Thursday, 1 May 2014

3 MARCH 2014

Hey so this week was super amazing! We had a lot of fun and a lot of success which was great! First of all, they took our car away, but it was cool because it was obviously for a reason! So me and Elder Dayley have been biking around which was great because the area picks up more. And finally it's rained here (California really needed it) So we were biking around in the rain in our yellow rain jackets, and it was semi lame because that day wasn't the most successful, but we found out today that our zone leaders picked up some new investigators because they saw us riding in the rain. Super cool miracle and obviously there was a reason we were on bike again. It's a little testimony to me I guess that by your example you have a huge impact on people. Hopefully these people get baptized.
This week was cool too. We had a lot of success with new investigators and putting people on date! It's weird without Elder Romero, but Elder Dayley is a super good missionary and we have a lot of fun. So that's awesome. Bryan should be getting baptized this week. We're super super excited, but we need like a million prayers because we'll need some miracles. Just, remember him specifically. He's awesome. We finally figured out how to actually speak with him, and how he can open up. So we go to his house each day to play soccer with him. He loves it. It's great. BUT PRAY! He needs a lot this week. It's gonna be great!
We also picked up a lot of investigators this week. He met this guy named Luis who's like 25 and the son of some kind of less active family in the ward. We met with him and put him on date for the 16th! so for that we're super excited! He came to church yesterday which was great and was telling everyone he was going to get baptized. We're super excited. Pray for him too, he has some word of wisdom problems. It was just a great spiritual week too. I loved it.
But yeah. It was fun. I love the church.
DAD. My new companion is Elder Dayley. He's awesome! He's from Providence Utah which is around Logan. We get a long great! We're super excited and we're going to have a lot of success which is awesome. That's awesome that you brought your friend to the activity. That's an awesome way to introduce him to the church. I'm super glad that even though your not a missionary, you're still keeping it up. It's amazing! Sounds like you had a sweet week! Sorry that your old. That sucks. Maybe you could get a knee replacement? Or something. Also, make sure you let Peter know who's boss. But I'm super happy because I know the church is true. And no matter what people say or put on the internet, it's true. And it's awesome. Love ya.
Hey mum! Sounds like you had a pretty great week! What kind of music are you in to? That's one of my favourite chapters by the way. We read it with an investigator. It was great. I think my favourite chapter is Alma 26. It's amazing. Hahaha. That's hilarious about Peter! Yeah I've heard of it hahahah. That's awesome. It's sounds like you and Dad are doing awesome with missionary work and In the gospel. Keep it up. Also that's sweet what you guys did for Charly.. although I don't know why she was crying. But That's super great, I'm glad you were able to do that for her.  I have some things to talk to Charly about I guess hahaha. But I'm glad you're doing great and that everything seems so awesome! But not as awesome as here. Sorry. Love you mum!
Charly! Hey happy like 16th birthday in twelve days! That's awesome! I'm super excited for you! Hey so here's the thing. No boys. No kissing, no boys, nothing. Happy birthday though! You're awesome and I love you lots!
Jake nice job buddy in sports! Sounds like you're doing awesome in school and stuff! hahah. The walking dead sounds intense. Some youth in the ward were telling me about it the other day. It sounds cool! hey thanks for being my eyes and ears bud;) I know you're going to be a great spy and all that! Love you man!
Izaac and Kenna! hope you guys are doing awesome! Love you guys lots.

Anyways. I know this church is true. I love it. It's great! I hope everyone knows that. It's so amazing and brings us so much joy and happiness if we actually live it! Love you guys to death! Pray for Brayan, he needs it!
Love you all, Elder Blomfield!

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