Saturday, 11 January 2014


Hey family! Hope everyone's week was great! I know mine was amazing! We had some sweet miracles this week!

First of all, we are going to baptize the two little sisters of David. The parents are cool with it, but they're heading out of town this weekend. So we're going to push for Thursday. It's a stretch, but hopefully it will happen! Pray for them! They're super cool. They like church a lot, and are super ready. One of the girls whose 9, reminds me of Kenna. She's super sassy it's great. Their names are Brandy, and April. And it's cool because David received the Priesthood so he gets to baptize them! I'm super proud of him and super excited! He's such a good guy. He's already going out home teaching and stuff, and he went to the temple to do baptisms on Friday. He said it was the most Spiritual thing he's been through, he said he could feel the presence of the people their and he just loved it. As well, it was cool because when he took off his glasses in the temple he said he could see perfectly! Just a little testimony to me that the temple is the closet place to heaven on earth. I can't wait to go back this month!

Another cool experience that we had is some random guy showed up to sacrament meeting. His 25 and it turns out he's a Jew. So it was super cool. he had a lot of questions and so we went to a room and sat down with him, and had a sweet lesson! He was so cool. It was like a bash, but it totally wasn't. We sat down and taught truth, and it was filled with the spirit. It was super cool. I loved how he put it, that as we taught the plan of Salvation he said it was poetry to his ears. I loved it. It was cool too because Elder Romero's family was Jewish and so he knew about the religion and stuff. It was really cool. This guys really smart. He lives out of our area, but his friend is in this ward, so he said he wants to drive down and meet with us. So it's cool with us! It was a super great experience, but as we read from the Bible, I knew that this was the true church of God.

Oh! So happy New years as well! New Years was super cool! We stopped proselyting at six, and that just went out with the other missionaries to the church and played basketball and watched Ephraim's rescue. It was cool! I hope your guys was cool too! Hope you have some rockin goals this year. I can't believe time goes by so fast. It's super weird.

Anyways! Dad.  That's super fun about skiing, and that Peter vomited everywhere. What a girl. He's always had a weak stomach hahaha. Hope you have a great week! Love ya! hope work is doing awesome!

Mum! I will send pictures... as soon as I found my camera. I seem to have misplaced it. Either that or it was stolen. So just pray that I'll be able to find it to send you all the memories of my mission thus far. That sucks that you already had to say goodbye to Peter! But I guess life goes on hey? That's cool that you guys got to go swimming and stuff! That sounds like fun! And as for the package! yes I got it! It was amazing, I have way too much stuff now hahahah. I loved the balloons. I blew them all up. I liked the one from Grandad that said he spit on "the blow up bit". That was a great surprise when I blew it up. Hahahaha. Thanks for always being so thoughtful mum! You back at work yet? Love ya! hope things are great!

Charly! I'm glad to hear you're reading your scriptures, and going to seminary and stuff! So proud of you! Hopefully you're doing amazing! Hopefully your bringing other people to Christ! I wish I was better at that when I was younger. Love you lots char, hope you're doing great! Keep up the good work!

Jake! I'm sorry Peter had to leave. I'm glad you guys were getting along so much! He's a super good guy! Hopefully you don't miss him too much! What'd you guys do when you were home? Have fun at school, seminary, and sports! Love ya!

Kenna and Izaac! Love you guys! Keep being awesome! You guys are amazing. hope you had a good Christmas!
O ps.. CHarly. No boys! Love you guys lots, hope your week goes great! Hasta Luego!

Oh as well. I want you guys to know that I know that the Church is super true. All of it.

Love ya!

Sunday, 5 January 2014


Dear family. I hope everyone had a great week! Mine was fantastic!!
So first of all, the most important thing, my dear friend David was baptized! It was amazing! I was so proud of him! It's so cool. He's such an inspiration. He's an amazing guy. He came to church on Sunday too and received the Spirit, and the Priesthood! He's amazing. He brought his two younger sisters as well. And we have permission to baptize them from the parents so they're on date! So excited! I love baptisms. They're truly amazing, and it's so cool to see the fruits of your labours.
This week was cool as well because we didn't really have any time to do anything. We essentially had 3 days off with P-day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas. So last night we buckled down, split up with members and got work done, and hit the standard. That in and of itself was a miracle. We put four people on date that night. It was amazing! I love this work. I'm so tired!
So yes. It's true. My bike was stolen. Thanks Peter! So apparently to get the insurance it had to be locked some crazy way, which it wasn't. So I don't get the new one. BUT, my homeshare lady bought me a bike from the swap meet. She's amazing. So I do have a bike. Not to worry. All is well. I kind of just laughed when I came out and it was gone. Hahaha.
So Dad.  That's lame. It's super sad to see that. I guess that's why it's so important to have your own testimony. Because I know for me that nothing can take this away! How was skiing?? That's cool! Hope you guys had a great time and didn't die! Hope things are great! Love yeah!
Mum! Haha Sorry that made me laugh. I do understand. It's frustrating when people are too busy. For me though it's in the church when people are too busy for their callings. Like you said, everyone's busy, but no one's too busy for family and God. I think on my mission I've become a little more feisty, and I can't stand it when people don't fulfill their callings in the church. BUT. It's okay. We just do our best right?  That's awesome about the temple! I'm glad you got to go. The temple's so much fun! I love it to death! Hope you're great mum, love ya!
Peter! You fetcher! So much for brothers secrecy. I feel like I can't trust you anymore. </3. That's a broken heart. I hope one day you can make it up to me! That's fun that you and Jake have been rocking it together. He's such a cool kid. Maybe I should have told him my secret. I'm sure he wouldn't have blown it. Hahahaha. Yeah I understand. I feel like home isn't home. I guess home it where the heart is, and as much as I love everyone, my hearts here... it feels like home now hahaha. Hope you can find a girlfriend soon. You're running out of time, you'll be six feet under before you know it! Hhahaha. You should've told him that. That would've been hilarious! Love you man!
Charly! You spoiled brat!! An Iphone Five? Lucky girl! I hope things are going great for you. NO BOYS. It was great to talk to you the other day. Charly! I hope your talk went well. A good way to talk is like half way through like look down and rub your eyes or something to make it look like your crying, and then continue. And also use glasses and whip em off during intense times. It'll be great and make it more effective. Love you char, hope your Christmas went great! Love ya!
Jake! Nice Justin Beiber hair dude! It looks great. You look huge!! Height wise. I hope you know I'll take you down. I'm 190 pounds and counting! I just sit on you. And pretty much I'm a black belt with that martial arts class I took once. So don't let your head get too big. Hope you're Christmas went great! What'd you get? Hope you're enjoying time with your brother! Love you man! You're awesome!
Kenna and Izaac! You guys look so great! I hope things are doing great with you! Love you guys to death! Hope Christmas went well! Love you guys!

Well family. Just to let you all know, I loved talking to you the other day. I'm glad to see all is well in the family. Keep it that way! You guys are great! Love you all!!
Elder Blomfield!


Hey family! Hope everyone's doing great! I'm not going to take long to write because I see you in two days! But I just want you to know things are great down here! I had a sweet miracle last night where a girl I was teaching in my old ward got baptized. I got to go back and baptize her, so I'm super happy because of that!
Oh also! My Christmas wish came true! Or will come true. We will be baptizing a 16 year old kid, David on Christmas!!!! Santa's real! Both these people are super amazing! I won't go into detail now, but I'm so proud of them!
Love you guys so much! Talk to you in two days! At 2 this time we will be calling I THINK. If anything changes I'll call just to make sure!
Love you guys!!
Elder Blomfield


HEY family. How's everyone doing? I hope everyone's doing great and is safe. Up in Calgary. Where's it's freezing. It's so great down here where All I have to worry about is if I may or may not have to wear a sweater that night.
So your guy's weeks sound so great! This week has been amazing. To be honest it was a bit of a slower week than what I had hoped but it was good. My companion Elder Romero has some pretty intense pains this week and so we went to the hospital. He had to go through all this physical tests and go and get blood tests and xrays and stuff and before we knew it, the day was pretty much done. It was super lame. But hopefully he'll be feeling better soon.
We kind of had a sad insident this week. We're teaching a girl who's 17. She's accepted baptism but is struggling with the law of chastity. So me and Elder Romero kind of had the sit down with her and essentially told her that she needs to stop, and if she can't control it, she needs to break up with her boyfriend. Anyways, I think we made her cry which was super depressing, because I hate making people feel guilty. But on the other had this is God's work and his word, and no one's exempt from it. Hopefully everything goes well, pray for her!
We're working with a lot of people right now that are ready to be baptized but either won't for one reason or another or don't have permission from their parents. At times it's kind of frustrating, but it'll be good! We just need prayers so that either these people, or their parents will have soften hearts.
We also had a great experience last night. We got a call from another missionary that served in this area that felt we needed to go visit a family he taught that never got baptized. So we went and they're super amazing. And they want to get baptized. SO. I need also a lot of prayers this week for them too. Because we know we can get these people baptized, we just need to have faith.
Dad! Sounds like you had a great/hectic week! When Elder Bednar came to the leadership meeting did you ask any questions? Any new, mind blowing doctrine? How are the Flames doing by the way? How are the boys at work?  I LOVE going through the scriptures to find these sweet new truths. I started reading JEsus the Christ this week. I've read a lot out of it before, but I wanted to say I've read it cover to cover. It's super good. Jesus Christ is the best. I hope I can be like him more and more everyday. I feel like as I come closer to Him, I find more and more things wrong with me. It's great. I guess that scriptures right that as we humble ourselves, God will show us our weaknesses. Well. I found enough. I just need to finish the scripture and turn them into strengths now. Can't wait to speak to you dad! Hope you had a great week love ya!
Mother! How are you? Hope things are going great! I think that would be so amazing to see Elder Bednar talk right there! That's cool what he said about the Mormon moment. It's great. That's super cool about the transcripts as well. Could you imagine seeing that stuff ? That would be so cool. But the important thing I think is that no matter what, our testimony of the book of Mormon will be always backed up to a wall of faith. You an try and prove it, or rip it apart, but the only way you can know if it's true is by your testimony how how it makes you feel. It's amazing. I love that book. It's super cool and can change lives. That's an awesome thing that you're doing this week for that family. I hope they feel loved. That's super nice. You've always been a great example of having charity. Love you lots mum, hope this week is great! I'll probably speak to you guys at like 2 in the afternoon Sunday? Is that okay? I'll know for sure next week! Love ya!
Charly! That's super awesome! Do that! Go with that pamphlet with him. And take him to seminary! It'll be so cool. You could convert your friend. That's super sweet you guys got to sing songs. Di you sound nice and what did you sing? I hope you got to shake his hand and stuff. He's an awesome man. I loved his talk about tithing and how he called everyone to repentance. It was amazing. How has the rest of your week been? Any plans for Christmas? Hope you're doing great! Love ya!!
Jake! Congrats buddy on the basketball team and the beep test and all that sports and stuff!! I know what you mean about wanting to win. That's a great feeling. The best feeling I have is the feeling I get from pushing myself to the limits and having that feeling of relief at the end of the night knowing I did my best that day. I hope you're doing great. Love you bud!
Izaac and Kenna! Hope you guys are doing great! love you guys so much and Happy Christmas!!!
Well. I best be off family! I love you guys a lot, and hope all goes well for you guys! I'll talk to you guys in like a couple weeks I guess. Or days. Weird. Love ya!