Thursday, 24 July 2014

7 JULY 2014

Hey family! Hope everyone had a great week! This week was really cool! So it was a little harder. So many lessons fell through on us. But that's okay. Stefani came to church yesterday which is awesome! Super happy. We have an appointment with her tonight and we're really excited. She's reading and progressing which is great. We had a great sit down lesson with her boyfriend Sergio the member. It was really spiritual. We basically told him he needs to get married so her sins won't block her revelation and so that he can set the example as well! It was a really great lesson. And they came to church which is great!

As well we've been teaching Patricia. It's really hard just because she has Dialysis a lot and so is always tired. She didn't come to church. Her family never woke her up when we stopped by in the morning. She woke up and was waiting for us, but we had already come by and were told she wasn't coming. So yeah! It was just super confusing. BUT. She's been praying a lot lately. And she said that God told her she needs to get baptized. She's been to church a lot before, but is ready now.So she'll be baptized the 20th of July. The only other problem is that she has tubes that go directly to her heart. and has a constant open wound.She's not allowed to take showers or get it wet so not to infect it. So she's asking her doctor today what to do. We have some ideas (drysuit, waterproof tape, and plastic wrap) but pray for her so she can find a way. She explained the reason why she was fighting it is because she's scared this is her purpose in life and that if she does it she's accomplished all she needs to in life and with die. But she's brave. And I know this is what God wants for her and what she needs. It's really touching to see her circumstances but to see her faith as well. It's very humbling.

We had the fourth of July this week. We had to be in the apartment by 6. So we kind of just hung out and played card games. So that was fun. 

We also found a new investigator named Victor and he's on date for the 27th. Which is awesome! So hopefully all goes well in that area as well!

Dad! Sounds like you had a great week! Hahah i love how you still love the walking dead. I found another Elder in my zone who loves it just as much as I do which is funny! Those pictures are really beautiful by the way! That's really cool! We'll have to go ATVing one day it sounds legit!  Hope all is well! love you dad! 

Mum! Hope you're doing great! That's so awesome that Braeden and Jarin are preparing for their missions. Tell them its the best thing in the world. It's so amazing. And as for Ben and Josh, that makes me really happy there's still hope. That's really funny because I was reading that same story yesterday from Elder Bednar. It's a very good talk! Love you mum!

Peter! That's cool you have a calling. And it's based on food! At BYU being an FHE dad was legit! I loved it. Hahaha that makes me laugh about fast and testimony meeting. 

Char! Hope you had a great YM camp! So cool! Hope all is well, no boys! Love ya!
jake! Sounds like you had a great week buddy! I love you lots and hope you're diong great. Sounds like you're owning it up out there, especially with the guns. (talk to me when you have a deer.) just kidding ;) love you bud!
Kenna! Hope you're enjoying the lake! Izaac I hope you're have fun too! You better be working out to be strong!

Okay. Some other things I forgot. #1. We met our new President.He seems really nice and so does his wife. President Mullen is a scuba diver which is cool. I'm really excited to work with him. 

#2. My toe had surgery. my ingrown toenail was removed. It was cool. I was walking in a special shoe all week! And the doctor let me put my own needles into my toe to freeze it up!

#3. I got to teach primary yesterday at church. It's great! It's really funny!
But anyways, I know this church is true! I know Jesus Christ is our Saviour, and that we are His children. And I know He loves us!

Have a great week!.

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