Sunday, 15 December 2013


Alright. Hi family! How's it going? I hope everyone's doing great! My week was fantastic! We really had some sweet miracle experiences and some funny crazy stuff! First of all, Elder Romero is my Mexican companion. He can speak English just great. He's super super funny. And he's a super good missionary. We get a long great. But we get in every night just beat! Riding bike is tiring. But it's a lot funner to do than riding car. You meet so many interesting people!!
We had a sweet week! We met the boyfriend of a less active we were visiting. He was super cool but has a super super rough life. He told us he's spent more time in jail than out of it and he's 28. And he's Atheist. We sat down and had one of the most Spiritual lessons I can think of. The Spirit just smacked him in the face. And he showed up to church on Sunday. It was super great. Especially because this was his first time every stepping foot into any church building. He's super nice and funny, and I know we can help change his life.
We have a lot of people lined up this month, and we're gonna baptize a lot! It's gonna be great! And My Spanish is getting better. Love it. I hope one day to make this my native language.
We spent a lot of time this week working with members. Because I feel like that's the only way that we're gonna baptize a lot. I swear though, Our teaching pool just consists of girls. I feel like they're way more humble and receptive to the gospel.
Dad. No! I didn't loose it from the crash. Just being changed out of areas. This areas for bike. It's super great. It's called Moreno valley because their are a lot of Morenitos here. It sounds like the missionaries are really stepping it up back home! Before I never remember our ward having a baptism. That's aweseome! Do they ever call on you to go out with them? That's something I definitely want to do when I get home is go out with the missionaries a lot. Because without the support of the ward, they won't get baptized or stay active. Yeah the other missionaries are doing great! They're rocking it out there! But it sucks because they're not here and this is the best mission. How's the work going? Is business growing a lot? How's the oil going in texas? Love you papa!
MOTHER. I heard you did a fantastic talk at church, so congratulations. That's amazing. I wish I could have heard it, maybe you could send it. That's so true though. About the Book of Mormon. I feel like that's a key to successful family is reading it together. Because like was said, as you read those feelings of contentions are gone. There's such a sweet power in that book that just eliminates all bad feelings we have. I love the book of Mormon. It's cool how that book has the power to change lives. That sucks that the weather so lame bad up their! Yeah it sucks because occassionally it rains here.. ;) hahaha. Kidding! Yeah I miss those chats too! Those are some of the best memories I have of back home! Anyways! I love you Mum! Hope your week was great!! Love you!
Charly! No boys! Love you tons! Hope your week goes well. Love you tons! I hope working at the bay goes well.
Jake! Congrats with sports guys! Love you so much! Super proud to have a brother that growing so big. 5.4's pretty good. But I'm still better! hahaha. I will be th ebiggest. anyways congrats man. Love you tons. You're a great example!!
KENNA AND IZAAC. Have a great Week and be safe. So proud of you guys and can't wait to talk to you at Christmas!!! Be good so you can get lots of presents for Christmas! What do I want? All I want is to baptize someone Christmas day. That would make my year. Love you!
Okay family. Something came up. So I must race. Love you tons! Hope you know all is well here! Merry Christmas! And remember that Christ is our King, and we're are joint heirs with Him in God's Kingdom. Love you all!!!!

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