Thursday, 24 July 2014

21 JULY 2014

Hey family!! This week has been pretty legit. It was a great week! We've seen tons of miracles. 

So the coolest thing is like. This area has really picked up a lot. It's amazing. The zone's picking up quite a bit! Last night we had a baptism in our ward, which was amazing. We also found out some crazy news about Patricia. There's a way she can get baptized!

Patricia also came to church yesterday which was great. She loved it. Everyone loves her. She's really amazing. Kimberly didn't come only because she was feeling sick in the morning. BUT. We have another miracle! That Dad is totally on board now. He woke them both up to church yesterday and was offering to give them a ride. It was a huge turn around. It was great! I'm super excited. Just pray everything goes well, she should be baptized next month!

Also we stopped by an old investigator, Victor. We weren't planning on teaching him anymore because he wasn't progressing, but he came to church on Sunday which was great! So we're going to start teaching him again. It was so cool to see him walk in the doors. At church we had a bunch of less active people too, so that was amazing. We've had tons of miracles! 

OH! On Sunday, I got to translate too. It was pretty cool! We had leaders from the stake come and speak so me and Elder Baltazar translated for the ward. It was pretty cool. I love Spanish.

Other than that, the week has been the same! But it's really amazing to see some of my best friends progress!

Dad! That's sweet that you got to go down and surprise mum! Sounds like you had a blast! But you're the best dad! It's so weird it's been 13 months.... Love ya! We do really live in God's country ;)

Mum! I have not found out about extending yet. I'm going to talk to President Mullen about it on Friday, I believe that's when I have interviews with him. So we'll have a chat. At the most it'll be a month. My released date is June 2 so that's kind of one of the factors that's making me want to stay, because I won't have completed a full 2 year mission. So Yeah. We'll see. That's cool that you got to go home for Peter! I assume Kenna had a great birthday as well? That's an awesome story about Grandma's neighbour. It's so great. I love miracles like that. Anyways, love you mum! have a great week!

Peter! Hope all goes well bud! When do you start up school again? How were things with Courtney? Thanks for not writing ever. It feels really good.  Just got your email. You're close boy. Hahaha I hope the talk went great. Sounds like it did! I love the walking dead too! It's amazing! But yeah. I love the gospel. Hey! Love you man! Oh. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I invite you to listen to the song 22 by taylor swift. Love ya!

Char! That's great you got to spend some time with Peter! hows work going? how often do you work? Glad you're having fun Char. It's cool that you're getting along with all your friends! How's summer treatin ya? Hope all is well, hope you're still doing good in your scripture study! Love ya!

Jake. You look like Justin Beiber! Hope you had a good birthday man! Love you and hope all goes well. You better be ready and studying the scriptures every day! You'll need it. Love you man!

Kenna! Hope you had a great happy birthday! What did you do? Hope all is well! Love ya lots!

Izaac ! you're getting huge. I love you man and hope you're doing good and reading your scriptures too. You too Kenna!

Hey well I have to go! But I sent pictures. Me and Elder Baltazar used sombreros. We're basically Mexican. Also I found a picture of the walking dead. And since it's such a great show, I had to include that. Love you guys a lot! I know the church is true! 

Cuidense mucho y les quiero!


Hey family! Hope everyone's week was great! My week was pretty sweet!
We had a good week. We spent a lot of time working with Patricia. So. We talked to our President... he's working on it. And She went and spoke to her doctors. All three of them said no, she couldn't get baptized right now because of the tubes. The tubes will be changed eventually from her heart to her wrist, but that should take 3-4 months to do after she gets the surgery. So we're pretty sad. But we're still praying for a miracle and so is our President. 

This week was great. We had some really powerful lessons when we went over. We're also teaching Patricia's daughter Kimberly who has scoliosis. So it's really sad. But she's really sweet. She gave me a picture of her to keep in my wallet. It was really cute. It was amazing because on Sunday both of them came to church! It was great. And the ward members love her. They were all taking care of her and everything. One of her old neighbors and friends is now a member and they didn't know. So it was a cool reunion. Then I got to help teach the class with Elder Higgins (a missionary in the zone). We teach the 8 year old girls so it was cool. And I got to help out with Kimberly and everything. It's great. Please continue praying for them so they can get baptized. The lame part was that towards the end of class, the Dad/Husband came to the church and pulled them out. He doesn't like us too much. So we have to go figure that out. But everything else was perfect. 

We're probably going to have to drop Victor. He doesn't really want to progress and didn't come to church which was really lame. But as we were teaching him, his friend was there. They asked us about drinking and all and we explained to him everything. The Spirit was really working on him so he dumped the alcohol out. He's from Moreno Valley, my old area, and is going to start meeting with the missionaries down there. 

And Stefani.... She didn't come to church! I don't know why! We're going over tonight to see what's up. The cool thing is that she's changing a lot! I pray and hope that she'll get baptized soon!

Dad! Hope you had a great week! I know you're probably super busy but I hope things have been going well? What's it like at home? How's work and all? Did you end up watching the world cup final? Hope all is well! Love ya dad!

Mum! Sounds like you're having a blast down there. It's pretty cool we have a cabin right?? How's the new boat? That book sounds pretty cool. It really is sad how so many people deny themselves of the blessings of heaven. I meet a lot of people who feel that everyone is saved and that God "saves us in our sins". It's really sad because in truth he saves us from our sins. We still have to do our part and work constantly to repent and change everyday so we can leave as much of the bad behind as we can. Anyways. Hope all is well! Love ya mum!
Peter! Did you spend the week at Courtney's? Let me know! hope all is going well! love you man! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Charly! Hope you had a great week too. How's working been for you? Love you too and hope all is wel!! No boys. 

Jake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope it's been great! I remember when I was 15. Nice try Jake you're still weak. I hope you're having a blast today! Love you man!

Kenna! happy birthday you too! I hope you get some cool presents and have lots of fun! Love you lots!
Izaac! Love you too bud! Are you having fun in Idaho? Be good!
Hey also! We had a bunch of meetings lately with the Stake about an initiative called Just serve. Basically we will be serving ten hours a week as missionaries, and there's all types of projects for members to do to. Have you guys heard anything about that up in the cold north? Also, we get Ipads before the end of the year. Weird. Never thought I'd been in the middle of California, in a truck, with an ipad on my mission. But hey, it's pretty cool!
Love you guys! I know this church is true! It's the only thing that leads to true happiness. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon was inspired by God. And I know that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and that if we go to Him, we can and will change us. It's so cool.

Love you all!

7 JULY 2014

Hey family! Hope everyone had a great week! This week was really cool! So it was a little harder. So many lessons fell through on us. But that's okay. Stefani came to church yesterday which is awesome! Super happy. We have an appointment with her tonight and we're really excited. She's reading and progressing which is great. We had a great sit down lesson with her boyfriend Sergio the member. It was really spiritual. We basically told him he needs to get married so her sins won't block her revelation and so that he can set the example as well! It was a really great lesson. And they came to church which is great!

As well we've been teaching Patricia. It's really hard just because she has Dialysis a lot and so is always tired. She didn't come to church. Her family never woke her up when we stopped by in the morning. She woke up and was waiting for us, but we had already come by and were told she wasn't coming. So yeah! It was just super confusing. BUT. She's been praying a lot lately. And she said that God told her she needs to get baptized. She's been to church a lot before, but is ready now.So she'll be baptized the 20th of July. The only other problem is that she has tubes that go directly to her heart. and has a constant open wound.She's not allowed to take showers or get it wet so not to infect it. So she's asking her doctor today what to do. We have some ideas (drysuit, waterproof tape, and plastic wrap) but pray for her so she can find a way. She explained the reason why she was fighting it is because she's scared this is her purpose in life and that if she does it she's accomplished all she needs to in life and with die. But she's brave. And I know this is what God wants for her and what she needs. It's really touching to see her circumstances but to see her faith as well. It's very humbling.

We had the fourth of July this week. We had to be in the apartment by 6. So we kind of just hung out and played card games. So that was fun. 

We also found a new investigator named Victor and he's on date for the 27th. Which is awesome! So hopefully all goes well in that area as well!

Dad! Sounds like you had a great week! Hahah i love how you still love the walking dead. I found another Elder in my zone who loves it just as much as I do which is funny! Those pictures are really beautiful by the way! That's really cool! We'll have to go ATVing one day it sounds legit!  Hope all is well! love you dad! 

Mum! Hope you're doing great! That's so awesome that Braeden and Jarin are preparing for their missions. Tell them its the best thing in the world. It's so amazing. And as for Ben and Josh, that makes me really happy there's still hope. That's really funny because I was reading that same story yesterday from Elder Bednar. It's a very good talk! Love you mum!

Peter! That's cool you have a calling. And it's based on food! At BYU being an FHE dad was legit! I loved it. Hahaha that makes me laugh about fast and testimony meeting. 

Char! Hope you had a great YM camp! So cool! Hope all is well, no boys! Love ya!
jake! Sounds like you had a great week buddy! I love you lots and hope you're diong great. Sounds like you're owning it up out there, especially with the guns. (talk to me when you have a deer.) just kidding ;) love you bud!
Kenna! Hope you're enjoying the lake! Izaac I hope you're have fun too! You better be working out to be strong!

Okay. Some other things I forgot. #1. We met our new President.He seems really nice and so does his wife. President Mullen is a scuba diver which is cool. I'm really excited to work with him. 

#2. My toe had surgery. my ingrown toenail was removed. It was cool. I was walking in a special shoe all week! And the doctor let me put my own needles into my toe to freeze it up!

#3. I got to teach primary yesterday at church. It's great! It's really funny!
But anyways, I know this church is true! I know Jesus Christ is our Saviour, and that we are His children. And I know He loves us!

Have a great week!.

30 JUNE 2014

Hey family hope everyone's had a great week!! My week has been strange but really good!

So to answer your questions, yes I still am a zone leader. It was super lame! We had like a bajillion meetings this week. And it was really lame because we had the last meeting with our mission president. President Smart and his wife leave soon. It's really sad.

My new area is cool. I love this missionaries here! There's eight Spanish missionaries in my ward - 6 of them are elders. I still have a truck which is cool, and the elders are awesome. We all have a blast. My companion is Elder Moyer. He's really cool. He's from Arizona and this is his last transfer. It was weird coming into the area because we literally had 0 investigators. It was great. It's kind of fun because it's like a challenge. 

So we started teaching some families. One lady is really cool. Her name is Patricia. She's had like 5 strokes and 5 heart attacks or something like that and  is slowly dying. It's really sad. She's on dialysis and has very little energy. Her little daughter, Kimberly, is eight and she has a lot of spinal problems. It's a very sad situation, but Patricia has tons of faith. If you can, keep her in your prayers. her Dad's in the hospital too, dying and about to have surgery. And she doesn't have the energy to come to church sometimes. Please pray for her so she will come. She's a huge example and very sweet. And she definitely deserves this church. Or the church deserves her maybe is a better way to put it.

Also we started teaching this lady named Stefani. Her boyfriend is an active member. They just had a kid together. We're going to try and get them married too haha. He wants her to get baptized really bad. She's interested but has said she won't get baptized. Please pray for her so the Spirit can change that. I really feel like she can! it'll just take a little bit of work. 

Things have been going well though! Yesterday I got to go back to my old area - Moreno Valley - to see a baptism. Lupita, a lady I started teaching with Elder Dayley right before I left the area was baptized yesterday. It was a really spiritual baptism. It was great. It was awesome as well because I got to see two of my recent converts there - Margarito and David. Margarito went to the hospital but is still really active in the church. It's awesome! And David told me he's planning to go on a mission! So hopefully that happens. It was really cool to go back. 

But this week has been awesome. No really crazy, funny experiences. BUT. The area is picking up. Also hey. Don't be mad but I might extend. I think I kind of have to talk to you guys about it before I make the decision. And I'll talk to my new mission president about it when he comes in. It'll only be for a month, but yeah! I feel like my mission is going too fast.

Anyways! Dad. No I haven't heard from Brad! Can you shoot me his email? I'm glad you get to go to YM's camp. What kind of activities do you have to do? That's so cool you get to use Bro. Guert's ATV. What's the ward like now back home? The church is super funny! I think it's cool. I've been thinking about it a lot, because there's tons of anti stuff. I think what God is doing is weeding out His true followers. We're in the last days and many of the elect are being deceived by the craftiness of men. Kind of exciting!!  I'm glad you're doing great though! Love ya!
Mum! I'm glad you get some off time now at the cabin. How are the Biggs doing? Do they miss Sam? That's cool that the church uses all this anti stuff for it's benefit. Hahaha no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing! It's so cool! And that's a really amazing story about what happened with Grandad! That must be the coolest thing so see that God definitely without a doubt has a hand in our lives! I hope I'll be able to have cool experience like that with the people that I've been able to teach. That's amazing!

Peter! I feel like your in love. like. just marry her. If you're going to do it before I get home, might as well do it now. I mean the prophets don't want us to wait.... 

I advise reading those talks. ;)
Love you Buddy! Glad you're doing great and still keeping strong in the gospel. 

Charly! That's cool you get to stay home and work! You're working at Denny's right?  Hope you're doing well and being good! Love you lots!

jake! That's cool school's done! how are you're grades? Excited for camp? Love you bud!

Kenna and Izaac! Love you guys! have a great time at the cabin! hope all goes well, love you guys!

Anyways. i know this church is true. I know it's the only way we can be truly happy and I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I spent a while reading the conference adresses this week. I figures the we have modern day prophets, and we should probably read often from what the say as the world gets worse and worse. I definitely know those men are apostles and prophets from God. Love you guys and be safe!

23 JUNE 2014 - P.S.


Charly, no boys.

And Peter. No marriage.

Love ya!