Thursday, 1 May 2014

28TH APRIL 2014

Hey family. What's up? Hope everyone had a great week! It sounds like everything went great!

We had a great week. Super full of meetings and stuff but good. This week will be full of long meetings too - which is great. Hahaha. It was cool because we got to go to the temple again on Tuesday! It was super great! I love it like crazy. It too was pretty spiritual. I wish we could go more often it's so fun. I just get super tired in there because like every time I sit down I crash. It's hilarious. 

It was semi depressing this week. We had a good week, until the last night. Adrianna's mum was down to get baptized, and then she started flip flopping and throwing up tons of concerns about how she's made promises to the catholic it doesn't look like it's going to happen anytime soon. Still pray for her. We're not going to role over dead, but we're not going to make her our main focus right now. We are going to start focusing on a family we're working with, and a woman named Reina. Reina's really cool. She was like in a gang and has a crazy past life. But wants to change and she loves us. SO that's awesome. She's so cool. SHe didn't come to church... she had pre-morning plans, but she came to a baptism last night and liked it which was great. So pray for her a lot too.

I've been focusing a lot more on working on my spanish this week and memorizing scriptures. I feel like I need to focus more on the scriptures and mastering the language. It's cool! The scriptures are filled with so much gold! It's awesome! I feel like my testimony has grown a lot in the scriptures and the truth of them. But yeah, just trying to focus a lot on consecrating myself to God instead of just making a sacrifice... because that's what it's all about right?;) I need to focus everything I have on the mission and give it all up to God. I know I'll receive more blessings that way and more importantly my investigators will. I love being a missionary. I need to be a lot better though.

Dad! That's pretty sweet that you had a great week! Glad you could get a lot done. That's super cool that you  got to go to the temple as well! I bet it's super spiritual when you're doing family members. So who all went for the trip? I'm glad you guys have been focusing a lot on the family lately. I know that's one of the most important things in the world. And I'm glad your helping out your sister, I hope things have been going well, and I'm glad she's not rolling over dead. Love you dad hope you're doing good thanks for being a great example!
Mum! Thanks for being great! I'm glad as well you could receive spiritual insights in the temple. I love the temple so much it's so great! Sometimes I find it easy to relate. Before it was hard because I couldn't speak spanish. But it's easier. I love being a missionary. That's like one of Elder Moss's best talents is being super personable in lessons. And he's really good at Spanish. But yeah. I'm glad you have been spending so much time with the family!
Charly! Congrats on your test! I'm so proud you passed! That's so awesome! I hope you have a great time driving around in the car? What's your date count now? Hope things are going great! No boys! Love ya!
Jake nice job running everywhere man! That's great you could run really far! How are things going for you in life? That's a cool story about the cop! Anyways. Have a good week - that's crazy that girl had a seizure. Hope she got a blessing! love ya!
Kenna and Izaac you guys are the best! Love you guys a lot, hope you've had a great week!
Anyways family. Love you guys tons! Thanks for being such a sweet example and being amazing. I know the church is true! It's so true. I love it like crazy! I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and I know this is Christ's church, and the Book of Mormon is true. And I know that Christ is my Saviour! By guys love ya!


Hey family how's everyone doing? Hope everyone had a sweet week! Our week was pretty good. We had a lot of success in finding new people and part members families that were all hidden. It was great. However, extremely frustrating as we had so many legit lessons and only one person showed up to church when we had like 7 people lined up to come. It was super frustrating but yeah. 

It was cool because after church we went to an Easter party from one of the recent converts and of our investigators - the mum and dad. It was cool. We had to hide the eggs and stuff for the family to do the hunt. It was a super fun time, however some of the people made me and Elder Moss extremely uncomfortable... there was a straight up cougar their. This lady was just. Yeah It was very.. weird. I don't know. Very awkward. Just glad she came down to visit the family over Easter and isn't permanently around haha. But we're super excited/nervous because the parents of Adriana (the recent convert) should be getting baptized next week. It will take a miracle, but it should happen. We need a lot of prayers and help. But that's what we're fighting for. 

But it's really great. I love the gospel, and I know this is the best way to help people come to Christ. 

Sounds like you guys all had a super sweet week though! I'm glad you guys are all doing great. I love you guys a lot. I feel like we have the best family in the world. Really proud of you guys. Mum and Dad you guys area amazing. Thanks for being so rock solid. Thanks for being so awesome! Jake and Charly. You guys are awesome. I'm super proud of all you guys do and the examples you are to me, keep it up! And Peter good luck with finals my friend! I know you'll rock it, sorry you have to leave your girlfriend! And Izaac and Kenna, love you guys to death! You guys are amazing!

Anyways. I don't have too much time today. I want you guys to know I love you guys a lot. I hope you had a great Easter. I'm so grateful that Jesus died for me. I know He loves me and I know that through Him I can live again. I love this gospel so much! It's the best. 

One of my favourite scriptures is Alma 7:11-13 which talks about how Jesus Christ suffered all of our pains, sicknesses, temptations, problems, and that because of Him we can be resurrected and cleaned from our sins. I love it a lot. I know he lives and I know He's my Saviour.

Anyways guys, love you guys to death. Keep being amazing.

Ps. I just hit my ten month mark and I'm freaking out. The time is going WAY to quick. ;)

Les quiero mucho

Elder Blomfield. 


Family! This has been a great week! Super tiring but, really good. It was cool to get the new area. I miss my old one, and the old people, but at the same time it was good to start over. This month should be good. Pray for us, we need some miracles. We are teaching a family. Well two of the parents who aren't baptized. They're awesome. They already believe in Joseph Smith and we brought them to church on Sunday and they loved it. It made me really happy to see that. The mum was really against hearing the messages before, but she realized that for some reason, everyone hates us. And she know's we're nice people, so she started sticking up for us and take the lessons which is super cool. She loves talking and telling stories, but the cool thing is that she told us everytime we come over she just feels happy. She says sometimes she just gets a wave of happiness while she's in her room and come out to check if we're here, and sure enough, we are. It's amazing.

We're kind of in the process of finding right now. We actually had two baptisms lined up for this week. One for a guy named Alberto, and another for a girl named Selena. It was so lame. Selena started having family issues. So sad. And didn't come to church. And Alberto is extremely hard to get to church, and woudn't wake up. SO frustrating and sad. But it's okay. It'll happen! Pray for miracles!
My old area's doing good! They should have a lot of success. I left it in good hands with my companion and his new one. So I'm excited to go back soon. It'll be good. Their has been some cool miracles that have happened over there. So I hope things go well.

Anyways. It was great. I did exchanges this week. It was fun because I went with my old companion elder Romero. It was fun. I love being a missionary. 

So we have the biggest area in the mission that goes all the way out into the mountains. And it's about an hour a way. We have one family who really wanted to talk to us who are investigators. He's cool. He goes to church every week and really loves the church. So we took a trip to go out and see him in the mountains. We stayed over for dinner as well, it was pretty cool. Definitely worth it. Really pretty and fun, and it was cool to see him too. He's totally getting baptized. He's awesome. His name's Oliver. I never thought I'd be driving around in a truck in the mountains in the middle of California on my mission. Weird. It's awesome!
Dad! yeah It's cool being with my old companion. It doesn't happen too too often, but it's not unheard of. Elder Moss was made Zone Leader after we were together. And so this is probably his last transfer as a Zone Leader. He's so awesome. He's probably my living idol on my mission, and one of my best friends here. He's best friends with one of my best friends at college, so by default we are best friends. That's awesome that you had that great experience in the temple. That's a weird family story! I can't wait to go to the temple. I get to go in about a week. I'm so excited! That's cool that Josh and Ben are home, hope they had a great trip. i need to write those guys. I love the gospel. Anyways, if it's any consolation, I boast about you all the time too! Love you dad! oh PS I bought a razor today. I used the credit card. You can just take the money from my bank. If I have any left. If not, just hold me in debt.

Mum! So in answer to your question there's 16 missionaries in the zone. It's cool. And some of my good friends are in my zone. I love it. That's so cool you've had a great family experience at the temple! So happy. Grandad's insane. I remember little Brayan, when he got baptized, he refused to grab his nose, and so we did it a pretty cool way. I felt pretty boss. I'm so glad the ward is doing great, but more importantly, that the family, at leas the immediate one's, are doing great. I'm so proud of my little siblings.  Thanks for being a great mum! Love you lots!

Peter! Shoot me any tips if you have any. Any regrets or things you would have done differently.

Charly! hope you're having a great week! That's cool char, I'll definitely wish you luck. I know you'll do amazing on your test. That's sweet that you have so much money! You could, if you wanted, send me a bone here with all that cash. Hahah estoy jugando. Love you char, thanks for being a great example to me. Remember who you are, no boys, be good, love ya! OH. if you can, can you get bro matthews email? bye!
Jake! Hope you had a great week bud! Glad you're still doing good in the church. You make me super happy bud! Love you lots, keep up the good work! Thanks for being a good example too bud. I know you're going to be an amazing missionary. Love you lots. Keep up the good work!

Kenna and Izaac. I love you guys like crazy! YWOu guys are the best. I hope you're having a great time! Love you guys!
Hey I know this church is true. It's amazing. I love it.

Bye guys! Be good and have a great week!

7th APRIL 2014 - COMBIOS

hey Family. This week was super amazing and super sad... Super amazing because we worked really hard and had a lot of success. But super sad because today's transfers... :( I have to leave this super amazing area and Elder Dayley. So depressing. But the cool thing is I'm going back with my old companion, Elder Moss! Super excited I can't wait to serve with him, it'll be great!
Conference, first of all, was amazing. I feel like I straight up suck as a human/missionary, I have A TON of things to improve on. My favourite talk was Elder Hollands at the beginning. I love him, I think he's super powerful. I loved his testimony at the end when he said He's more sure the priesthood, and the church of Jesus Christ has been restored, than he is that he's standing in front of us today. It was a great talk. I love how he talked about how God isn't a comfortable God who's going to pat you on the head and let you run a long. We have to be better.
I felt like this conference, for me personally they focused a lot on being better and going that extra mile pretty much. By just loving everyone. That's something I struggle with. Sometimes, when investigators don't come to church I just get like ticked. I need to be ticked, but in a more loving way. And I need to love others better. I also felt like things were central on the family. It was so cool. It made me think about you guys a lot and how I've been super blessed to have such great parents, and that I need to be more spiritually prepared for when i have a family. It was kind of a wierd thought, but yeah. I need to be a lot better.
Yesterday was awful after conference. It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone. Especially when the area is doing so well right now, and there's so much work lined up. Maria de Jesus had a stroke and is in the hospital. We went and gave her a blessing earlier on in the week. Last night we went again, and she was awake. She couldn't really talk and it broke my heart to see her daughter come in and just burst out crying. It was so sad. But it was good because she recognized who I was and I got to say goodbye. A lot of the church members have been going over as well which makes me happy. When I went to little Brayans house it was sad. He was about to cry, and so I almost started too! It was sad! I love that guy to death. The Spirit has worked on that house a lot. The mum and dad are planning on getting married now, so she can get baptized. Can't wait to come back. Saying goodbye to Johnny and David and Margarito everyone else was sad too. But I guess I have to go somewhere else.

It's so sad being a missionary sometimes. You make new family here and have to leave them! It's depressing. But It's the best thing I've ever done. The new area I'm going is Hemet. I'm companions with Elder Moss, and Elder Romero is living in the same apartment as me. hahah. I'm so excited, two of my best friends in the mission. Elder Dayley has been a great companion too. It's hard sometimes having a companion, but I feel like if you love them, they just become your friend and then work gets done which is great. I need to be a lot better with that, just loving. But I'm excited to get to work in Hemet - I'm driving a truck over there hahahaha.
Dad! I loved those talks. I like the one, sunday afternoon that just threw down about Joseph Smith. It's so cool. I think it's so cool we have a prophet on the earth. How cool is that? That sounds like a cool book! Yeah people who say other wise are lame - all good things are attacked. It happened in the past, and it'll keep happening today. When's stephen coming down? How's he doing by the way? That's sweet that he bought a bike. I have a solution. Just don't sell it. Just leave it for me;) I need one too. Glad things are looking better there, and glad things are better at work. I love seeing God work in our lives! It's amazing. Ps. The cruise needs to happen;) love you tons dad! Thanks for being such a great example to me always! Love ya!
Mum. This week was a little better with Church. We had a little more success. We're teaching a guy named victor, he's so cool. He's going to get baptized and last night he made me write down his number so I could take it to my next area. that guys great. Nice job with gambling at the casino. Ha no I'm just kidding. But seriously that's cool. I'm glad you could have some misisonary experiences. One cool thing I've learned here is that the mission never stops. It's great. Let me know where marissa goes! That's so exciting! I didn't know she was planning to leave! So I live in Hemet. Or will live in Hemet. I'm super close to Mexico. That's cool that you're going to do that. That's a great way to feel the spirit and have everyone closer together. I love the temple it's so peaceful. Anyways! Love you mum! You're the best, thanks for still being a great example to me! Love you tons!
Char! Thanks for writing. Love you tons. Thanks for being great. ah. be careful on dates. TRUST me. Guys are all lame. Be careful. :) How's things with school, seminary and everything? Hope you're doing great! love you to death char, thanks for being so great. My very favourite talk was Elder Holland's. It just was like a spiritual outpour. I had a huge headache after conference though and felt super drained. It was cool. Love you!
Jake! I hear you're growing. Nice. You won't be as tall as me, ps I get facial hair now. I'm glad you had fun week! What was your favourite talk? Thanks for being a great example man! I love you lots, keep up the good work, protect your sister, and study your scriptures every day. So many people fall away because they dont read and pray every day and don't go to church. Do that. And every other good thing. And you'll be good. Love you man!
Kenna and Izaac. I love you guys to death. You guys are the best. I hope you have a great week, thanks for being so awesome for me! Love you tons!
Well. I gotta go. BUT. I know this church is totally true! It's so amazing. I love it. It's so true and it makes me so happy. and we have a prophet. How crazy is that? That's like having Moses here on earth talking to us! I like what they said as well, there's no point to conference unless we change. We have to change, and be better.!! Love you guys!
Elder Blomfield!

Ps. I loved the talk that said we can't say that's just who i am. That basically mocks the central truth of the Atonement. We can always change and be better - missionary #4 (peter in know you read that)
Ps. I love my grandparents too.


Hey family! Hope everyone had a fabulous week! We had a pretty amazing week. It was great. We worked super hard and had a lot of fun too.
First and most importantly is that my friend Margarito was baptized! It was great! It was so awesome. I love it. Margarito's so awesome. He's extremely sick, and had a lot of problems when he was younger, but he was so ready to be baptized. I loved going over because it was so cool seeing him respond to the Spirit. And last night, his uncle baptized him which was great. It was a super awesome baptism. I loved it. Ah. I love it so much!
It was kind of frustrating at church because we had 12 people lined up to come, that all agreed and said yes, and then only 2 did! I was so sad. And we didn't get a chance to go visit them last night because after the baptism, there was a ward party (I love Spanish people, we have a party like every week). It was so awesome. But yeah we'll have to go and get our friends to church next week.
It was a fun week this week because Elder Romero drove back to the area to give Magarito the baptismal interview, and afterwards, all the missionaries went out for lunch which was super fun.
We met a super amazing lady this week named Lupita. All her family has been baptized, but her and her daughter. Anyways she was one of the referrals we got last week and so we went by and just had some sweet lessons. She's on date for the 13th of April, but she didn't show up to church yesterday. We have to go figure out what happened but just keep her in your prayers. Also keep Lissette and Victor, two other investigators who will be baptized next month, in your prayers. Thanks guys!
Sorry I kind of look straight up high in some of my pictures but I guess California rubs off on you.
This week was great, and I have felt my testimony grow so much this week. I know this is all true. It makes everyone so happy. It's amazing. It has to be true. And I can't wait to see the prophets and apostles of the Lord next week deliver the word of God to the world. It will be awesome. It's so cool! We have Apostles and prophets in our day that speak to us! Isn't that just sweet?

I've been thinking a lot about all this anti mormon stuff everywhere. Because a lot of people bring it up everywhere we go. It's so lame! And it's so weird. God's work is hastening SO much, and it makes sense Satan is fighting like crazy too, making up lies and stuff that just rip people apart. No other church is like this, no other church brings so much happiness, and joy. But as well no other church is attacked as much. OBVIOUS connection. It's God's church. His only church, and Satan is doing all he can to deceive even the very elect. I love this gospel. It's made me so happy. Even when I'm sad, angry or depressed, I'm still happy. And It's because I know this is true and Christ is my Saviour.
Dad! I think you're a boss for making that decision. That's so cool you took a stand to do what's right. Totally on your side. It's so cool to see how God answers prayers. I love Him. He's cool. That's cool that the ward is getting more missionary minded. Something I've vowed to be throughout the rest of my life. It's hard I guess to present this to your friends, but it will be even harder living without them after this life. What's the ward's goal for baptisms this year? I'm proud of Jake, he sounds like he's going to be a sweet missionary. That's lame about the Noah movie! I heard about it, and that's lame they messed it up. Hope you're having fun though! Love you dad, thanks for being a rocking example to me!
Mum! Answers: Jeremy told me his mission has been the best thing for his life. He said it was hard, but he loved it it's cool! He's such a great example to me. Hahaha I remember going to those trampoline parks at BYU. I loved those placed haha. Me and Asian Josh would go all the time. It was so fun. Glad you enjoyed it. Hahaha.. feast after the famine. he sounds like an animal. And That's so awesome that you felt the Spirit. I remember when they made the age change, the Spirit was so strong that day. It was cool to receive such a strong witness that those men are prophets. I love the church, it's cool. Love ya mum!
Charly! Hope you've had a great week? What's the date count now? ;) hope you're being good and I hope you're still going to seminary, reading and praying every day. Love you lot's char. HOpe you have a great week! Be safe and enjoy conference!
Jake. Dude I heard you gave a bomb lesson on the Atonement. that makes me happy. The Atonement is the best thing and my favourite thing in the gospel. It's cool to see that work in people's lives. You'll be a great missionary man! Love you lots!
Kenna! you're hair looks brown in that picture! Hope you're doing well and hope you're having fun! Glad you had fun at the trampoline place and at the conference. Love ya!!
Izaac! My little man. You look old buddy! Hope you're doing good at school. How's everything going? Who's your best friend right now? HOpe you're doing great! love you bud! Be good!
Alright Family. Well. I know this church is true. It's so amazing and I love it to death. It's so cool to see youre best friends come and get baptized. It makes everything worth it. That's why I have a challenge for you guys. You each have to baptize one person before I come home. So that's like 7 baptisms :) and you have like a year and a half so it's a long time. And it'll make you guys super happy. Love you guys a lot!
hasta la vista
Elder Blomfield!!