Thursday, 24 July 2014

5 MAY 20154 - HEY

Hey family! Hope everyone had a great week! Okay so to answer your questions, and before you freak out, I THINK I am going to call around two. SO here's the catch. We have a baptism next week... and church ends at 12. So we'll schedule the baptism for later that night like at 6, and I'll be able to talk to you guys throughout the day. It'll be cool to see all you guys again, I can't believe the time's gone so fast!
This week was awesome! Super amazing. First of all hilarious story. So we live in an apartment with two other missionaries (Elder Romero and Neilsen). And the other day we came outside and saw a black widow on the ground trying to get into the house. It was funny because it was climb and then fall and then you could see it's stomach. It was pretty huge. Anyways, Elder Neilson grabbed a taco bell packet it to flip it over, and when he touched it that thing flew through the air towards him. Everyone screamed, it was pretty funny. And he ran around trying to get it off.... luckily he wasn't bit. We then found it and murdered it brutally. But it was crazy!
This week was full of some pretty cool miracles. We picked up some former investigators which was cool. One guy named Jose called us up randomly and asked us to come over. He sat us down, and explained that he'd been taught by missionaries before. Anyways, his next question was what he needed to do to get baptized. So he'll get baptized next week. He was sweet. He's so humble. We told him he can't smoke or use coffee, so he threw all his stuff in the garbage that night. It'll be great. He's so prepared. Pray that all will go well with him. On Sunday, he took a long bus ride to come to church, it was a sweet miracle.

As well we're teaching Reina. She's awesome! We taught her the Word of Wisdom. She thought we were pulling her leg about the coffee. But it was great. She said she was going to have to rethink the whole thing, but went to church on Sunday and said she loved it! It was amazing. She said she almost cried in testimony meeting (this never happens!!!). So she's on date to be baptized the following week. It was a great miracle.

We picked up a new family that was taught before. Kathy and Juan. They're amazing. And they want so bad to get baptized. The only thing is they didn't come to church because Juan worked this weekend and Kathy was throwing up in the morning (apparently the flew is everywhere, Dad). So keep them in your prayers. If all goes well, her, her mum and Juan will all be baptized by the end of this month. God has poured out miracles this week.

It was kind of crazy as well. We had SO many meetings this week. SO many. It was ridiculous. But God helps us out so even though there was no time, miracles still happened. And it was so rewarding to see. Keep this people in your prayers so they can get baptized this month! :)

Dad! Sounds bad. That sucks! It's crazy you went to the ER. I'm glad you're not dead! So how are things improving with that? Hope all is well! If it's any consolation, my companion pretty much is out from sickness too. I kind of felt something coming on as well. Hopefully you get your energy back this week! Have you got a blessing yet? I do agree. I do have a BOMB mother. She's amazing. Hopefully the weather gets better. It's pretty blazing hot over here. Also I love you a lot!

Mum! Those are the cutest pictures ever of Izaac! That's so cool that he's already reading! Super proud of him. Hey. What was it like walking into the bathroom with dad passed out in all the mess? Crazy I'm sure. Glad you saved his life by calling the ambulance. Hey just in advance, happy mothers day! Hope you have a great one and that good things happen! I'm glad your such a great example to us with your testimony! Love you lots mum!

Peter! Sounds like your pretty obsessed with this girl! You better not get married before I come back or I'll be ticked. That's super cool you get to work like that! Hey I can't believe Madeline got baptized! That's so crazy! Give her my email please if you see her ever. I need to talk to her. Also, how's Ben doing? Glad he's going to church, hope things are changing for him! Love you man, see you on Sunday!
Charly! Hope things are going great for you wherever you're at! When do you finish school? Hope things are going well for you! What's it like having Peter home? Does it restrict your dating situation? Love you char! No boys!
Jakey. Hope you're feeling better man. That sucks that you're feeling sick! That's cool that you got to go to the olympics! Sounds fun! What do you usually do with Peter when he's home? Hope you have a great week man, talk to you sunday! Love ya.

Kenna! Hey hope you're doing great and still reading your scriptures too! Love yeah!

Izaac! Nice job with reading your scriptures! You reading every day? I'll talk to you soon man love yeah!

Alright family, I've got to go, but love you guys a lot. This church is true! I know it is! I love it. It makes me super happy. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that this is church! Love you lots!

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