Thursday, 11 September 2014

25 AUGUST 2014

Hey fam. I hope everyone had a great week last week! Mine was great, but exhausting! I'm nackered as Dad would say. It was so nuts this week. We had a new missionary incoming on Tuesday, so we spent the day prepping him for the mission and what not. It was kind of cool. It's super cool because we basically get to hang out with President a lot. He's an amazing man. We live pretty closed to his house - like 20 minutes away maybe. So that's super cool.

After that, this week was insane!!! So we had four exchanges in a row, which was so crazy. We would drive like 30 minutes out to finish an exchange, and then 30 minutes another way to pick some more elders up! It was crazy. We had two days in our area and two days out. It really didn't feel like I was companions with Elder Maxfield, but it was cool getting to know the other missionaries. So basically every night we got home at like 11:30. It was crazy, so I'm dead! But Saturday night was a great reunion hahaha. This week is going to be insane because we have multi zones. And we haven't had much time to prep for it.... kind of nervous hahaha.

BUT. on the amazing awesome side of it all, we had so much success this week it was incredible! First of all, I got to go to Menifee and see my old investigators - Patricia and Kimberly and the Garcia family. It's cool because the Garcias were going through some stuff about not wanting to be baptized, but we had a cool chat with them, and they went to church this week! In our own area we had a crazy week. We are teaching Farrah who's amazing! She's praying about baptism for this weekend. We also are teaching Dallas, a lady who speaks mostly Arabic. She's now on date for the 7th of September. It's cool. I didn't get to go because of exchanges but they had an interpreter there this time. She's so cool. She's said that every time she turns the pages of the Book of Mormon, she can feel Him and knows it's true. She also came to church which was amazing. Also we are teaching Gabby and Adrianna - two girls that want to get baptized! They come to church and have come consistently for a while. The only thing is the mum wants to feel like they're ready. Please pray for them!! As well we met a lady named Sarah. She came to church this week as well, and last night we put her on date for the 7th of September! It's amazing! She's been to church all her life, but was never baptized. Now she's going through a messy divorce and has turned to God. It's SOOOO COOL. Their are tons of miracles happening in our area.

Elder Maxfield is a boss. He doesn't know Spanish. That's pretty much the only thing I have up on him hahaha. He's a solid missionary. This morning we played soccer which was fun and got our hair cuts. We look like a straight up Mexicans! It's awesome! And yes Mum! It's super weird not being in Spanish. The other day as I was trying to teach, all that wanted to come out was Spanish words. I kept putting them in by accident. But it's cool. I love the ward I'm in. We have an amazing Bishop too. And when I got the call, mum, I was kind of upset to be honest. I didn't want to leave the area/Spanish. But it's awesome. I love it. 

But yeah. I'm sorry I haven't put much details. Peter. I've been kind of busy. And stuff. But just know this is the best thing in the world. I love my mission more than anything in my life and I'm having a lot of fun, and learning a lot. It's sad how fast it's going. So weird. 

Dad! You didn't write me. So I'm offended. But I hope you had a great week! I hope work is good and that everything is going well! 

Mum! It's so crazy Marissa's on a mission! I sent her an email. I hope she got it. But it makes me super happy she decided to do that. She's so cool! Tell Ross he's a girl! He's not Sampson hahaha. That's great that you could spend so much time with everyone. I'm glad they all came down to visit. I remember seeing Taylor in the MTC. He was awesome! Mum. I love that story. It's so cool how God answers prayers! He's really an awesome guy! Anyways. Love you so much mum! I sent your letter by the way! 

Peter! That sucks about the car dude! That sucks! How much will it cost to replace? I hope all is going well for you my friend. So... have you decided how your going to ask her to marry you yet? Hahahaha. Remember. Don't get married until I get back! Good luck with school dude! Love ya!
Charly! No boys. cmon. They're evil! Super evil. I hope you had a fun week though. When do you start up school again? Love you charly, hope all is well!!

Jake! That's tight you have fun at the cabin! I hope you're okay. I love you lots man! Have a great week!

Kenna and Izaac! I hope you guys had a bomb week. I love you guys! Be good.

SO. just to let you know again, I know this gospel is true. I know Jesus is our Savior and this is His church. It's so cool to know that and to feel it. It just makes me happy hahaha. Anyways, love you guys! Sorry if my letter isn't detailed enough! Have a great week!


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