Sunday, 8 December 2013


Alright family. How is everyone?? Hope everyone had a fantastic week! Mine was great! So. I guess I'll answer dad's question about the accident. We had a little crash the other week and currently our car is in the shop. No one was injured though. So it's all good. And I finally get a chance to use my bike! I'm getting skinny again! It's great. I love it, but when I get home at the end of the day, I'm dead. But hey, Dad, you might find this interesting. But the guy who called me to talk about the accident from the insurance company is a guy named Dennis Willy. I don't know if that rings any bells. But you guys served missions together. So that's cool. We had a nice chat about that hahaha. He seemed pretty nice. But it's a small world as a Mormon hey?

So we had a great week with lessons. Some pretty amazing miracles actually. So, miracle number 1. These two sisters we've been teaching were being super stubborn about baptism. And We were like on the verge of dropping them. But a miracle happened! And guess what, they're getting baptized next week!!! They're so excited about it! And we're so excited. The girl Christina asked me to baptize her, and Maria wants Elder Moss to baptize her. So we're so so excited. Last night was kind of weird. We went over to review baptismal questions, and the girl Christina gave me her Hookah pipe to break. Which was great. She also gave me her burret. I don't know why and I'm still extremely confused. But we just learned to roll with it. They get interviewed by President for baptism this week and we're so excited!

Another miracle that happened was with a former investigator that me and Elder Harris taught. Her and her daughter were so close to being baptized. They were so close but her husband was a drunk and wouldn't let her. Super lame. But me and Elder moss felt like we should go over to see them this week. We set up an appointment with the woman (Antonia) at the church for Saturday morning (we saw her on tuesday). Well we lost her phone number and couldn't reach her. So didn't expect anything. But we rode over to the church anyways. And she Showed up! And we put her on date for the 30th of this month. Praying this will go through! We need miracles!

I love missionary work, it's amazing! This week I think the greatest lesson I learned is diligence. To do everything you possibly can to get your friends baptized. I really love everything. And I'm depressed that I hit my five month mark tomorrow already. Super sad. But it's okay because I still have a long way to go! And this work is so great!

So Dad! That sounds like a crazy week. Hopefully this new guy won't be so crazy! Cool that you didn't have to fire her, that sounds super un fun. So you did't catch anything this week? You guys still planning to go out and go hunting anymore this year? So guess what, there's no snow here. It's great. I walk around in a short sleave t-shirt all day. Haha. It's great. I really like going hunting. It was always super fun! But yeah like I said, I got to talk to Dennis Willy this week! hopefully you remember him. If not I'm sure he'd be a little offended. But it was kid weird/cool. Hope you have fun in texas. It'll be nice to get out of that cold, dreary weather hey? Love ya, have fun!

Mum! Your week sounded great. And busy too. That's awesome that Izaac could go to shakers that little punk. I can't beleive he's almost six. That's so crazy. He's so cute. That's super cool that Jane went through the temple though! I miss the temple. I can't wait to go back! I actually get to go on Friday so I'm EXTREMELY excited. I love it to death. I like how it get's so much more spiritual over time. And last week I spent a lot of time studying the temple in the BOM, and Bible. It's kind of cool to see what's actually there. I know it's all true. It's amazing! How's work by the way? Hope you have fun in Texas! Love ya! Oh question, did you video peter's homecoming? If you did, you should totally send it to me. Love yeah!

Pete! I totally understand what you mean. That is my biggest pet peve. "Oh disculpe, no tenia tiempo para leer u orar a mi Dios porque estaba muy ocupado." Es Bien LAME. Y no quiero ser grosero, pero muchos de los Mexicanos de quien hablamos, no tiene sentido. No quieren cambiar su religion o cambiar sus vidas porque ya son catolicos. O se sienten bien en la religion de sus padres. Bien Lame. Y me pongo frustrado cuando digan eso. Pero esta bien. Porque en el otro lado, tenemos las personas que son eligidos y dispuestos a cambiar su vida y todo por Dios. Pero si, entiendo. Muchas de las persons son...differentes. Ten diversion en Vegas! Me encanta esta cuidad. Oh, tambien. Tengo una pregunta. Coma esta el idioma? Oh pues, mi espanol. Es bien differente que chilean? Las personas aqui hablan muy feo. Pero si, que tenga un buena semana, te quiero mucho amigo!

Charly! A BOY? Goodness gracious. Estoy bien enojado. Was his name Mitchell? Oh well. Hope you have a great week char. High school just gets better and better. Ps. How's seminary? That's cool about the MTC thing. The first person I talked to when I got here shut his car door on me. The next yelled at me. It was so scary. And now I love it because I get to meet so many interesting people! It's so fun! Love you char! Be good, no boys. Porque voy a pegarles. Te quiero mucho!

Jake! Hope you're doing great jake! Sounds like you had a lot of fun this week! How's school? And sports. I have the pleasure of speaking to dear mother right now and says you were just dropped off to wrestling. Hopefully that goes great dude! Love you a lot. Get a deer for me this year so I can boast to my investigators and companions that my brothers a crack shot. Have fun you fetcher! Keep reading your scriptures and being awesome! Love you tons bud!!

Kenna! Have a great week! Hope schools going great for you! Love you tons!!

Izaac! Have a great day bud! HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Love you lots!!

Okay well adios familia! Hope your week goes great! Love you all and have fun/ be good!!

I know this church is true, it's the best thing in the world!

Oh. Ps. Izzy got confirmed this week it was great! Love you all.

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