Thursday, 24 July 2014


Hey fam! So really short letter this week! 

So it was short transfers, because President and Sister Smart are leaving. So, I found out I'm moving..... super sad. I'm going to Menifee/Perris to be with Elder Moyer. So I have to leave in like 30 minutes. So it'll be really short! I'm really excited! Kind of sad though, I had to leave a lot of friends behind. 

Ramon and Carmen are great! They couldn't come to church this week - he called emergency called to work which was really lame. But they're reading and love it. I'm sad I'll have to leave, but I'll be back when they get baptized!
Crazy story! So me and Elder Harris one night found this man in his truck drinking. So we spoke to him and turns out his sister died about 2 weeks ago and he's taking it really hard. We talked to him for a while. Eventually we went into his house while he stayed outside drinking, to leave a blessing on the home. It turns out the wife was a member and some of her kids as well - others weren't. She was super inactive but wanting to come back to the church. We left a blessing and it was really Spiritual. After, we went back out to the truck. The man's name was Jose. he was super drunk!!! So he started telling us random stories and would change the subject so rapidly to something else, and then burst out crying. Some of it was talking about his sister and just his job and yeah! It was really weird. But the randomness was so random that we couldn't help from laughing. And so as not to offend him, we pretended like we were fake crying... it was so hilarious. We were in stitches. I don't know what came over us but we couldn't stop laughing! So he started feeling bad (thinking we were crying) so he was giving us hugs and hahaha. It was hilarious! Just the drunken part though. Anyways we went over a two days later. And they were having problems and fighting. So I sat down with the mum, and Elder Harris with the dad and we tried to work things out. It was a huge miracle! By the end of it the mum was asking us to baptize her daughter and the dad (not a member) was on date to be baptized. Then the dad poured 24 beer bottles and 2 bottles of vodka down the drain, and the mum asked to marry him in the temple. Hahaha. It was so weird! But so spiritual! Anyways. I know God watches out for His children and loves them. It wasn't a coincidence that we met that family on the street. God's hand was definitely in play in their life when they were in desperate need of help. 

I know this church is true! Sorry I can't respond to individual emails! But I love you all! Hope all goes well and that you had a great week!
Ps. Mum - nice job with the missionary experience!!!

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