Sunday, 8 December 2013


Hey family! Hope everyone had a great week!! Mine was amazing. But I have some terribly exciting news. It's terrible because transfers came...and I'm leaving. So sad. My companion got called to be a zone leader. I'm going to his old area to be with a mexican man named Elder Romero. Who I know who's super cool. So I'm super excited to go. And guess what. I get to ride bike. So that should be great. It'll be sad to leave this area because I've made so many friends here, but God has another job for me somewhere else. Super excited!

So this week was great! It was kind of a scare because we almost didn't get all the lessons in for the week to hit standard because of thanksgiving. But we did it! It was great. And we were so happy because we confirmed Christina and Maria members of the church this week which was a great experience. And as well we were super excited because these two girls who we are teaching showed up! (I feel like all we ever teach is females.) We were so happy because we didn't think they could come because of a wedding. But they came so that was great! So sad I'm leaving though, Elder Moss will just have to baptize them for me. But it was such a great week.

On Thanksgiving we had the "day off" essentially. We took a well needed nap and played risk, football, and basketball with other missionaries. Then we had a great night at the Navarrettes home, a family in my ward. It was super cool. It was really weird though! Oh mum, I also got the packages you sent! Thanks so much by the way!

Anyways. It's been a great week! I don't have a lot of time today because we have to get going! But I'll contest you all quick!!

Father! I didn't hear anything from you today. I hope all is well. HOpefully work is going good and the holiday season is good. Oh by the way, a man in the english ward walked up to my and told me the flames are like in last place or something. That's lame. Do you guys still have season tickets? Hope all goes well. Did you bring Jojo and Aries to the Christmas concert thing? Hope they're doing great. HAve any work Christmas party plans? Love ya dad!!

Mother. I'm glad you corrected yourself. I am a man. I'm glad all goes well with you. That's super nice about Kenna's friend and Christmas. I'm glad grandma's feeling better as well. Tell her I love her a lot. She's amazing. So what do you usually get to do during work? That's awesome about family history. That's something that I definitely need to get in to when I get home, becasue this work needs to be done on both sides of the vail! Hey! Do you know what would be cool. maybe you could send a couple names to me that I could go and get done while I'm here on my mission. That was be super cool. Because I get to go every 3 months! Anyways love you mum!! You're awesome.

Charly! Hopefulyl you're doing great! Love you lots. That's awesome that you have a job! How often do you work? You got any big plans for Christmas? Oh Charly, also. Invite one of your friends to church so they can be baptized. That would be cool. Hope things are going well for you love you tons!

Jake! Glad you're doing so great in soccer buddy! How has the sports seasons been? How's being the head of the school still? That's awesome you sung at the Christmas carrol concert! You have any big plans for Christmas? HOpe all is well buddy love you lots!

Kenna I hope you're doing great! And That's awesome that you get to do twelve days of Christmas to your friends. Hope you're doing awesome ! Love ya~
Izaac! I hope you get your 100 dollars so you can get all the candy you're heart desires. I also hope you get insulin because you'll need it after the diabetes kicks in! Love you buddy your amazing! See you soon!

Well sorry this was super short. However I have to go. Because I need to pack. Ps. I get to be on bike so I'll get skinny again! But I want you guys to know that I love you all so so much and that I know this church is 100% verdadero. I know it with all my heart. It's awesome. I know Christ is our Saviour and Joseph Smith saw Him. And His church is back.

les quiero mucho

Elder Blomfield

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