Sunday, 8 December 2013


Hey family! Hope everyone's week was great! I had a fantastic week! So many weird experience and miracles it was great! So, two of my investigators were baptized yesterday! Maria and Christina! It was great, they asked Elder Moss and I to do the baptizing which was great. HUGE miracle. So happy. Such a great feeling last night. They're totally crazy, but it finally happened after months of teaching them. We're super happy. It was such a great feeling to hit the pillow at the end of the night last night, although I was dead. But it was sweet!

So It was kind of a battle to get them baptized. There were tons of obstacles to jump. But God is a God of miracles and this was a huge one! It's so great! Elder Moss is a great companion! Super good guy, we have a lot of fun together. The sad thing is that transfers are next week ALREADY. Hopefully we get one more together.

Another great thing that happened this week was that we had the opportunity to go to the temple on Friday. I LOVED it. I love sitting their and just thinking. It's super super spiritual. It was great. It's such a special blessing to know what we know and experience the temple. It's so amazing. I love it to death. Oh, and I got to do part of it in Spanish which was super awesome/weird!

But this week's going to be great! It's thanksgiving on Thursday so we have the day "off" to go and spend it with the Navarette family in our ward and feast with them. That should be fun. I love food so that's always great! We got our car back as well this week! That was a huge blessing, although I had so much fun on bike!

Dad! How was the trip? You essentially told me nothing! Hopefully it was well and you got a lot of work done, and had tons of fun. Lame about the airports though! Yeah he seemed like a nice enough guy now! He's working for the church which is cool because they have like their own insurance policy thing going on. But hopefully everyone safe and hopefully you guys have a great thanksgiving break with Peter! It'll be nice to see him again I'm sure! How's the ward doing do you know? What's the missionary work like there? Like is there a lot of baptisms and member support? HOPE all is well. Love you lots DAd!

Mum! Hope your week was fun! Was it cool going to the sites? You guys should send me pictures! And thanks for the packages! I can't beleive it's already almost Christmas. SO weird. I guess that means I'll be talking to you guys via skype. SUPER weird that's already here. Time goes by way too fast sometimes haha. I had some ideas for your talk. 1. having an active priesthood holder at the home (whether it be Dad, Son, Bishop, Hteacher) 2. Coming to church and taking the sacrament as a family. Those are things that really make a big difference for me. I'm sure you'll give a great talk Mum! You better record it or something so I can hear/read it. And I'll send a separate paragraph for grandma and grandad! Their awesome! Love you mum thanks for everything!

Charly! Hope all is going well for you! you didn't write to me so friends off. Just kidding. How's school, sports, seminary, friends, scripture study, boys? No boys by the way. Hope your week is great! Love you lots char keep up the great work!!!

Jake! Hope you're doing great pal! How are you're sports coming. You on track to get athlete of the year three times running? Do you guys get a break this week as it's american thanksgiving? Got any cool plans for the week?

Kenna and Izaac! Hope you guys are having fun! Love you guys so much! Be good and safe and have fun at school!

Okay really quick I just want to talk about the sacrament. Before my mission I didn't really see the importance of it. But out here as I've studied it, I think I've come to better realize the importance of it. I LOVE taking the sacrament now. It cleans me from my sins and allows me to be more sensitive to the spirit. It's definitely something we all need to be aware of and set aside time for. In Juan in the Bible it talks about how Christ commanded His disciples to take of his body and blood. ANd by doing this they have two very important promises: 1. Eternal life, 2. He promises we will dwell in him and Him in us. And this is something we desperately need, especially in this world if we want to find peace within ourselves, and our families. And I've learned that we need to try to make ourselves more worthy of the the love of God so that as we take the sacrament (or the Holy Dinner in Spanish) we can have the Spirit of God with us always.

Les amo mucho. Que tengan una muy buena semana.

Con todo mi amor, Elder Blomfield

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