Thursday, 1 May 2014


Hey family! Hope everyone had a fabulous week! We had a pretty amazing week. It was great. We worked super hard and had a lot of fun too.
First and most importantly is that my friend Margarito was baptized! It was great! It was so awesome. I love it. Margarito's so awesome. He's extremely sick, and had a lot of problems when he was younger, but he was so ready to be baptized. I loved going over because it was so cool seeing him respond to the Spirit. And last night, his uncle baptized him which was great. It was a super awesome baptism. I loved it. Ah. I love it so much!
It was kind of frustrating at church because we had 12 people lined up to come, that all agreed and said yes, and then only 2 did! I was so sad. And we didn't get a chance to go visit them last night because after the baptism, there was a ward party (I love Spanish people, we have a party like every week). It was so awesome. But yeah we'll have to go and get our friends to church next week.
It was a fun week this week because Elder Romero drove back to the area to give Magarito the baptismal interview, and afterwards, all the missionaries went out for lunch which was super fun.
We met a super amazing lady this week named Lupita. All her family has been baptized, but her and her daughter. Anyways she was one of the referrals we got last week and so we went by and just had some sweet lessons. She's on date for the 13th of April, but she didn't show up to church yesterday. We have to go figure out what happened but just keep her in your prayers. Also keep Lissette and Victor, two other investigators who will be baptized next month, in your prayers. Thanks guys!
Sorry I kind of look straight up high in some of my pictures but I guess California rubs off on you.
This week was great, and I have felt my testimony grow so much this week. I know this is all true. It makes everyone so happy. It's amazing. It has to be true. And I can't wait to see the prophets and apostles of the Lord next week deliver the word of God to the world. It will be awesome. It's so cool! We have Apostles and prophets in our day that speak to us! Isn't that just sweet?

I've been thinking a lot about all this anti mormon stuff everywhere. Because a lot of people bring it up everywhere we go. It's so lame! And it's so weird. God's work is hastening SO much, and it makes sense Satan is fighting like crazy too, making up lies and stuff that just rip people apart. No other church is like this, no other church brings so much happiness, and joy. But as well no other church is attacked as much. OBVIOUS connection. It's God's church. His only church, and Satan is doing all he can to deceive even the very elect. I love this gospel. It's made me so happy. Even when I'm sad, angry or depressed, I'm still happy. And It's because I know this is true and Christ is my Saviour.
Dad! I think you're a boss for making that decision. That's so cool you took a stand to do what's right. Totally on your side. It's so cool to see how God answers prayers. I love Him. He's cool. That's cool that the ward is getting more missionary minded. Something I've vowed to be throughout the rest of my life. It's hard I guess to present this to your friends, but it will be even harder living without them after this life. What's the ward's goal for baptisms this year? I'm proud of Jake, he sounds like he's going to be a sweet missionary. That's lame about the Noah movie! I heard about it, and that's lame they messed it up. Hope you're having fun though! Love you dad, thanks for being a rocking example to me!
Mum! Answers: Jeremy told me his mission has been the best thing for his life. He said it was hard, but he loved it it's cool! He's such a great example to me. Hahaha I remember going to those trampoline parks at BYU. I loved those placed haha. Me and Asian Josh would go all the time. It was so fun. Glad you enjoyed it. Hahaha.. feast after the famine. he sounds like an animal. And That's so awesome that you felt the Spirit. I remember when they made the age change, the Spirit was so strong that day. It was cool to receive such a strong witness that those men are prophets. I love the church, it's cool. Love ya mum!
Charly! Hope you've had a great week? What's the date count now? ;) hope you're being good and I hope you're still going to seminary, reading and praying every day. Love you lot's char. HOpe you have a great week! Be safe and enjoy conference!
Jake. Dude I heard you gave a bomb lesson on the Atonement. that makes me happy. The Atonement is the best thing and my favourite thing in the gospel. It's cool to see that work in people's lives. You'll be a great missionary man! Love you lots!
Kenna! you're hair looks brown in that picture! Hope you're doing well and hope you're having fun! Glad you had fun at the trampoline place and at the conference. Love ya!!
Izaac! My little man. You look old buddy! Hope you're doing good at school. How's everything going? Who's your best friend right now? HOpe you're doing great! love you bud! Be good!
Alright Family. Well. I know this church is true. It's so amazing and I love it to death. It's so cool to see youre best friends come and get baptized. It makes everything worth it. That's why I have a challenge for you guys. You each have to baptize one person before I come home. So that's like 7 baptisms :) and you have like a year and a half so it's a long time. And it'll make you guys super happy. Love you guys a lot!
hasta la vista
Elder Blomfield!!

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