Thursday, 24 July 2014

21 JULY 2014

Hey family!! This week has been pretty legit. It was a great week! We've seen tons of miracles. 

So the coolest thing is like. This area has really picked up a lot. It's amazing. The zone's picking up quite a bit! Last night we had a baptism in our ward, which was amazing. We also found out some crazy news about Patricia. There's a way she can get baptized!

Patricia also came to church yesterday which was great. She loved it. Everyone loves her. She's really amazing. Kimberly didn't come only because she was feeling sick in the morning. BUT. We have another miracle! That Dad is totally on board now. He woke them both up to church yesterday and was offering to give them a ride. It was a huge turn around. It was great! I'm super excited. Just pray everything goes well, she should be baptized next month!

Also we stopped by an old investigator, Victor. We weren't planning on teaching him anymore because he wasn't progressing, but he came to church on Sunday which was great! So we're going to start teaching him again. It was so cool to see him walk in the doors. At church we had a bunch of less active people too, so that was amazing. We've had tons of miracles! 

OH! On Sunday, I got to translate too. It was pretty cool! We had leaders from the stake come and speak so me and Elder Baltazar translated for the ward. It was pretty cool. I love Spanish.

Other than that, the week has been the same! But it's really amazing to see some of my best friends progress!

Dad! That's sweet that you got to go down and surprise mum! Sounds like you had a blast! But you're the best dad! It's so weird it's been 13 months.... Love ya! We do really live in God's country ;)

Mum! I have not found out about extending yet. I'm going to talk to President Mullen about it on Friday, I believe that's when I have interviews with him. So we'll have a chat. At the most it'll be a month. My released date is June 2 so that's kind of one of the factors that's making me want to stay, because I won't have completed a full 2 year mission. So Yeah. We'll see. That's cool that you got to go home for Peter! I assume Kenna had a great birthday as well? That's an awesome story about Grandma's neighbour. It's so great. I love miracles like that. Anyways, love you mum! have a great week!

Peter! Hope all goes well bud! When do you start up school again? How were things with Courtney? Thanks for not writing ever. It feels really good.  Just got your email. You're close boy. Hahaha I hope the talk went great. Sounds like it did! I love the walking dead too! It's amazing! But yeah. I love the gospel. Hey! Love you man! Oh. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY. I invite you to listen to the song 22 by taylor swift. Love ya!

Char! That's great you got to spend some time with Peter! hows work going? how often do you work? Glad you're having fun Char. It's cool that you're getting along with all your friends! How's summer treatin ya? Hope all is well, hope you're still doing good in your scripture study! Love ya!

Jake. You look like Justin Beiber! Hope you had a good birthday man! Love you and hope all goes well. You better be ready and studying the scriptures every day! You'll need it. Love you man!

Kenna! Hope you had a great happy birthday! What did you do? Hope all is well! Love ya lots!

Izaac ! you're getting huge. I love you man and hope you're doing good and reading your scriptures too. You too Kenna!

Hey well I have to go! But I sent pictures. Me and Elder Baltazar used sombreros. We're basically Mexican. Also I found a picture of the walking dead. And since it's such a great show, I had to include that. Love you guys a lot! I know the church is true! 

Cuidense mucho y les quiero!

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