Thursday, 24 July 2014

2 JUNE 2014

Hey family! Hope everyone had a great week! 

This week was crazy. It was great. Just filled with like a bajillion meetings. Super glad that we don't have any big ones for a while! 

We had a cool week! It went by very quickly. We had a lot of lessons and a lot of success. THe killer was church again. We had a bomb lesson with Kathy, got the alarm clocks and everything. She was so sure she was coming. She was even texting us that morning.... but she never showed up. SO. We're thinking we might have to drop her :( so sad because she's so cool, but we've been teaching her for a while and she won't come to church. It's really sad.

But on the plus side. We picked up a new investigator. A part member family where the parents are members and one son is. The daughter never talked to missionaries before, but she started talking with us this week. It was great. She accepted baptism and everything, but then never came to church. It was really sad too. So church just slayed us this week! Pray for her, her name is Odalys.

And last night was really cool. We went to go contact a guy named Jose that we met in the parking lot. He's really cool! He's an ex-military guy, and a single dad of two sons. He's like 25. And he was really cool. SO pray for him too! Because he really needs this message right now! 

The really good thing about church is that Reina got confirmed. She asked Elder Harris to do it. And it was great because she was crying through the rest of the meeting. It was so amazing. Her whole countenance has changed since when we first met her. She's done a total 180. It's really amazing to see how her life has been completely and totally changed!

So! Dad! Thanks for being so optimistic! Hahaha.  What's it like letting him ride your bike everywhere? Sounds like the yard has been totally changed up! In answer to your question, I think theyre are certain blocks you can get on the tv for certain channels or ratings, and as well there are certain filters you can use on the internet to block certain websites. I think that would probably be a really good thing to do. Anyways. Sounds like you had a great week dad! Hope you're doing great! Love ya!
Mum! IN answer to your questions Elder Moss has about 5 months left. Juan and Kathy did not go to church :( and I'm doing totally fine for money, and yes I got my package :) thanks a bunch! Hahaha Kenna sounds crazy! She's hilarious! So do you and Peter work every day together? Sounds like you've been busy working on other projects as well! That's really cool. That really cool about the broadcast. I really love Elder Holland. I think he's my favourite Apostle . He's very good helping us realize things and recognize the Spirit. It's cool how much the Saviour can do for us when we just let Him! Anyways! love ya!

Char! Good luck with exams! Weird you'll be going into grade 11 already! So crazy! Glad you aren't going to crazy. Just remember if any boy touches you'll I'll be super mad. Love ya! How's your studies going with seminary? Hope they go well! CHAR. what do you think about going on a mission? Love ya.

Jake! Congrats on owning it in your race. Your probably the most athletic out of all of us. I wrestled one of the elder's last night in my apartment. I got owned. I'm so weak! Granted, he had like 100 pounds on me, but still! Anyways! How goes your studies? Loe you bud!

Izaac! I heard you're owning in soccer! Congrats bud! Kenna. I heard your funny and doing amazing in school! Love you guys!

Alright family. I gotta go! Hope all is well! Love you all so much! I know this church is true!! It's the best thing in the world!

Be safe, and remember this gospel is the best! Love you all!

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