Thursday, 24 July 2014


Hey fam! So this week was really cool.... we had a pretty successful week! Which is cool! We're working really hard which is great, and Carmen and Ramon are progressing which is great! They came to church on sunday! We were super happy! Ramon is hilarious. And when they came everyone was really nice to them which was great, and they love the idea about temples. So hopefully it goes over well! They're on date to be baptized on the 29th, which is SICK. Pray for them so they reach that date! 

This week Kathy didn't come to church again. So we're at a loss as what to do with her... it might be time to drop her. Which is sad. We'll figure it out this week. I think she got super sick, but still it's super lame! 

We're teaching a guy named Juaquin! He's progressing.. kind of. He sat us down and he basically just "opened up" to us. He explained to us that pretty much he runs the two cities (Hemet and San Jacinto) that we work in. And that if he wanted to he could kill us and his whole family, and leave no evidence, but he won't because he respects us. The funny thing about all of this is that umm he's 14. HAHAHAHA. We were cracking up! It's great. We basically told him he has to watch a movie, read Alma 5, and pray before the next time we come over, and if not, then we won't stop by anymore. He really likes us so it's super funny, but he's insane. He's parents are both active and his brother but no one supports him.... pray for him too! He really needs it.

Other than that the week was pretty uneventful! We went on tons of exchanges which was lame hahaha. I definitely prefer Spanish land over English! The week went by really fast! Last night we went to a carne asada with Jose, our recent convert. He's really hilarious. Also a billion people wanted to bash this week. It was really random.

But yeah! Just pray for my investigators! Especially Ramon and Carmen!

Dad! happy Father's day! Hope all went well. Sounds like everyone spoiled you! That's pretty cool of all the gifts you got... everyone loves you apparently! Hahah we got a great family hey? I'm glad you had a great week! Thanks for being such an awesome dad! You've been a huge example to me! And it's helped me a lot. Thanks so much. Thanks for being so solid in the gospel. You're an amazing Dad! Happy Fathers day, I'm sorry I didn't send anything, but I figure the best thing I can do for you and my Father in Heaven is just work harder and find his children. Anyways. Love you dad!

Mum! I hope you feel a little better! You still working even though you're a little sick? So who are these friends that you speak of that came down? I have never heard of them! So when do you head down to the cabin? SO. should Peter wife her? Would she be cool? Hahaha. Sounds like you guys had a blast! love you mum and hope you feel a little better!

Peter! dude! You sly dog. I hope you were good! So I feel like you guys are already pretty much married. So when are you gonna ask her? She served a mission right? That's great you guys gotta go exploring and stuff. When do you see her next? Hope it all goes well. How does she fit with the fam? Anyways! Love you man! Be good!

Charly! NO BOYS. goodness. They're so evil! Don't do it. Glad your done school! Be good this summer! lOve ya!
Jake! I love you. Read your scriptures and be good! I love you man!
Kenna, Izaac! I love you guys! Are you guys being good? Love you!
Anyways, by fam! Next time we talk.... I'll be 20 and a year done my mission.... weird.

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