Thursday, 24 July 2014


Hey family! Hope everyone's week was great! My week was pretty sweet!
We had a good week. We spent a lot of time working with Patricia. So. We talked to our President... he's working on it. And She went and spoke to her doctors. All three of them said no, she couldn't get baptized right now because of the tubes. The tubes will be changed eventually from her heart to her wrist, but that should take 3-4 months to do after she gets the surgery. So we're pretty sad. But we're still praying for a miracle and so is our President. 

This week was great. We had some really powerful lessons when we went over. We're also teaching Patricia's daughter Kimberly who has scoliosis. So it's really sad. But she's really sweet. She gave me a picture of her to keep in my wallet. It was really cute. It was amazing because on Sunday both of them came to church! It was great. And the ward members love her. They were all taking care of her and everything. One of her old neighbors and friends is now a member and they didn't know. So it was a cool reunion. Then I got to help teach the class with Elder Higgins (a missionary in the zone). We teach the 8 year old girls so it was cool. And I got to help out with Kimberly and everything. It's great. Please continue praying for them so they can get baptized. The lame part was that towards the end of class, the Dad/Husband came to the church and pulled them out. He doesn't like us too much. So we have to go figure that out. But everything else was perfect. 

We're probably going to have to drop Victor. He doesn't really want to progress and didn't come to church which was really lame. But as we were teaching him, his friend was there. They asked us about drinking and all and we explained to him everything. The Spirit was really working on him so he dumped the alcohol out. He's from Moreno Valley, my old area, and is going to start meeting with the missionaries down there. 

And Stefani.... She didn't come to church! I don't know why! We're going over tonight to see what's up. The cool thing is that she's changing a lot! I pray and hope that she'll get baptized soon!

Dad! Hope you had a great week! I know you're probably super busy but I hope things have been going well? What's it like at home? How's work and all? Did you end up watching the world cup final? Hope all is well! Love ya dad!

Mum! Sounds like you're having a blast down there. It's pretty cool we have a cabin right?? How's the new boat? That book sounds pretty cool. It really is sad how so many people deny themselves of the blessings of heaven. I meet a lot of people who feel that everyone is saved and that God "saves us in our sins". It's really sad because in truth he saves us from our sins. We still have to do our part and work constantly to repent and change everyday so we can leave as much of the bad behind as we can. Anyways. Hope all is well! Love ya mum!
Peter! Did you spend the week at Courtney's? Let me know! hope all is going well! love you man! Oh and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Charly! Hope you had a great week too. How's working been for you? Love you too and hope all is wel!! No boys. 

Jake. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I hope it's been great! I remember when I was 15. Nice try Jake you're still weak. I hope you're having a blast today! Love you man!

Kenna! happy birthday you too! I hope you get some cool presents and have lots of fun! Love you lots!
Izaac! Love you too bud! Are you having fun in Idaho? Be good!
Hey also! We had a bunch of meetings lately with the Stake about an initiative called Just serve. Basically we will be serving ten hours a week as missionaries, and there's all types of projects for members to do to. Have you guys heard anything about that up in the cold north? Also, we get Ipads before the end of the year. Weird. Never thought I'd been in the middle of California, in a truck, with an ipad on my mission. But hey, it's pretty cool!
Love you guys! I know this church is true! It's the only thing that leads to true happiness. I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and the Book of Mormon was inspired by God. And I know that Jesus Christ is our Saviour and that if we go to Him, we can and will change us. It's so cool.

Love you all!

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