Monday, 4 November 2013


Hey family! Hope everyone had a great week! Mine was awesome! I LOVED General Conference. President Uchdorf's talk when he related it to the ski slope was amazing! That was probably my favourite talk. That and Elder Holland's talk. It was super amazing. Also there were a lot of talks on the importance of a family i noticed. I feel like that's how Satan's getting people, is attacking and tearing down the family and it's morals. And I'm super grateful that I have such an amazing family to rely on! I felt like I received so much personal revelation for myself this week! As well it was the best feeling to see. My recent convert George and another recent convert both came to all Saturday sessions. It was super amazing just to see the change that's happened in their lives. It was so cool. I LOVED seeing that, it was probably the highlight of my week. I can't really describe it but I feel like this huge amount of love for those guys. I can't even imagine how God feels and how proud He is of them.

This week was great as well. A little miracle I guess is we found some knew investigators that we put on date. They're super crazy though. We put a mum and her daughter on date. Her other daughter is super psycho. She's 18, and yeah. Has a thing for me I guess. She was like screaming about my accent and asking me if she could call me blue eyes. SUPER awkward. I was just like, umm you can call me Elder, that's cool. She's nuts. And her mum was like telling me I can date her. AH. Weird. We don't really know what to do hahaha.

Oh also we had this super amazing lesson the other day. Probably the best lesson I've been in. The Spirit was so so so strong. It was so thick you could like feel it! It was with this guy named Edward who we've been teaching for a while. We started talking about Christ and read from Alma 5 about changing your heart and standing clean before God at the last day. It was intense. I'm really glad he's there to guide us and testify of this work. However, I'm super frustrated with him because he never showed up to conference! AH! It's super frustrating when people don't keep their commitments.

It's good though. We have a lot of potential this week of finding some super solid investigators. We're gonna be doing a lot of praying and fasting! We're keeping in contact with Antonia and Kenya. Or mostly just Kenya. Essentially her Dad won't let them go to church or anything because he doesn't believe in God and he's just drunk all the time. Punk. But they're still reading the Book of Mormon which is good. But we can't really go over and see them anymore which is super LAME.

But it's been a good week and we're gonna have a great week next week. SO funny. So one of the missionaries was giving me a hair cut, and it's like done, but to smooth it up he grabs a five blade which was actually a two. SO, as you can imagine I have super short hair right now hahahah. We both just like looked at each other, and then just started busting up because it was super funny! Hahaha. Hopefully it grows back soon hahha.

Anyways. Dad! That's such a sweet story about Patrick!! Honestly that made my day! That's amazing! It's so amazing to see how no effort goes unwasted! Ah! Hahaha I already have a list of people that I'm gonna go home and baptize when these two years sadfully comes to an end. Because a mission never finishes, it just changes places. That's so amazing! i'm super stoked right now, I bet Peter was just thrilled! He was always such a good example of a member missionary to me. That's sweet about Thomas. i always really liked THomas he was super nice, and he has nice facial hair! That's always the best way too to do missionary work. You have to be their friend before you can convert them. I've found that out here. I have to love the people I teach and be their friend if I want to help them come closer to Christ. That's awesome. That's sweet about Mum too! That's pretty cool to have your wife working with you! Anyways, love you Dad! Keep being awesome! Ps. How's Jojo and Aries and their families and that whole process??

MOTHER! I love what you said about you can't measure a day by what you reap, but by what you plant. That's cool because it just reminds me that no matter what, no effort goes on wasted. And that's an amazing story about Patrick! I can't believe that! I', super excited for him!  I bet you're excited too, to start working for Dad! Now you can actually get paid to nag people! how wonderful. Hahaha. I'm kidding! So all you have to do in that job is just call people and tell them to pay up? Or what else do you have to do? That's pretty awesome! What was your favourite talk at conference? And which one's did you manage to see? yeah Mum you're doing awesome in the missionary department! Keep up the great work! You're amazing love ya!
Peter! You lucky git! I just got your letter. Close call. Yeah that sucks about marking papers! I remember writing those things. I hated it. I had to write one the day I got my mission call. I bet you can imagine how well I did their haha. Thank goodness it's curved haha. That's sweet about Conference! I'm so jealous, I wish I could've been their! But hey, I got to be there when they made the age change which was super sweet! How's David doing? I'm glad you're living a great life up their at BYU! I think something awesome about conference was the talk about going to all our sunday meetings. i know we're not always good about that, especially on Holiday's. But I like what they said about how one small daily decision can effect us for the rest of our lives. Every decision we make needs to be based on what Christ would do, and should always be the BEST decision.

Charly. You didn't write to me! Again. I'm so sad. But I hope school goes well for you and that you're doing great! I'm sure you're owning up grade 10! What are you doing there? You in choir? How's seminary? ETC. Keep up the awesome work and example for your younger siblings! No boys by the way! Love ya!

Jakey! That's kind of lame about what happened in soccer! Hopefully it improves! But nice job popping two in! So how many sports are you in right now like 3? Crazy. I agree. I do need more baptisms! So here's the deal. You can help me out and them out by saying lots of prays for us? And then you won't have to beat me up with your eyes you cheeky git! What was your favourite talk in conference by the way? Haha love you Jakey!

Kenna! I'm glad you had such a fun week! i remember going to saturplay with you! We played chicken run do you remember? It was awesome! I hope you're being a good friend to everyone! Right now I have been able to baptize two people. George, and Teresa. It was awesome! They're amazing people! Hopefully you can meet them one day! Love you Kenna!

Izaac! Hope you're having fun and doing good with you sticker chart in standing up in front of everyone at school! You're awesome! Love you!!

Alright family so I'm off for another week! Love you guys tons! Hope everyone has a great week and keeps up the good work! I know this church is true! Coming on a mission is the best decision in my life. I know that Jesus died for us. And He's right there always. Love you guys lots!

Oh ps. I'm gonna use the credit card to buy a blanket because I don't have one and it's getting "colder". Also I'm going to buy some photo albums so don't be alarmed! Love you guys!

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