Wednesday, 5 February 2014



Hey family! I hope everyone's been doing good! I'll try and get some pictures up today! We'll see what happens! This week has been amazing! We had a pretty fantastic week, I love being a missionary!

So. First of all, it was a little bit lame because we spent many a days up in Riverside trying to fix the car. Which was lame. And we had about infinite meetings this week. I swear, the 14th article of faith says we believe in meetings. But, it's okay, because we still had an amazing week!

We were teaching Jonny a lot this week which was amazing! He was on date for the 16th but we felt he's ready. So he's going to get baptized next week! It's super excited. He's such a cool guy. We watched the Joseph Smith Prophet of the restoration video with him. (it's super powerful by the way) And he loved it. He's so cool. He went and got the signature from his parents and so he should be baptized this week! Pray for him. He's such a cool guy.

We are also teaching this woman named Julie. She's really cool. It was super funny because she called us and told us that she wasn't going to come to church 5 minutes before it started because she wasn't feeling good. But we or rather the Spirit convinced her to come. So that was cool. She's going to get baptized the end of this month! It's going to be great. She just needs a lot of prayers. And I do record in my journal. Probably like twice a week. I'm trying super hard to be better. That's definitely something I need to work on. 

I feel like as a missionary all the faults you have a brought forward. It's kind of sad but kind of cool too. Like the closer you get to God, the more things you can see are wrong with you. But it's awesome because now more than ever I feel like I've seen God' hand in my life changing me and making me a better person. Although I'm still extremely far off, it's nice to see the Lord molding me. Hopefully one day I can be a "perfect instrument in God's hands". But yeah. Being a missionary is pretty much the best. 

Dad. Sounds like you had a pretty crazy week. I didn't know you were into American Football. Traitor. Who'd you watch that with? That's super cool that the flames are doing kind of okay. In my old ward, this guy in the English ward would always come up and tell me how bad the flames were doing. it was pretty hilarious, but I'm glad you enjoyed the game! That's awesome that you're still being a missionary and looking for missionary opportunities. That's awesome that you got to spend some time with Kenna and Izaac though. Thanks for being such a good example Dad. In missionary work and just in general. Love ya!

Oh. Ps. theres nothing worth showing off, so you wouldn't want the pictures anyways. 

Mum! Yeah that's a super weird thing about being a missionary. You kind of get to demand people to do stuff and they do it. Definitely God is with us, because if not, no one would listen to a 19year old kid coming into their house, and telling them what to do. It's so awesome to see the hand of the Lord everywhere. That's super weird that Charly's already driving! I can't believe that. The only thing that can make us happy in this life is the gospel, and Christ. Anyways. I love you mum, sounds like you're doing awesome and are an awesome teacher! Love ya!

Charly! I hear you're driving. What! Hopefully you haven't crushed anyone yet. No boys. Also, I love you. Keep being an awesome example to your friends and siblings and keep studying the scriptures, "for in them ye shall find eternal life". Love ya!

Jake! I heard you've been playing a lot of sports! hopefully you're doing great. I know yo're an awesome guy! I hope you're enjoying seminary. That was really something that challenged me and helped me find my testimony. I love you bud. I hope you're doing great! 

Kenna! I saw you climbing a wall! YOu're hair is so long. Love you hope you're being good.

Izaac mi gorditito, hopefully you're doing amazing. I love you bud and hope you're having fun at schooL!

Well family. I love you all, I'm going to try to send pictures here soon. hope you're week is great! 

Hasta luego!

27 JANUARY 2014

Hey family! So I don't really have too much time today! It's been super busy! But I hope everyone had a great week!
So this week was awesome! We had a lot of success. We were super blessed with a lot of lessons and 9 of our investigators showed up to church today. It was amazing! Super awesome! We're going to work super hard to help these people get baptized, but it's cool that they're all making steps to come unto Christ.
It's super hard to think right now, because I'm kind of in a rush. We spent most of the day in Riverside figuring out a car situation. Elder Romero and I now have a car which is awesome! But the wheel is cracked so it's been a headache trying to figure all that out today. We're super excited to be able to have more time to teach now though!
So my investigators are awesome! We had some pretty spiritual lessons this week. It was great, and a lot of awesome miracles. We need your prayers though, because a lot of the people we are teaching are living together, but are unmarried. It's quite sad that they don't feel it's a big deal, and aren't really willing to do anything about it. But we are expecting miracles and some marriages. It'll be awesome.
We've been working with a lady named Lucy for a while. When we first met her, Elder Romero and I both felt the impression that we will baptize her. but right now Satan's working super hard on her, and she still hasn't received the answer that this is true! If you could, pray for her a lot!
So like I said I don't have that much time. And I'm sorry about the pictures! I really am. I don't have a connector cord to send them, and I don't really have time to go buy one. I'm going to try this week. I guess I could give it to members in the ward. But I don't know. I don't want to lose it. So I'll try to get pictures. I know I haven't sent a lot. Just know that I'm doing awesome! and the mission is the best life. I love this gospel so much. And tomorrow I get to go to the temple! I can't wait. I love this gospel so much!

Love you guys, hope you all have a great week and that you keep it real!
Ps. Dad that's awesome that you're still being a missionary! LOVE IT.


Hey family! I hope everyone's doing so great! I had a fabulous week. It's super cool to hear from everyone and that everyone's doing so great!!

So first of all we had an amazing week! A kind of big miracle happened. So the sisters in our ward were teaching a family for a while. The family was coming to church but they weren't really progressing towards baptism, so they dropped them. Well, at church last week the Dad came up and asked if we could come by and teach them, so we did. It was super cool because we went over and put them on date for sunday, so the dad and the son got baptized yesterday! It was awesome. It was cool too because they asked me and Elder Romero to do it. So that was a super cool miracle that we had. I love being a missionary, it's amazing! Again I would send pictures, but I don't really have a way of connecting to the computer right now, and yeah.

This week was super cool too. We picked up quite a bit of new investigators. One of them, named Johnny, met us up at the church yesterday for a lesson. He's super cool, he's 17 and wants to come closer to God. We had a pretty good lesson and he accepted to be baptized next month! We're really excited! He's a really cool guy. We also met a lot of other people who have a lot of potential to be baptized this transfer, it's great! I love being a missionary.

We also had a super cool stake broadcast from some of the Twelve and Seventy last night! It was really great. It talked all about hastening the work, and how we need to focus in on saving our friends. It was cool, they gave the example of two boats caught in a storm who called for help from the coast guard. Instead of jumping to the rescue immediately, the coast guard decided to have all these meetings to figure out what to do, and everyone in the boats were killed. It's like with us, we don't have time to sit in meetings and wait and figure out who can go out and do it. God needs people who are willing to act right away, because Christ is coming, and we don't have time to wait anymore. I really like it. There were talks on how people get really scared to do missionary work, and it's true at first it's scary. But it's really not that hard, because if we love these people we'll do it, and perfect love casteth out all fear. 

Dad that's a super awesome quote! I love the temple. It's so pretty and awesome. I can't wait to go again. We get to go next week on Tuesday. I hope they show the new video. It's so awesome. Are they building any more temples in Canada? That's awesome that Andy and Rachel are coming! That must be super exciting. Give them a hello for me. Do you guys have any plans with them? Haha and have fun on your trip with Pete! That should be awesome! How's Tanner doing by the way? Hopefully good! Love you dad!

Mum! Lucy is doing good. The only problem is that she's not married. SUPER lame. We just found out this week. We're going to do all we can to marry them, but the lame part is that she doesn't want to marry him! She needs prayers so she can figure this out! Hahaha Izaac's such a funny guy! That's awesome that he's doing so good with his reading. I'm so proud of our family. Everyone's so awesome. We just need to keep it that way! Oh and Mum I feel like you're a way better teacher than you think. If you really truly believe that you can be good, you'll be amazing! So don't worry I know you're a really sweet teacher. And yeah you can write to whoever! That'll be good because I don't ever write letters. Maybe you could write on behalf of me? hahaha Love you Mum, your the best!

Charly! First of all, congrats! You're going to be getting to drive soon! How awesome! Too bad you're not going to be going on dates. Seriously. No boys. I hate them. I hate all the boys in the whole world. Good luck on your exams this week! I know you're doing awesome! your a smart girl! Love you char!

Jake! Nice job in your sports bud! I know you're doing great! That's sweet that you're growing. Just don't think you can take me. I do push ups. Hopefully school goes well for you mate. Good luck at the dances with the girls hahaha. You're going to look studly. Oh hey. Guess what. I can finally grow facial hair. It's kind of annoying actually, but I feel old. Love you bud,. good luck!

Kenna! I hope you're just having a smashing time at school. I love you a lot, and I hope your doing awesome! how tall are you now? Hope things are great! Love you!
Izaac! I heard your doing awesome and you got some new shoes! That's awesome. You'll have to send me some pictures you stud! Also I heard youre doing awesome with you reading! Love you bud! Have a good week!

Ah. Well, I must be off family! Oh. Yeah. Also I reached my seventh month mark yesterday. (super depressing) I feel like time goes WAY too fast. And I was thinking about it, and we really don't have time to waste a single minute. Because before we know it, time will be gone. I know that's something I need to do better in my mission. I can't waste a single minute, because I know in the blink of an eye, this amazing experience will be done, and I'm on God's time. Anyways. I know this church is true! I hope you know it. If you don't, find out! Love you all!


Hey family hope everyone had a great week! Mine was awesome! Had a lot of fun! I love being a missionary!
First off, April and Brandy got baptized which was super sweet! It was kind of a push with the ward. We had planned to do it Sunday night, but the parents were at a work seminar for the weekend and couldn't do it. And Elder Romero and I didn't want to wait an extra week. So we tried to do it on Thursday but it was unsurely set in stone because the daughters were super sick. Brandy, the nine year old was going to the Emergency room and so Elder Romero gave her a blessing. She was supposed to have surgery but was fine and apparently she prayed their that she wouldn't have to go so she could get baptized the next day. So when we went over Thursday morning and found this out we did everything we could to have them baptized this day. And it seemed like the harder we tried, the harder it got, because Satan was pushing super hard. BUT, we did it! It was great. They got interviewed at the building, and we filled the seats and managed to have a member of the Bishopric their. It was awesome. And David baptized both of his little sisters! I have pictures (because yes I found my camera) But I can't send them because I don't have a way of getting them onto the computer. 

So that was the highlight of my week. It was scary because it was transfer weeks as well. Peter can understand how intense that can be sometimes. But thankfully, Elder Romero and I are staying together, which is awesome because we're going to baptize nations. It's so much fun. I love it. It's super hard to see your friends leave though, but it's okay! 

So essentially that wraps up my week. I really feel like we didn't do anything else super exciting. We helped a ward member put of palm trees which was cool! I got a million blisters on my hands, because I'm a girl, but it was super fun! The language is doing good. Hopefully. So that's good. And everything else is great! Love missionary work!
DAD! That's awesome about Grandma's cousin! So happy she's baptized! That's super awesome too about all the guys over their! How is everyone? How's uncle Neil? He going to get baptized? That's awesome about you and Thomas. So glad you're still being a solid missionary. What did Thomas think about everything? That's cool about your office and stuff. Sorry the weather sucks! It's beautiful down here. And that's super awesome about your friends son too! Hong Kong that's crazy! Well, help you have a great week! Love you Dad!

Mother! Sounds like your an amazing teacher! I love those moments when I rush of Inspiration comes! I love it. OH I forgot, this woman named Lucy who we've been working with forever came to church this week! It was great. She's awesome and she's gonna get baptized before the end of the month. That's our goal at least. I'm sorry about your teeth. That's extremely unfortunate. I hope they start to feel better. Maybe you should just rip em all out and get fake ones? Easy solution right? That's awesome that you got to spend time with them! How are they doing? How's work? And nice mistake with Charly's friend hahaha. That's classic! Love you mum your the best!

CHARLY. No boys. Man I feel like I have to tell you all the time. And I still feel like you're not listening. Goodness gracious. So what's the sitch? (kim possible) Who do you like? You confuse me. I hope school goes well. You're an awesome sister! If any of those boys aren't members by the way and like you, make them members. Flirt to convert right. hahaha just kidding. Love you char!
Jake yeah dude I know! I miss doing that stuff too! I'm glad you guys got along so well! hahaa it's sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! That's awesome you got NHL too. I remember Dad and I used to play it all the time. I'd kick his but it was awesome! I hope your doing great! Nice job in soccer man! Congrats for being such a great guy! I hope you keep being a sweet example to me and all your friends! Love you man!

Kenna and Izaac! I love you guys! I hope skating has been great! And Izaac that's cool you went to the movies! Love you guys! You guys are amazing!  Hope you have a great week!!

Okay guys, well I must be off! Love you all so much! I hope you guys know that the church is true! I know it's true and I know God is real and ah. It's amazing. I don't ever want to lose the feeling I get from this gospel. Hope things are great back home! Love you guys tons!