Thursday, 1 May 2014

24 MARCH 2014

Hey family! Hope everyone had a great week! This week was awesome! We had a lot of crazy cool miracles happen. It's weird because first of all I hit nine months.... It's super weird to be that far out already. It's going by super quick.
We had a lot of lessons cancel this week which was lame, but in turned received tons of referrals. Which is sweet. So we have a lot of potential for the next month which will be awesome.
As well our friend Margarito came to church today which is awesome, he's going to get baptized next week which should be great! And one of my old companion's is going to come down to give the interview so I'm super excited. He's super awesome. Margarito gets really nervous in front of people, especially when it comes to saying a prayer, but he really wants to get baptized and is super close to the Spirit. So pray for him, especially that he can have the confidence to do what he needs to. He's great!
It's been crazy though. I feel dead this week, we were running around like crazy, and yeah. It was a great feeling though to get home at the end of the night all exhausted. I loved it. We met up with that guy Sergio that we talked with outside of subway. He's super cool, and we had a sweet first lesson. It was great! But it's cool to see people's lives changing. That's my favourite thing I think, to see my investigators change and companions and myself. It's awesome.
Dad! That's sweet hope you enjoyed your birthday driving! That's so weird you're so old haha. That's awesome your getting a new boat, you'll have to send me pictures! That's messed up about the government. Is she going to jail for that? And yeah, sometimes I'm keeping in contact with my friends. I kind of forget sometimes. I'm really bad at that, but I've been talking to Jeremy Sloan lately, and he goes home in two months! Weird! Glad you guys are having a fun trip! Love ya, be safe!
Mum! That's lame about Sammy. Is he getting all old now? I'm glad his cones off though, hopefully he's happy. That's awesome that everyone bore there testimony. That's always like my favourite thing, when converts bear testimony. Johnny was so awesome today, or yesterday. He passed the sacrament. I was so proud. That was definitely one of the highlights of my week. And yeah it's true. A lot of people read like deep doctrine, and they forget the iron rod - reading, praying, going to church. If we do that every day/ week and keep the commandments, we cant fall because we are on the rock of Christ. I love this church! Love ya!
Char! Hope you're doing great in edmonton! you got to let me know how it went!
Jake hope you're doing great bud! Love you lots! HAve fun in provo!
Kenna! I anwered your questions, but in secret so no one else can see okay? ;) love ya, hope you have a great week, have fun in provo!
Izaac. Hope you're doing great bud. Your skiis look sweet my friend! Love ya!
Well. I hope you guys know this church is true! I love it. I know that it is. The Book of Mormon, the prophets. Just everything. It just makes me feel so happy! Love you all!
Oh by the way, with Johnny's family. We taught her about church and everything, committed her to come, never came. Extremely lame, but it's okay. We have a lot of cool stuff happening here.
Elder Blomfield
Hasta luego!

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