Thursday, 1 May 2014

7th APRIL 2014 - COMBIOS

hey Family. This week was super amazing and super sad... Super amazing because we worked really hard and had a lot of success. But super sad because today's transfers... :( I have to leave this super amazing area and Elder Dayley. So depressing. But the cool thing is I'm going back with my old companion, Elder Moss! Super excited I can't wait to serve with him, it'll be great!
Conference, first of all, was amazing. I feel like I straight up suck as a human/missionary, I have A TON of things to improve on. My favourite talk was Elder Hollands at the beginning. I love him, I think he's super powerful. I loved his testimony at the end when he said He's more sure the priesthood, and the church of Jesus Christ has been restored, than he is that he's standing in front of us today. It was a great talk. I love how he talked about how God isn't a comfortable God who's going to pat you on the head and let you run a long. We have to be better.
I felt like this conference, for me personally they focused a lot on being better and going that extra mile pretty much. By just loving everyone. That's something I struggle with. Sometimes, when investigators don't come to church I just get like ticked. I need to be ticked, but in a more loving way. And I need to love others better. I also felt like things were central on the family. It was so cool. It made me think about you guys a lot and how I've been super blessed to have such great parents, and that I need to be more spiritually prepared for when i have a family. It was kind of a wierd thought, but yeah. I need to be a lot better.
Yesterday was awful after conference. It was so hard to say goodbye to everyone. Especially when the area is doing so well right now, and there's so much work lined up. Maria de Jesus had a stroke and is in the hospital. We went and gave her a blessing earlier on in the week. Last night we went again, and she was awake. She couldn't really talk and it broke my heart to see her daughter come in and just burst out crying. It was so sad. But it was good because she recognized who I was and I got to say goodbye. A lot of the church members have been going over as well which makes me happy. When I went to little Brayans house it was sad. He was about to cry, and so I almost started too! It was sad! I love that guy to death. The Spirit has worked on that house a lot. The mum and dad are planning on getting married now, so she can get baptized. Can't wait to come back. Saying goodbye to Johnny and David and Margarito everyone else was sad too. But I guess I have to go somewhere else.

It's so sad being a missionary sometimes. You make new family here and have to leave them! It's depressing. But It's the best thing I've ever done. The new area I'm going is Hemet. I'm companions with Elder Moss, and Elder Romero is living in the same apartment as me. hahah. I'm so excited, two of my best friends in the mission. Elder Dayley has been a great companion too. It's hard sometimes having a companion, but I feel like if you love them, they just become your friend and then work gets done which is great. I need to be a lot better with that, just loving. But I'm excited to get to work in Hemet - I'm driving a truck over there hahahaha.
Dad! I loved those talks. I like the one, sunday afternoon that just threw down about Joseph Smith. It's so cool. I think it's so cool we have a prophet on the earth. How cool is that? That sounds like a cool book! Yeah people who say other wise are lame - all good things are attacked. It happened in the past, and it'll keep happening today. When's stephen coming down? How's he doing by the way? That's sweet that he bought a bike. I have a solution. Just don't sell it. Just leave it for me;) I need one too. Glad things are looking better there, and glad things are better at work. I love seeing God work in our lives! It's amazing. Ps. The cruise needs to happen;) love you tons dad! Thanks for being such a great example to me always! Love ya!
Mum. This week was a little better with Church. We had a little more success. We're teaching a guy named victor, he's so cool. He's going to get baptized and last night he made me write down his number so I could take it to my next area. that guys great. Nice job with gambling at the casino. Ha no I'm just kidding. But seriously that's cool. I'm glad you could have some misisonary experiences. One cool thing I've learned here is that the mission never stops. It's great. Let me know where marissa goes! That's so exciting! I didn't know she was planning to leave! So I live in Hemet. Or will live in Hemet. I'm super close to Mexico. That's cool that you're going to do that. That's a great way to feel the spirit and have everyone closer together. I love the temple it's so peaceful. Anyways! Love you mum! You're the best, thanks for still being a great example to me! Love you tons!
Char! Thanks for writing. Love you tons. Thanks for being great. ah. be careful on dates. TRUST me. Guys are all lame. Be careful. :) How's things with school, seminary and everything? Hope you're doing great! love you to death char, thanks for being so great. My very favourite talk was Elder Holland's. It just was like a spiritual outpour. I had a huge headache after conference though and felt super drained. It was cool. Love you!
Jake! I hear you're growing. Nice. You won't be as tall as me, ps I get facial hair now. I'm glad you had fun week! What was your favourite talk? Thanks for being a great example man! I love you lots, keep up the good work, protect your sister, and study your scriptures every day. So many people fall away because they dont read and pray every day and don't go to church. Do that. And every other good thing. And you'll be good. Love you man!
Kenna and Izaac. I love you guys to death. You guys are the best. I hope you have a great week, thanks for being so awesome for me! Love you tons!
Well. I gotta go. BUT. I know this church is totally true! It's so amazing. I love it. It's so true and it makes me so happy. and we have a prophet. How crazy is that? That's like having Moses here on earth talking to us! I like what they said as well, there's no point to conference unless we change. We have to change, and be better.!! Love you guys!
Elder Blomfield!

Ps. I loved the talk that said we can't say that's just who i am. That basically mocks the central truth of the Atonement. We can always change and be better - missionary #4 (peter in know you read that)
Ps. I love my grandparents too.

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