Monday, 4 November 2013

28 OCTOBER 2013

Hey Family!!! Hope you guys are doing great!!! I've had a fantastic week! My new companion and I worked super hard. Elder Moss is super sweet! We have five people on date right now! Unfortunately, only 1 came to church. But that's okay because she's getting baptized next week! Funny story. One of my best friends at college, Jake Crockett, is my comps best friend back home! It's super exciting! We're gonna have so much fun together!

This week was great. I can't even remember what happened. It's goes by WAY too quick! We did this sweet church tour thing where the members of the ward would give a free carwash, and as they got their car washed we would give tours through the church. It was great! Elder Moss and I put three people on date during that tour! It was super spiritual. We would walk them through the church and then take them to the baptismal font and just challenge them right there. It was GREAT. The only sad and depressing thing is those people were in the sisters area! So we had to hand them over! And then Elder Moss made me eat one of the spiciest peppers ever in front of the ward, and I just about cried it was so hot!

But ah! I love this work! I've learned so much this week about how to be a better missionary and the importance of my calling. I've also seen so many miracles and felt the Spirit working within me and my investigators. It's great! One of our investigators who's gonna get baptized, moved this Sunday. And it was super sad that we have to pass her off to some other Elders. BUT at least she's following Christ's path for her. I just love this work so much!

Sorry again I have to be quick! So much to do! OH. Also it's getting "chilly" down here, so I'm going to use the credit card to by myself a sweater over my shirt. And also I had to use it last week because of card problems! Sorry guys!!

Dad! I'm glad work is going great! I really hope that Carlos can get in! And as well about Jojo, that's amazing! That's cool that the missionaries are cool too. I hope I'm not one of those weird awkward one's hahaha. How's the work in the ward coming? Are we having a lot of baptisms? Hopefully Patrick's doing okay. I hate anti. It's so lame. I spent a lot of the week studying about points of people trying to prove us wrong. (Stuff people use for Bible bashing). And the Bible/Gospel just crushes everything. But besides all that, the most important thing in that situation is testimony. And if we have that, nothing else matters. I love when my companion talks to people. Whenever someone replies with "it's great that you feel that way" Elder Moss just shoots back that it's not something we feel, it's something we know because we've had a witness of the Spirit, and that's not something we can deny. And it's so true. We can't deny the conversion we've had. I hope you're doing great, love you lots!!!

Mum! That's a crazy experience!! Just drops dead right there? That's crazy! What a sweet story though! I love life. It's just filled with so many weird things like that. I mean, that's super sad still, but it's crazy! Hahaha. On Saturday me and my companion had an appointment in the ghetto of our area. And it was kinda late and there was a huge party going on in the street. So we wen't and OYM'd everyone. It was hilarious! But pretty stupid. I won't go into details as to why ;). But I just love this work! So how is work going for you? What's it like working with Dad? I hope he gives you special priveleges and stuff! That's awesome by the way. The Experience you had with Kenna and Izaac. I always LOVED having those chats with you. They're so special!Love you Mum, you're the best!

Pete! You sound like you're having a busy life! I hope things are going great! Yeah I thought about my mission the other day. It's already gone WAY too fast. WAY too fast. It's scaring me. And this Elder I knew just went home last week, and my dinner appointment last night showed me the video. And man. It just got me wanting to work so much harder, because I know this is going to end so quickly! I hope when it does I can truly say that I did all I could to serve my God. It's such a depressing thought this has to end. And I feel so bad for you that it's already done! Sorry. You probably hate me now. But keep p the great work at school Pete! Love you mate!!!

Charly! I didn't get an email from you. I assume it's because you hate me. But I love you lots! hope school was great this week and I hope you have a great Halloween! Is your school doing anything for it? Or maybe seminary? Let me know! No boys by the way! Love you lots!

Jake! That's sweet that you get to play so much sports! We play this one game on P-day called wildfire. it's like a mixture between ffotball and soccer! Hope halloween is great. You're costume looks awesome! Love you mate!
Kenna! you're writing is sooooo good! I hope you're doing great! Love you and Izaac lots! Keep having great chats with mummy! That's awesome that you felt the Holy Ghost! Love you so much!!!

By family! I gotta rock! Love you guys so much! Thanks for all your prayers!

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