Sunday, 2 March 2014

17 FEBRUARY 2014

How's it going family? Hopefully everyone's doing great! glad to hear everyone's doing well. I had a sweet week this week, it was great!

It was awesome, because our investigator Maria de Jesus, is getting baptized next week! She's cool. She's an old lady but she has a ton of faith and is awesome, and she's really good friends with one of the other ladies in the ward. it's been awesome to teach her, she essentially just accepted everything right away. She told us she's been searching for the truth a long time. She used to be in a whole bunch on different churches but never felt right. She's super excited to get the Holy Ghost. It was cool because there was a baptism in the ward last night of a family, and Maria came and loved it. So we're excited for the next week.
It was awesome because yesterday, Johnny came to church and got the Holy Ghost. It was super amazing to see that and be apart of it. I really loved it. It's cool too because I get to take out all the recently baptized young men to do visits with us. It's super awesome to watch their testimonies grow and all this. I love being a missionary.
Yesterday was really cool. The sisters had a baptism of a family last night which was super amazing to see. And it was cool because I got to baptize the little girl, Bridget. It's such a cool feeling watching people take these steps. It's super spiritual.
Yesterday was just kind of a weird day though. I had like a mini freakout in church. I started to realize like that I've almost hit my 8 month mark, and that's super scary. I feel like I have no time left. Hahaha. It was weird.
But it's great to see everyone doing so well!

Dad that's sweet that you guys had an awesome trip to Utah. And in answer to your questions yeah the wards are really stepping it up. It's awesome. Sometimes they can be a pain with certain things but it's still cool. We are having some problems with Brayan and just need to take a new approach i guess, but we'll get him and his mum. Julie had like a mini freakout and didn't come to church because her super catholic grandma came down from san diego to essentially try and get her to not be mormon. But just pray for her, we'll figure things out this week. And no not yet! We change next week... I'm thinking Elder Romero will probably go and I'll stay, but we'll see! That's awesome that you had a great week filled with fun stuff and it's awesome to hear Canada's holding it's own. Hope you're doing good, love ya Dad!
Mum! No, I haven't been super great at keeping in contact with my old converts. That's something I need to work on, but I think I lost the information and stuff. But I have someone getting me their emails. I do know that my good friend George still goes out with the Elders over there which is awesome. So that makes me super happy. He was an awesome guy. That's cool that you got to go all around temple square and salt lake! I love it there it's super pretty and spiritual. That's awesome that you guys had a ton of fun in the hotel. I always remember doing that, definitely some of my favourite memories ever was when we went to disneyland Darren and Kim and played hotel tag. I loved it. Also the temple is amazing. Hope you guys get home safely! Love ya!
Pete! Ya te escribi. Te quiero. Bye.
Charly! I hope you had a great time on holiday! That's awesome you could go. I heard your moody. Lame. No boy likes moody girls Char. Also, no boys. Love you lots, you look like youre 18. Bye! Love you lots!
Jake. you look like Justin Bieber. Also thanks for writing to me. Love you tons. I hope you had fun on holiday! That's awesome that you went. And that you played tag. We used to play that in the huge buildings at BYU. It was super hilarious. I loved it. Love you man, read your scriptures! They're the best!
Kenna and Izaac. What's up? I haven't heard from you guys in a while. Hope you're doing awesome. Love you tons.
Well. Family. I must depart. But I want you guys to know the gospel is super true. It's the best thing in the world. I love the plan of happiness, it's super pretty. And I can't wait to live with you guys again for eternity. It'll be awesome. I'm going to learn how to fly. Love you guys tons, you're all the best! Talk to you next week!

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