Thursday, 1 May 2014

10 MARCH 2014

Hey guys! So this week was awesome! I loved it. It was a super stressful week at the end, but it was good! So. First of all, Brayan got baptized yay! It was super awesome. It was super fun, and he asked me to do it so it was great! It was lame because the mum was trying to cancel last second and all this lame stuff! And we were having problems with scheduling the building and all this stuff. The night before was just like ah. But God just made it happen. And was awesome! Elder Romero came back to give a talk and yeah it was amazing. I loved it. Brayan's such a cool guy. He reminds me so much of a little Jake. Haha I feel like I'm finding all my family members out here. Like someone who reminds me of Kenna, and my companion reminds me a lot of Sam. Hahahha it's awesome.
We had a great week this week. We got a referral from a family in our ward. They're really cool! It's there uncle who just moved in with them. So we went to go teach him. he's such a cool guy. He's really sick, and has a lot of health problems but wants to come closer to Jesus. He's amazing. So we started teaching him this week. He doesn't know how to read, but he's amazing. And he's going to get baptized on the 23rd! He's awesome. He came to church yesterday and then the ward party afterwards. He's awesome.
We had a pretty successful and fun week this week. It was really good. We have to work a little harder but it's awesome. I love being a missionary! I can't really remember what else happened this week. We just had a blast. We picked up a new investigator named lissette who lives with a member of the ward and is getting married on the 23rd. She's super cool.
I'm kind of frustrated. I had a great week and a lot of fun! I just can't remember anything! It was awesome though, and full of the Spirit. I love it. It was like the best feeling ever coming home and just being super tired every night. Hahaha.
But yeah.  The church is SUPER (dad) true.
OH! I remember. We talked to one lady who sang to us, and started speaking in tongues and all this wonderful stuff. She told us she saw Christ and God, and knows what they look like, and knows Obama and the Pope. She also told us that Satan came to her, and spoke to her. He's apparently a black man. And then she grabbed our hands to pray and started yelling at Satan and telling us these wonderful stories of how she looks different because Satan attacked her and yeah. And half way through her holding Elder Dayley's hand and swaying it back and forth, I kind of lost it and started laughing. I felt bad but at the same time I tried SO hard to not laugh. But it was way too funny!
Anyways. Dad! You should just SUPER sue him or something! I'll definitely keep Jojo and Aries in my SUPER prayers. I love those guys and they've set such a SUPER example! I love how they just like were SUPER. Hey! So. Dad. Don't let Charly go on dates. Until she's 18. She's SUPER young! SO I hope President Bennet is okay. He's a SUPER nice guy. When do they do the operation? And what happened with Sammy?! Now I'm SUPER worried about my friend. What kind of growth was going on? I love my mission. It's SUPER awesome. Was it hard to come home when you did? Love you Dad you're awesome!

Mum! I'm sorry work is frustrating. That's one thing I've learned a lot here (although I'm really far from perfect) is trying to be patient with people and myself. That's awesome that you're doing that though. You can always be bold if you're in the right. But that's an awesome story about Jake. I feel like he's tuning into and awesome man. I'm so proud of him. And CHarly too. It's so weird how everyone's growing up. So who are the new missionaries in the ward? How are they and what are they like? How's the work going in the ward? Hope all is going well! Love you Mum you're awesome!
Peter! Sounds like Romsel is back. No I'm just kidding. I feel bad for you, that's a super sticky situation. I know how hard it is, especially when you just want to be nice, when people take it the wrong way. And yeah, this unhealthy relationship starts developing. That's awesome that you've been having so much fun with college. And in all honestly, glad you haven't found the one yet, you gotta wait so I can come to the wedding. or I'll be ticked. Also I'm super proud you're stilling making it a priority to keep reading your scriptures and take that time out of your life for God. That's the most important thing we can do. I love the gospel. Love you mate!
Charly! HEY happy birthday in a couple days. No boys okay! I know I say that all the time, but i mean it. Because 99% of boys are bad. And no boyfriends or anything! Or I'll be sad. But good luck with your test! That's going to be great! I know you're going to pass it with flying colours! You're awesome driving i'm sure, even though you probaby aren't tall enough. LOVE YOU TONS. Hope you enjoy your sweet sixteen. Love you lots char! Bye! Also. keep up this gospel stuff. It'll keep you in the right with everything. Love ya!
Jake! Man I'm so proud of you. I remember I got up and left too when we were watching a movie in Spanish class with inappropriate stuff. People kind of laughed at me but in the end it was great. Because everyone respected it and yeah. I'm super proud of you Jake! That's awesome! YOURE amazing. Love you tons man. Keep up the gospel in your life. Love you man!
Kenna! Love you hope you're doing great! Your awesome. I hope you're having fun!!
Izaac my chubby guy. I hope you're doing great! Love you tons. Hope you had a fun week with Lily. how's school going? Love you man!!
Okay fam, well I have to go! Love you guys! THe church is true and all that. I love it. This is the best thing in the world. I love it to death. This work is amazing. I know God lives and I know that this is the ONLY way to happiness. Love you!
Elder Blomfield

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