Monday, 4 November 2013


Hey family!!! So. This week was great! As always. I just love it out here so much! It was weird. We had a day off this week. Well like a half day. On halloween we just watched a movie as a zone called Ephraim's landing. It was great! I don't know if you've ever heard of it. It's about the same hand cart company from 17 miracles, and has some of the same people and stuff. Really good and really spiritual. It was nice to just kind of relax for a night!

My companion is super great. We get along great. He's a really smart guy and really good a Spanish. And he really knows how to get into lessons. We had a lot of lessons this week which was amazing. And put some new people on date. That sad thing however was that 0 people came to church. We were so sad. We have 8 people on date. And half of them were sick, or at the hospital Sunday morning. Super lame that Satan uses sickness to get people to not come hey? But we have a lot of potential this week because. The Lord expects a lot from us and it's gonna happen as long as we keep working hard. I know he'll bless us.

Our one investigator who was supposed to get baptized this week was super sick the morning of, as well as her daughter. So she couldn't come to church. So next week will be great when we baptize her. She's feeding us dinner tonight as well. It's great! So that will be exciting! I love baptisms. It really is the best feeling ever.

Our one recent convert George who's 19, loves coming out with us. He comes out with us probably every day. He just got the priesthood and is anxious to baptize someone which is great. It's super funny because he's got all these roudy tattoos all over his body, but he knows the gospels true and more than anything wants to live with his family forever. He's been through some really hard stuff like gangs, drugs, alcohol, homelessness, jail, etc. Pretty much was a crazy kid. But he's 19 and he's trying to prepare himself for the temple this month and in a year he wants to serve a mission. He's super nice. He has a super strong testimony. When we met him he was doing drugs and all that, smoking whatever. But as soon as we told him he needed to stop, he just quit. And it's super powerful to have him with us to testify about baptism or the Word of Wisdom or anything. He's such a great guy. I love him to death.

But Father. That's sweet that you got to go out hunting with Jakey! I loved hunting! Definitely one of my favourite things to do with you! Hopefully you guys have another crazy experience doing that! And also, have fun in vegas! I remember going there. Deifinitely a super memorable trip for me. I loved it tons. Hope you guys are doing great! Love you Dad! Oh ps. How are the Jamaicans? are they here to work now? If so, for how long? Also how are the Flames doing?

Mother. That sounds like a crazy week! That's awesome that you're doing great missionary work! It's so important for the members to get involved. Thanks for being such a great example to moe in that area! That sounds crazy about Kenna. Hopefully she's okay. I remember when I went to the ER for my eye. Hahaha. And as well thank you for my shrine! I feel so honoured. I've been waiting years for my own hahah. Love you Mum. Hope things are great this week! Have fun in Vegas!!!

Peter! That would be cool. If you came for lunch! But im 92% sure it couldn't happen. Plus I know I would be super distracted! How's school going for you mate? You sound super exhausted! That's sweet that you make time for the temple! That was definitely one of the best things I did at school. Every Thursday My roommate and I would get up and go to the temple together. It was super great! And I can't wait to go again soon. I get to go on the 22nd! It's so great. You're right, the temple is the best place to go and just relax and think. It's so peaceful. Do you know what as well. I love studying the scriptures. Especially the Bible. They're so much cool and symbolic stuff their. It's amazing. Love you mate, keep up being awesome!

 Charly. You didn't email again. So I'll assume your hands have been removed. Becuase that seems to be the only logical reason as to why you have not written. Hope you're doing well. Hope your hands are fine. Love you char! No boys! Be good hope schools going great! Ps. What's your favourite part of high school? Maybe you could dictate to mum what you would like to say and she can type it. Or use your tongue. Whatever's more comfortable. Can't wait to hear from you next week ;). Love ya!
Jakey! Hope school is going well. You sound super busy as well. It's super weird to think that you and charly are old enough to go to parties now. Crazy. That's sweet about school. How are your grades doing? How's your scripture study/ seminary doing? Hope all is well with you dude! Good luck on your wrestling meet and with badminton as well! I'm glad Halloween was so great for you! Love you mate!!!

Kenna I hope you ear is doing fine! You're awesome. Love you and I thought your costume was SWEET, dorothy!.

Izaac I liked your costume! I thought you looked like a sweet vampire. Love you Bud!!!'

Okay Family! I gotta go! Please pray for me super hard this week because we need some HUGE miracles if we wanna hit our goals of baptisms this Month. Love you guys so much!


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