Thursday, 1 May 2014


Family! This has been a great week! Super tiring but, really good. It was cool to get the new area. I miss my old one, and the old people, but at the same time it was good to start over. This month should be good. Pray for us, we need some miracles. We are teaching a family. Well two of the parents who aren't baptized. They're awesome. They already believe in Joseph Smith and we brought them to church on Sunday and they loved it. It made me really happy to see that. The mum was really against hearing the messages before, but she realized that for some reason, everyone hates us. And she know's we're nice people, so she started sticking up for us and take the lessons which is super cool. She loves talking and telling stories, but the cool thing is that she told us everytime we come over she just feels happy. She says sometimes she just gets a wave of happiness while she's in her room and come out to check if we're here, and sure enough, we are. It's amazing.

We're kind of in the process of finding right now. We actually had two baptisms lined up for this week. One for a guy named Alberto, and another for a girl named Selena. It was so lame. Selena started having family issues. So sad. And didn't come to church. And Alberto is extremely hard to get to church, and woudn't wake up. SO frustrating and sad. But it's okay. It'll happen! Pray for miracles!
My old area's doing good! They should have a lot of success. I left it in good hands with my companion and his new one. So I'm excited to go back soon. It'll be good. Their has been some cool miracles that have happened over there. So I hope things go well.

Anyways. It was great. I did exchanges this week. It was fun because I went with my old companion elder Romero. It was fun. I love being a missionary. 

So we have the biggest area in the mission that goes all the way out into the mountains. And it's about an hour a way. We have one family who really wanted to talk to us who are investigators. He's cool. He goes to church every week and really loves the church. So we took a trip to go out and see him in the mountains. We stayed over for dinner as well, it was pretty cool. Definitely worth it. Really pretty and fun, and it was cool to see him too. He's totally getting baptized. He's awesome. His name's Oliver. I never thought I'd be driving around in a truck in the mountains in the middle of California on my mission. Weird. It's awesome!
Dad! yeah It's cool being with my old companion. It doesn't happen too too often, but it's not unheard of. Elder Moss was made Zone Leader after we were together. And so this is probably his last transfer as a Zone Leader. He's so awesome. He's probably my living idol on my mission, and one of my best friends here. He's best friends with one of my best friends at college, so by default we are best friends. That's awesome that you had that great experience in the temple. That's a weird family story! I can't wait to go to the temple. I get to go in about a week. I'm so excited! That's cool that Josh and Ben are home, hope they had a great trip. i need to write those guys. I love the gospel. Anyways, if it's any consolation, I boast about you all the time too! Love you dad! oh PS I bought a razor today. I used the credit card. You can just take the money from my bank. If I have any left. If not, just hold me in debt.

Mum! So in answer to your question there's 16 missionaries in the zone. It's cool. And some of my good friends are in my zone. I love it. That's so cool you've had a great family experience at the temple! So happy. Grandad's insane. I remember little Brayan, when he got baptized, he refused to grab his nose, and so we did it a pretty cool way. I felt pretty boss. I'm so glad the ward is doing great, but more importantly, that the family, at leas the immediate one's, are doing great. I'm so proud of my little siblings.  Thanks for being a great mum! Love you lots!

Peter! Shoot me any tips if you have any. Any regrets or things you would have done differently.

Charly! hope you're having a great week! That's cool char, I'll definitely wish you luck. I know you'll do amazing on your test. That's sweet that you have so much money! You could, if you wanted, send me a bone here with all that cash. Hahah estoy jugando. Love you char, thanks for being a great example to me. Remember who you are, no boys, be good, love ya! OH. if you can, can you get bro matthews email? bye!
Jake! Hope you had a great week bud! Glad you're still doing good in the church. You make me super happy bud! Love you lots, keep up the good work! Thanks for being a good example too bud. I know you're going to be an amazing missionary. Love you lots. Keep up the good work!

Kenna and Izaac. I love you guys like crazy! YWOu guys are the best. I hope you're having a great time! Love you guys!
Hey I know this church is true. It's amazing. I love it.

Bye guys! Be good and have a great week!

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