Thursday, 24 July 2014

30 JUNE 2014

Hey family hope everyone's had a great week!! My week has been strange but really good!

So to answer your questions, yes I still am a zone leader. It was super lame! We had like a bajillion meetings this week. And it was really lame because we had the last meeting with our mission president. President Smart and his wife leave soon. It's really sad.

My new area is cool. I love this missionaries here! There's eight Spanish missionaries in my ward - 6 of them are elders. I still have a truck which is cool, and the elders are awesome. We all have a blast. My companion is Elder Moyer. He's really cool. He's from Arizona and this is his last transfer. It was weird coming into the area because we literally had 0 investigators. It was great. It's kind of fun because it's like a challenge. 

So we started teaching some families. One lady is really cool. Her name is Patricia. She's had like 5 strokes and 5 heart attacks or something like that and  is slowly dying. It's really sad. She's on dialysis and has very little energy. Her little daughter, Kimberly, is eight and she has a lot of spinal problems. It's a very sad situation, but Patricia has tons of faith. If you can, keep her in your prayers. her Dad's in the hospital too, dying and about to have surgery. And she doesn't have the energy to come to church sometimes. Please pray for her so she will come. She's a huge example and very sweet. And she definitely deserves this church. Or the church deserves her maybe is a better way to put it.

Also we started teaching this lady named Stefani. Her boyfriend is an active member. They just had a kid together. We're going to try and get them married too haha. He wants her to get baptized really bad. She's interested but has said she won't get baptized. Please pray for her so the Spirit can change that. I really feel like she can! it'll just take a little bit of work. 

Things have been going well though! Yesterday I got to go back to my old area - Moreno Valley - to see a baptism. Lupita, a lady I started teaching with Elder Dayley right before I left the area was baptized yesterday. It was a really spiritual baptism. It was great. It was awesome as well because I got to see two of my recent converts there - Margarito and David. Margarito went to the hospital but is still really active in the church. It's awesome! And David told me he's planning to go on a mission! So hopefully that happens. It was really cool to go back. 

But this week has been awesome. No really crazy, funny experiences. BUT. The area is picking up. Also hey. Don't be mad but I might extend. I think I kind of have to talk to you guys about it before I make the decision. And I'll talk to my new mission president about it when he comes in. It'll only be for a month, but yeah! I feel like my mission is going too fast.

Anyways! Dad. No I haven't heard from Brad! Can you shoot me his email? I'm glad you get to go to YM's camp. What kind of activities do you have to do? That's so cool you get to use Bro. Guert's ATV. What's the ward like now back home? The church is super funny! I think it's cool. I've been thinking about it a lot, because there's tons of anti stuff. I think what God is doing is weeding out His true followers. We're in the last days and many of the elect are being deceived by the craftiness of men. Kind of exciting!!  I'm glad you're doing great though! Love ya!
Mum! I'm glad you get some off time now at the cabin. How are the Biggs doing? Do they miss Sam? That's cool that the church uses all this anti stuff for it's benefit. Hahaha no unhallowed hand can stop the work from progressing! It's so cool! And that's a really amazing story about what happened with Grandad! That must be the coolest thing so see that God definitely without a doubt has a hand in our lives! I hope I'll be able to have cool experience like that with the people that I've been able to teach. That's amazing!

Peter! I feel like your in love. like. just marry her. If you're going to do it before I get home, might as well do it now. I mean the prophets don't want us to wait.... 

I advise reading those talks. ;)
Love you Buddy! Glad you're doing great and still keeping strong in the gospel. 

Charly! That's cool you get to stay home and work! You're working at Denny's right?  Hope you're doing well and being good! Love you lots!

jake! That's cool school's done! how are you're grades? Excited for camp? Love you bud!

Kenna and Izaac! Love you guys! have a great time at the cabin! hope all goes well, love you guys!

Anyways. i know this church is true. I know it's the only way we can be truly happy and I know that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I spent a while reading the conference adresses this week. I figures the we have modern day prophets, and we should probably read often from what the say as the world gets worse and worse. I definitely know those men are apostles and prophets from God. Love you guys and be safe!

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