Sunday, 8 December 2013


Hey family! So I hope everyone had a great week! Mine was amazing! Izzy got baptized!!! So incredibly happy that went through. It was so great. She's insane. It was kind of a struggle, but she went down. It was great I was so so so excited for her. It was cool too because she requested I be the one to do it. It was a super neat experience. The spirit was so strong. I'm so happy, I love this work so much. AH! I don't want to ever come home.

The baptism was great! It was super rushed. Me and Elder Moss were on the way to the baptism to set everything up, but Satan will do whatever it takes to stop these things from happening. First of all, the lady who is Izzy's fellowshipper and neighbour and friend had an emercency with her kid and he was rushed off to the emergency room, and then on the way, me and Elder Moss were kind of involved in a car crash. However, by the grace of God, everything worked out and Izzy's baptism went down. It was amazing!

It was so cool because her girls who are 18 and 20 who were are teaching as well both came and the whole family was in tears. And in that moment, they both knew it was true. It was great. BUT, we saw them last night and Satan is a punk, and so they told us they don't want to go to church anymore? Super confusing hey? So we're going to see them today to have a nice spiritual chat and figure this whole thing out. And they'll be baptized by the end of this month because both of them know it's true.

The rest of this week was amazing too. We had a lot of people at church, tons of lessons, and a baptism! Love it so much! So many funny experiences with people we meet and investigators we have! However many of them are super "awkward" hahha. People are amazing, but they're so WEIRD sometimes hahaha.

OH! But George went to the temple this week! So proud of him. And he LOVED it. I'm so proud of him. He's really become one of my best friends. He's such a cool guy! And he has some hilarious tattoos!

Okay so DAD! How was your week?? It sounds great! It sounds like you guys had a ton of fun! Did you make any big trade deals? How's business? That's super exciting you could go to SEMA again. I loved that trip so much! It was great! I remember practice skydiving and all that. What's the nicest car you've seen? Anyways, have fun Jaking it on another holiday! Love you lots Dad!!

Mother! Hope you had a great time in Vegas being pampered and all that. It's weird to think that you guys were only a couple hours away. I feel like I'm in my own bubble down here. It's great! That picture of the Belagio was super nice too! That's my favourite show in Vegas. That's awesome you got to speak by the way. I feel honoured to have been blessed with such great parents. That's cool about Keaton. I'm so proud of him, he's such a great example. My friend was in the Phillipines. apparently she was reported lost after all the typhoons but is found now. CRAZY. Keaton's going to be an amazing missionary. For me right now? There's only one thing I desperately need. But please take it off my account money because it's kind of expensive. That thing is a GPS because sometimes I get lost around here. Hahha. But take the money from my account! Haha love you so much mum!

Peter you stud!!! I saw that picture by the way. A friend sent me that. the picture of you being an eye candy on BYU crushes. You little hot stuff. with all those little freshman girls. Hahaha. That's funny. How's the dating life going? How's school? And I agree. I LOVED free meals. So when we teach we do everything we can to keep it too the basics and teach simple doctrine and how to gain a testimony. And of course teach by the spirit. But we were trained on to focus on four things (by a general authority) 1. Atonement 2. First Vision 3. BOM 4. Priesthood. When investigators have a testimony of that, then they're ready to be baptized. It's awesome. I feel like I'm imporving a lot, but I still have a long ways to go If I wanna "baptize thousands" like Ammon. He's the best BOM character by the way. Hope things are going great, love you bud!

CHARY. I finally got an email. So happy. Glad you're friend is 16. SO glad you're not 16. what'd you do to celebrate her birthday? Hope you had a fun week with mum and dad being gone! Hope your week is great with school etc. How's seminary and scripture reading going? Love you char, keep being awesome! NO BOYS.

Jake! Congrats on the sports dude! How it that going by the way? How are your jobs going? Are you working 3 jobs now? Hope things are going great! That's sweet about wrestling and soccer. Was it a party with mum and dad gone? Love you man! You're the best.

KENNA AND IZAAC. Hope you guys are having soo much fun at school. Love you guys so much. Keep being so awesome and fun! Love yeah!

OKAY. Well I gotta go! sorry for not writing yesterday! It was Veterans day and the library was shut. Love you guys!

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