Thursday, 1 May 2014


Hey what's up family. Hope everyone's had a great week. This week was awesome! It was kind of frustrating because a lot of our investigators didn't show! Super lame. Our friend Margarito went out of town with his family who are members. I  guess it was something they had to do. Oh well, he's still awesome. He's really humble, however he get's really shy sometimes. But it's great! He loves everything and has committed to be baptized which is great!
We had a cool experience this week though! We went to subway and were talking to a man outside, and then some other guy came out and started to talk to us about the Book of Mormon and saying he wanted to learn a lot. It was awesome!
We started teaching the Mum and daughter of Johnny. The Daughter is really interested and loves everything. Ah.. but the Mum is kind of a little harder. The sister of Johnny, Jannette, was planning to coming to church, but the mum wouldn't let her go because she wanted to stay home. Anyways apparently Johnny and his mum kind of got in a fight, telling her she needs to let her daughter learn about God and stuff. Apparently it was really intense, but I was super proud of Johnny for sticking up for what was right. He's awesome. But he got the priesthood yesterday. I was so proud of him. He's such a good guy!
We had multi-zones this week too. It was great to receive revelation of how I can be better. I love it.

Alright so my investigators are progressing kind of. If we can bring the Spirit really hard, two investigators, Lissette and Margarito will be baptized by the end of the month. We need a lot of prayers though. These days I way about 190. AND I'm not fat. Hahaha, biking actually makes me gain more weight because I have to eat more and my body's used to it. Things are great with Elder Dayley. He's awesome! Really cool guy. And my favourite food is papusas. But I love the tacos and chicken and everything. I really like Mexican food. Hey ps dad! You LET HER GO OUT EARLY? What's up? I hope at the very least you followed her. Ps. Happy 46th birthday. Any great plans? Sounds like a great week! Super busy but great! That's a crazy story about what happened. Hopefully everyone's okay. Have fun in Utah! That should be great! Love ya!
Mum! How's work been going? How often are you working again? That sounds like you had a blast skiing. Hahaha it must of been fun to go with Kenna and Izaac. I remember the first time we went skiing with Ben. Probably the funniest day of my life. He was everywhere hahaha. That's cool that Rebecca's heading on a mission! I love the mission it's great. So you still never answered MY question. ;) What happened to my little buddy Sammy? How'd he get hurt? So as district leader I just have to like call people and train and do interviews and stuff. It's cool. What you planning on getting Dad for his birthday? Or is the boat just the gift? ;) Hahaha hope you're doing great mum! Love you tons!
Charly! I can't believe you went on a date.... :( I sincerely hope he treated you right. And I hope you were good. I hope you know that all boys suck, so be SUPER careful okay? Hahah love you lots. When do you go for your test? Like when does spring break end? What'd you get for your birthday? and what you headed up to edmonton for? Hope youre doing great! Love ya! Ps where you working again? Dennys?
Jake! Sounds like your rocking at skiing. That's awesome you're captain man! What other sports are you in? Are you working? What happened with drama at dinner? Haha. Isn't the family so fun? Hey bud, take care of your sister alright? ;) thanks bud. Love you thanks for rocking, hope your reading your scriptures and stuff. If not, repent. Love you to death man!
Kenna and Izaac! Heard you guys went skiing this week! Super proud of you guys! That's so fun! You'll have to send me some pictures! Love you guys! Hope you have a great week!
Hey well family. I know this church is true. Because it's God's church. I know Christ lives. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet. And I know that every time we need help, he will be right there for us. I love being a missionary, it's literally the best thing in the world. I love watching peoples lives change and having people come unto Christ. I love it. I hope you guys are doing all you can to help the missionaries back home, because this is God's work, and I know it's the only way we can live with Him again. I really like it how one missionary put it "we're here to reunite a Father with his child." But this is the only way that can happen, the only way we can live with our brothers and our sisters again. Love you guys!
Hasta luego!
Elder Blomfield

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