Monday, 4 November 2013


Dear family! Hope everythings going well! Sorry I didn't write yesterday, the library was closed because of columbus day. Anyways. I can't write much, because we have a super busy day today! But we had a great week which was awesome!

We had I think the most lessons we've ever had in a week together this past week, it was great. We've started working more with less actives or recent converts to find referals or part member families and stuff and we've had a  lot of success. We're praying that these people will come to church and be baptized. We had a great Sunday. George was confirmed which was amazing to be apart of, and the sisters in our ward had a baptism with a man named Uriel. I think that was the most spiritual thing of the week. Because it completed their family. And after he was baptized his nine year old son stood up to bear his testimony, and just broke down crying. It was super spiritual, I know that this work is God's and that families can be together forever.

As well i had many funny/weird experiences this week. One of them was that as we were driving, we saw some lady just like collapse by the side of the road. It was super dark but yeah. So we pulled over and ran out to this lady who I guess was smashed completely with like 8 vodka bottles around her hahaha. But me and this other lady kind of dragged her off the side of the road and got her head out of the road and covered her with her blanket. The whole time she was cussing us out. It was great! Hahahha. It was super weird/hilarious.

But yeah, it's gonne be great! We're gonna have two baptism i think at the end of this month. It's pretty amazing! And I've had so many small and huge miracles this past week but I just don't have time to explain them all right now! Transfers is next week! I'm pretty sure Elder Harris is outta here! Which is kind sad because he's been a sweet trainer! but we will see what happens!

Dad! That's super awesome about those guys! I'm so happy for them! I really hope I can meet jojo's family! That would be sweet! Hopefully Carlos will pass! I'm sure with the Lord's help everything will be great! Hopefully work was great for you this week dad! Love you lots! Oh Ps. If you see Ben again tell him to send me that letter.

Mum! That's sweet that you started work! How is it working for dad? Hahaha. That's sweet that you get to go on ANOTHER holiday. Cheeky gits. I feel bad for your poor children left behind. Hahaha. That's awesome about family history work! I know that that missionary work is sooo important, and futhers the work in God's Kingdom! Anyways Love ya!!!!

Pete! Hope this week was rockin. Hahaha dude. You're on a dating rampage. Just don't get married or I'll be enojado. Cool? but hey good job at school dude! I always loved curved classes, especially american heritage. Hopefully all goes well! Have a great week dude, and keep up the good work in school and with the ladies. Love ya mate!

Charly. I still didn't here from you. So now I know you hate me. But I heard you're looking for a job. you should apply at the carwash <3. Love you. No boys, and have a good week!

jakey! That's awesome about cross country! You're looking all huge now! Hope you're having fun at school and with sports dude. Good luck at getting athlete of the year! I'm sure you will, stud. Keep it up dude love you!

Kenna and Izaac! Love you guys, hope you guys are doing well! I'm glad you're being a good friend Kenna! You're awesome. Hope you guys are having fun at school and stuff. Love you guys!

Well. I'll talk to you guys next week! Love you so much! Glad you guys had a rocking thanksgiving! I remember two years ago was when I got my first ticket. Lame. Anyways. Love you guys!


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