Thursday, 1 May 2014


Hey family how's everyone doing? Hope everyone had a sweet week! Our week was pretty good. We had a lot of success in finding new people and part members families that were all hidden. It was great. However, extremely frustrating as we had so many legit lessons and only one person showed up to church when we had like 7 people lined up to come. It was super frustrating but yeah. 

It was cool because after church we went to an Easter party from one of the recent converts and of our investigators - the mum and dad. It was cool. We had to hide the eggs and stuff for the family to do the hunt. It was a super fun time, however some of the people made me and Elder Moss extremely uncomfortable... there was a straight up cougar their. This lady was just. Yeah It was very.. weird. I don't know. Very awkward. Just glad she came down to visit the family over Easter and isn't permanently around haha. But we're super excited/nervous because the parents of Adriana (the recent convert) should be getting baptized next week. It will take a miracle, but it should happen. We need a lot of prayers and help. But that's what we're fighting for. 

But it's really great. I love the gospel, and I know this is the best way to help people come to Christ. 

Sounds like you guys all had a super sweet week though! I'm glad you guys are all doing great. I love you guys a lot. I feel like we have the best family in the world. Really proud of you guys. Mum and Dad you guys area amazing. Thanks for being so rock solid. Thanks for being so awesome! Jake and Charly. You guys are awesome. I'm super proud of all you guys do and the examples you are to me, keep it up! And Peter good luck with finals my friend! I know you'll rock it, sorry you have to leave your girlfriend! And Izaac and Kenna, love you guys to death! You guys are amazing!

Anyways. I don't have too much time today. I want you guys to know I love you guys a lot. I hope you had a great Easter. I'm so grateful that Jesus died for me. I know He loves me and I know that through Him I can live again. I love this gospel so much! It's the best. 

One of my favourite scriptures is Alma 7:11-13 which talks about how Jesus Christ suffered all of our pains, sicknesses, temptations, problems, and that because of Him we can be resurrected and cleaned from our sins. I love it a lot. I know he lives and I know He's my Saviour.

Anyways guys, love you guys to death. Keep being amazing.

Ps. I just hit my ten month mark and I'm freaking out. The time is going WAY to quick. ;)

Les quiero mucho

Elder Blomfield. 

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