Sunday, 2 March 2014

24 FEBRUARY 2014

Hey family. Hope everyone's had a great week this week! Sounds like it! Sounds like Canada tore it up in the olympics which is SWEET! Super proud of them! 

This week was super awesome, but super sad... We got transfer calls and Elder Romero is leaving:( It's super depressing because we've had a lot of success together. He's an awesome guy, he's leaving to Hemet today and my new companion is named Elder Dayley who just finished being trained. So it should be fun! I'm excited, but at the same time super sad to see my friend leave.

This week was amazing though. First off, Maria was baptized last night. It was super amazing. It made me super happy to see that, and to see the ward come out to support her. She's amazing, her grandson was baptized last night too but into the English ward. It was cool because she got to watch him get baptized, and right after she was baptized. It was super spiritual. She was super ready, and the night before her baptism she told us she wants to go on a mission and all this stuff. It was awesome. I love it. Elder Romero and I decided it was a great way to end our companionship. Hopefully we'll be companions again. 

This week was awesome too. We took out our two recent converts David and Johnny to lessons. I went with Johnny and David with Elder Romero. It was sweet because Johnny and I had a super successful lesson with Brayan, who's on date for the 9th of March, and David and Elder Romero went back to teach David's parents. They are super supportive of the church, but just haven't been baptized because they work on Sunday's. But the time has been changed due to flooding in our building, so Elder Romero and David went and put them on date for this month as well. It's amazing. David is a super great guy. He's been teaching his parents on his own and came out with us every day this week which was awesome. It makes me happy.

Oh and as well! My friend George came to visit me this week! The one who was baptized in my first area. He came down with a family in the ward for a boy who was baptized this week. It was the best to see him and talk to him. He's awesome. He goes to LA on the weekends now, but still goes to church up there and is still going out with the missionaries. It was super awesome to see him. 

Dad! That's sweet that you guys had a great week. That's cool as well that you got a boat. You definitely need to send me a picture of it! It sounds quite big and legit! That'll be a fun family toy haha.  How's he doing by the way? Everyone's so old! Grandad is like 67 already? And Jeannie like 50? Man. I'm super happy we have the plan of Salvation hahaha. That's awesome what the bishopric did. How's the youth in the ward doing? Hopefully okay. You're awesome Dad! Love ya!

Mum! That's awesome that Sam's doing so good! Super proud of him! He's such a great guy and has a super strong testimony. he was always a super good example to me, especially when it came to spiritual things. That's awesome that you got to go to the temple! I can't wait to go to the temple, it's so much fun! I love it. And I'm glad your lesson went well. That's always my favourite lesson to teach is the plan of salvacion. It's super spiritual and super happy! I'm sure you did a great job! You're awesome mum! Love ya!

Charly. NO BOYS. I swear If I find you with boys I'm going to throw a hissy fit. They're all bad people. ALL. So I leave the responsibility of keeping you away in the hands of my father and my three brothers (peter, jake and Izaac) . Oh but don't worry about the driving test. You'll ace it, as long as you can see over the wheel. Anyways. Love you lots char, you're great. No boys, and yeah! Love ya!

Jake! Watch out for Char aight? Keep an eye on her. and If she goes on dates I give you permission to follow her, and go to the same movie/restaurant she's in. Don't fail me. Also I love you. That sucks that your team lost but nice job with winning man of the match! You're a rock star! You on any school teams right now? Still in line for the athlete of the year? Love you man!
kenna! What's up! Hope you had a great week. It sounds like you had a blast in Utah! It's awesome to see your typing skills are improving. That's funny what you did with the dogs! Do you have any pictures to send? Love ya!
Izaac. My chubby little friend. That sounds like a super fun game you played at the hotel! I always loved playing in the hotels. I'm glad you had fun! Hey bud, I have a favour to ask. Don't let Charly go on dates okay? I know you'll do a great job. And If any boys come to the house. you need to beat them up for me okay? Love ya!

Well! I must be off! Love you all. I hope you guys know this church is super true. I LOVE IT. And I'm so happy God loved us so much to give us his gospel. I hope one day I can be worthy of His love, but ah. Anyways. Joseph Smith was a prophet, miracles happen, Christ is our Savior,  and I love this gospel. Love you guys!

17 FEBRUARY 2014

How's it going family? Hopefully everyone's doing great! glad to hear everyone's doing well. I had a sweet week this week, it was great!

It was awesome, because our investigator Maria de Jesus, is getting baptized next week! She's cool. She's an old lady but she has a ton of faith and is awesome, and she's really good friends with one of the other ladies in the ward. it's been awesome to teach her, she essentially just accepted everything right away. She told us she's been searching for the truth a long time. She used to be in a whole bunch on different churches but never felt right. She's super excited to get the Holy Ghost. It was cool because there was a baptism in the ward last night of a family, and Maria came and loved it. So we're excited for the next week.
It was awesome because yesterday, Johnny came to church and got the Holy Ghost. It was super amazing to see that and be apart of it. I really loved it. It's cool too because I get to take out all the recently baptized young men to do visits with us. It's super awesome to watch their testimonies grow and all this. I love being a missionary.
Yesterday was really cool. The sisters had a baptism of a family last night which was super amazing to see. And it was cool because I got to baptize the little girl, Bridget. It's such a cool feeling watching people take these steps. It's super spiritual.
Yesterday was just kind of a weird day though. I had like a mini freakout in church. I started to realize like that I've almost hit my 8 month mark, and that's super scary. I feel like I have no time left. Hahaha. It was weird.
But it's great to see everyone doing so well!

Dad that's sweet that you guys had an awesome trip to Utah. And in answer to your questions yeah the wards are really stepping it up. It's awesome. Sometimes they can be a pain with certain things but it's still cool. We are having some problems with Brayan and just need to take a new approach i guess, but we'll get him and his mum. Julie had like a mini freakout and didn't come to church because her super catholic grandma came down from san diego to essentially try and get her to not be mormon. But just pray for her, we'll figure things out this week. And no not yet! We change next week... I'm thinking Elder Romero will probably go and I'll stay, but we'll see! That's awesome that you had a great week filled with fun stuff and it's awesome to hear Canada's holding it's own. Hope you're doing good, love ya Dad!
Mum! No, I haven't been super great at keeping in contact with my old converts. That's something I need to work on, but I think I lost the information and stuff. But I have someone getting me their emails. I do know that my good friend George still goes out with the Elders over there which is awesome. So that makes me super happy. He was an awesome guy. That's cool that you got to go all around temple square and salt lake! I love it there it's super pretty and spiritual. That's awesome that you guys had a ton of fun in the hotel. I always remember doing that, definitely some of my favourite memories ever was when we went to disneyland Darren and Kim and played hotel tag. I loved it. Also the temple is amazing. Hope you guys get home safely! Love ya!
Pete! Ya te escribi. Te quiero. Bye.
Charly! I hope you had a great time on holiday! That's awesome you could go. I heard your moody. Lame. No boy likes moody girls Char. Also, no boys. Love you lots, you look like youre 18. Bye! Love you lots!
Jake. you look like Justin Bieber. Also thanks for writing to me. Love you tons. I hope you had fun on holiday! That's awesome that you went. And that you played tag. We used to play that in the huge buildings at BYU. It was super hilarious. I loved it. Love you man, read your scriptures! They're the best!
Kenna and Izaac. What's up? I haven't heard from you guys in a while. Hope you're doing awesome. Love you tons.
Well. Family. I must depart. But I want you guys to know the gospel is super true. It's the best thing in the world. I love the plan of happiness, it's super pretty. And I can't wait to live with you guys again for eternity. It'll be awesome. I'm going to learn how to fly. Love you guys tons, you're all the best! Talk to you next week!

10 FEBRUARY 2014

Hey family! So I hope you all had a great week! My week was amazing! First of all, my dear friend Johnny got baptized!!! It was great! It was easily one of the most spiritual baptisms ever. We had a sweet week with him, preparing and everything. He was so ready. And it was amazing because I got to baptize him! His family was there which was great. And it was cool because when he came out of the water, the Spirit just like hit him super hard. It was amazing. I'm so happy. All his friends came to, it was just a super spiritual time. I loved it.
I remember the first day I met him, we talked to him on the street. He told us later on that he was having a really rough day that day and was wanting to change and come closer to God. It was sweet how God put us in his path, or He put Johnny in ours. Either way we were all blessed and it was super amazing! I loved it.
This week was super cool too. I spent like a lot of the time trying to teach by the Spirit, because I really suck at that and just like to teach for teaching. So I focused on that. And then we had such a sweet lesson. We're teaching a little kid named Brayan who's nine. The mum isn't a member and is living with a member of the church. And she can't get baptized because of that. But yeah. Usually every time we go over it just ends up a battle ground with the member. And every time we enter I can just feel Satan. It's crazy. But this time we went, and the Spirit just took over and we just started talking about the Atonement of Christ. It was amazing. I definitely have a testimony that when we teach by the Spirit, we can really get to the hearts and needs of those we teach. it was great.
We also had a great new investigator that we met this week named Maria de Jesus. The English elders are teaching her grandson, and so the referred us to her. She's super awesome and is going to get baptized the end of this month. She is great and she wants the Holy ghost so bad. It was amazing meeting her and a real blessing from God.
Transfers are coming up in a couple of weeks. It's kind of a sad time. Most likely I'll stay here, and Romero will move. I don't really know. But it'll be sad because Elder Romero and I have had a lot of success together. But it'll be good to learn from new people too.
Dad! That's awesome that you're still working with Thomas on that! If you want to get him to read, you can use John 5:39 or 2 Nephi 32. And just tell him that Jesus wants us to read so we can have Eternal life. That's awesome! Thomas is a great guy! I'm sorry about the whether. It rained here yesterday.... it was kind of chilly. ;) I hope things will go good with your trip! Have fun and be safe! How are the missionaries in the ward? I hope they're doing good and have a lot of work!That's crazy that you guys have been together so long. I hope you keep it up! If not I'll be mad. But congrats! I love you Dad, you've always been such a great example! Love ya!
Mum! I hope your week was great! I hope you enjoyed the photos. I'd sent more but I'll just save them up for later haha. Julie's great. She's still coming to church and progressing. She just needs the go ahead from president! It's awesome. We're super excited! That's so cute that Izaacs skating and stuff! That would be awesome to see him! Kenna's so funny too! That's awesome that she's already started reading and loving the scriptures. It took me a while to love them, but they're the best things ever. I'm super proud of you mum. You're an awesome teacher. Not only at church but as a mum too. You've done an awesome job! Love ya! Hope your week is amazing!
Peter. Friends off bud. You haven't even written back! So friends off. Just kidding. I hope things are going well at school! I know you're probably super stressed out with school, hope it goes well! Hope you find a girlfriend or something so you can halt being the third wheel ;). Love you bud, you're awesome!

Charly! I heard you're driving! What the heck that's crazy! I hope things are going well you and you haven't hit anyone. Love you tons. No boys!
Jake. Love you man. Heard you're growing like crazy! Too bad you're still a weak little boy. But nice job with sports and having a sweet week. Love you lots bud!
Kenna and Izaac! Hey! hope things are going well with you guys! Super proud you guys are doing awesome and are skating and reading and everything. Love you guys like crazy! Love you guys.
Well, I'm heading off for the week. Hope you guys have a great one! Love you guys like crazy!