Thursday, 24 July 2014

9 JUNE 2014

Hey family! This week was cool!
We had a lot of success in finding new people! It was cool! We ended up teaching tons of lessons and finding a bunch of new families! It was legit!
So we found a new family and his son. He seems super legit! He's a single dad with two sons. It was so cool. We were teaching them and he was teaching his son about Christ and everything. It was really cool! They were on date to be baptized on the 22nd! But they live super far away, and didn't come to church. I don't know why. So that was sad!
Actually none of the people we found came to church! That was a real bummer. But Kathy came! We only taught her once last week, on Saturday night... and then she came ish! So that's exciting. We found out her problem! She's really scared and self conscious to be around new people. So we're just going to flood her with friends.
We finally found the golden family as well. Last night after church we went with a member to visit his girlfriends parents. He's in the english ward and his girlfriend just got baptized. So we went to teach them! It went really well! They've already been reading the book of mormon! And feel its true! Pray for them! I think this is the family I want that will get sealed, their names are Carmen and Ramon! But pray so they can get baptized!

We had a cool experience! Reina has been super stressed. She had her son taken away from her 6 years ago and isn't permitted to see him. And she's been really struggling with that. We was really stressed because the program isn't letting her write letters to him any more either and she doesn't have money for medicine or anything. It was sad. So I felt like we should give her a blessing. But I kept ignoring it! I'm so dumb! Thankfully we have companions because he recognized what she needed and we gave her the blessing and she changed completely in an instant. I know God is real!
Dad! I listened to that recording. Hahah all the missionaries think you guys sound super english! I'm sitting next to my friend Elder Noorda. That's cool that you guys celebrating the anniversaries! I'm super happy that my grandparents have stayed together for so long! Sounds like everyone's doing great back home! Watch out for Peter! Don't let him get married or I'll be mad! Yeah I hope England does well! I'm sure the members here will keep me posted! Have a great week! Love ya dad!
Mum! You already get to go to the cabin? That's so cool! What are the plans for the summer? How long you gonna stay there for?  That's so cool Charly gave a cool talk! So are you planning on working throughout the summer? That's great Kenna did so great too! Well mum! I'm glad you get to take a brake. Obviously you deserve it! Anyways mum! love you! Your're the best hope you have a great week!
Peter! You dummy! You totally are NOT allowed to get married! Things seem serious! So tell her you have to wait like a year! And no kissing! dork! At the very least I'm real glad you still love your mission! Hopefully things work out wiith them and the church and stuff!! What happened to patrick! I thought he got baptized! Yeah I keep seeing you wear my clothes! You homeless hahaha! Anyways. Keep up the good work as a missionary! I know it's super true! Love ya!
Charly! I heard the failed all your exams! No just kidding. I heard you had a great talk! congrats! Good luck with all the final exams! Love ya Charly you're awesome! no Boys!
Jake! You're my inside guy! so don't let Charly date boys! Also don't let Peter get married! Thanks man! I hope you're doing well and studying the scriptures! Love ya!
Kenna! Nice job on the piano exam! I heard you did great! And Izaac! Hope you're doing great! Love you guys a lot!
Hey! Well guys a love you tons! Thanks for being the best family in the world! I know this church is true! It's amazing! It's the only thing that will make us happy!

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