaha dude. You're on a dating rampage. Just don't get married or I'll be enojado. Cool? but hey good job at school dude! I always loved curved classes, especially american heritage. Hopefully all goes well! Have a great week dude, and keep up the good work in school and with the ladies. Love ya mate!

Charly. I still didn't here from you. So now I know you hate me. But I heard you're looking for a job. you should apply at the carwash <3. Love you. No boys, and have a good week!

jakey! That's awesome about cross country! You're looking all huge now! Hope you're having fun at school and with sports dude. Good luck at getting athlete of the year! I'm sure you will, stud. Keep it up dude love you!

Kenna and Izaac! Love you guys, hope you guys are doing well! I'm glad you're being a good friend Kenna! You're awesome. Hope you guys are having fun at school and stuff. Love you guys!

Well. I'll talk to you guys next week! Love you so much! Glad you guys had a rocking thanksgiving! I remember two years ago was when I got my first ticket. Lame. Anyways. Love you guys!



Hey family! Hope everyone had a great week! Mine was awesome! I LOVED General Conference. President Uchdorf's talk when he related it to the ski slope was amazing! That was probably my favourite talk. That and Elder Holland's talk. It was super amazing. Also there were a lot of talks on the importance of a family i noticed. I feel like that's how Satan's getting people, is attacking and tearing down the family and it's morals. And I'm super grateful that I have such an amazing family to rely on! I felt like I received so much personal revelation for myself this week! As well it was the best feeling to see. My recent convert George and another recent convert both came to all Saturday sessions. It was super amazing just to see the change that's happened in their lives. It was so cool. I LOVED seeing that, it was probably the highlight of my week. I can't really describe it but I feel like this huge amount of love for those guys. I can't even imagine how God feels and how proud He is of them.

This week was great as well. A little miracle I guess is we found some knew investigators that we put on date. They're super crazy though. We put a mum and her daughter on date. Her other daughter is super psycho. She's 18, and yeah. Has a thing for me I guess. She was like screaming about my accent and asking me if she could call me blue eyes. SUPER awkward. I was just like, umm you can call me Elder, that's cool. She's nuts. And her mum was like telling me I can date her. AH. Weird. We don't really know what to do hahaha.

Oh also we had this super amazing lesson the other day. Probably the best lesson I've been in. The Spirit was so so so strong. It was so thick you could like feel it! It was with this guy named Edward who we've been teaching for a while. We started talking about Christ and read from Alma 5 about changing your heart and standing clean before God at the last day. It was intense. I'm really glad he's there to guide us and testify of this work. However, I'm super frustrated with him because he never showed up to conference! AH! It's super frustrating when people don't keep their commitments.

It's good though. We have a lot of potential this week of finding some super solid investigators. We're gonna be doing a lot of praying and fasting! We're keeping in contact with Antonia and Kenya. Or mostly just Kenya. Essentially her Dad won't let them go to church or anything because he doesn't believe in God and he's just drunk all the time. Punk. But they're still reading the Book of Mormon which is good. But we can't really go over and see them anymore which is super LAME.

But it's been a good week and we're gonna have a great week next week. SO funny. So one of the missionaries was giving me a hair cut, and it's like done, but to smooth it up he grabs a five blade which was actually a two. SO, as you can imagine I have super short hair right now hahahah. We both just like looked at each other, and then just started busting up because it was super funny! Hahaha. Hopefully it grows back soon hahha.

Anyways. Dad! That's such a sweet story about Patrick!! Honestly that made my day! That's amazing! It's so amazing to see how no effort goes unwasted! Ah! Hahaha I already have a list of people that I'm gonna go home and baptize when these two years sadfully comes to an end. Because a mission never finishes, it just changes places. That's so amazing! i'm super stoked right now, I bet Peter was just thrilled! He was always such a good example of a member missionary to me. That's sweet about Thomas. i always really liked THomas he was super nice, and he has nice facial hair! That's always the best way too to do missionary work. You have to be their friend before you can convert them. I've found that out here. I have to love the people I teach and be their friend if I want to help them come closer to Christ. That's awesome. That's sweet about Mum too! That's pretty cool to have your wife working with you! Anyways, love you Dad! Keep being awesome! Ps. How's Jojo and Aries and their families and that whole process??

MOTHER! I love what you said about you can't measure a day by what you reap, but by what you plant. That's cool because it just reminds me that no matter what, no effort goes on wasted. And that's an amazing story about Patrick! I can't believe that! I', super excited for him!  I bet you're excited too, to start working for Dad! Now you can actually get paid to nag people! how wonderful. Hahaha. I'm kidding! So all you have to do in that job is just call people and tell them to pay up? Or what else do you have to do? That's pretty awesome! What was your favourite talk at conference? And which one's did you manage to see? yeah Mum you're doing awesome in the missionary department! Keep up the great work! You're amazing love ya!
Peter! You lucky git! I just got your letter. Close call. Yeah that sucks about marking papers! I remember writing those things. I hated it. I had to write one the day I got my mission call. I bet you can imagine how well I did their haha. Thank goodness it's curved haha. That's sweet about Conference! I'm so jealous, I wish I could've been their! But hey, I got to be there when they made the age change which was super sweet! How's David doing? I'm glad you're living a great life up their at BYU! I think something awesome about conference was the talk about going to all our sunday meetings. i know we're not always good about that, especially on Holiday's. But I like what they said about how one small daily decision can effect us for the rest of our lives. Every decision we make needs to be based on what Christ would do, and should always be the BEST decision.

Charly. You didn't write to me! Again. I'm so sad. But I hope school goes well for you and that you're doing great! I'm sure you're owning up grade 10! What are you doing there? You in choir? How's seminary? ETC. Keep up the awesome work and example for your younger siblings! No boys by the way! Love ya!

Jakey! That's kind of lame about what happened in soccer! Hopefully it improves! But nice job popping two in! So how many sports are you in right now like 3? Crazy. I agree. I do need more baptisms! So here's the deal. You can help me out and them out by saying lots of prays for us? And then you won't have to beat me up with your eyes you cheeky git! What was your favourite talk in conference by the way? Haha love you Jakey!

Kenna! I'm glad you had such a fun week! i remember going to saturplay with you! We played chicken run do you remember? It was awesome! I hope you're being a good friend to everyone! Right now I have been able to baptize two people. George, and Teresa. It was awesome! They're amazing people! Hopefully you can meet them one day! Love you Kenna!

Izaac! Hope you're having fun and doing good with you sticker chart in standing up in front of everyone at school! You're awesome! Love you!!

Alright family so I'm off for another week! Love you guys tons! Hope everyone has a great week and keeps up the good work! I know this church is true! Coming on a mission is the best decision in my life. I know that Jesus died for us. And He's right there always. Love you guys lots!

Oh ps. I'm gonna use the credit card to buy a blanket because I don't have one and it's getting "colder". Also I'm going to buy some photo albums so don't be alarmed! Love you guys!